The greatest source of vital energy is our connection to our spiritual belief system, by whatever name we may be calling it, or whatever we believe may exist beyond our immediate concerns.

If you ever feel like asking about your position within the cosmic system, your biofield can guide you into a perception of that connection.

At first this could feel so right, and so familiar, but at the same time strangely unfamiliar. You can let yourself become conscious of the contrast between your intuitive experiences and your every-day adaptive “ordinary” self. In our cultural consensus, these impressions are rarely mentioned, and are rarely conscious, but they simmer under the surface, subliminally influencing our interpretation of events and situations.

Many people confuse religion with spirituality, thinking that if you aren’t religious then spiritualty isn’t an issue. Your intuitive self says wait a minute. Why do I suspect that there might be some organizing process that connects things? Who designed the intricate beauty of flowers? Is there somebody out there who knows what’s going on? Are there reasons for what’s happening, even if it doesn’t make sense? Why did the universe happen in the first place?

These are natural questions, and actually they are spiritual questions. They come from our curiosity about the rhythms and systems we perceive, and the value we ascribe to our hunches, and strange moments of knowing something unexpectedly, without knowing that we knew.

These tid-bits of recognition can light up our chakras, the invisible lights of bioenergy that connect us, not only to ourselves, but to each other.

Your seventh chakra is on top of your head, the beam that tunes you in. It goes through your auric spheres with sequentially accelerated frequencies through all the upper chakras, the 9th, 10th. 11th, and all the way up to the 12th. The Twelfth chakra is the most intense vibrational frequency that you can reach, from the physical realm that earth beings have been gifted to perceive. There are times when we actually do go beyond the twelfth, often in a psychedelic experience, or in a near-death experience. In ordinary every day life, the twelfth is considered the last layer before we reach the non-physical non-duality of an entirely different reality.

There is a harmonious community of people that live on the planet that encircles Arcturus, in what they describe as the fifth dimension, and they say that we are in the fourth dimension. If we were to go there, we would not see their objects or surroundings as physical until we learned to resonate in their dimension. Then we could see what they see, as their perception of physical material. For definitive and fascinating information about the Arcturian community, read The Arcturian Anthology by Tom Kenyon.


What this means in terms of their chakra system I don’t know, but I’m guessing that the Arcturians have access to chakras far beyond the twelfth.


Since we are Earth beings, we focus on the seventh as our contact point with what is considered our “higher” self. It is a faster frequency, more precise and more perceptive perhaps, but not necessarily higher or better than the nurturing chakra frequencies that sustain it. This is the chakra that connects with the guidance system of the angelic realm. The eighth chakra is below our feet, and is our deepest earth-grounding. Like a tree, with roots and upper leaves, we span both of these frequencies, and coordinate them within our physical bodies.


The First chakra also grounds us, by engaging issues of survival, food, shelter, and the desire to be safe from physical harm. It is located at the base of the spine. 


The second chakra is our creative biofield, focusing on pleasure, the enjoyment of physical sensations, delicious food, good sex, beauty, music, art, dance, and all forms of harmony and balance. It is in the abdomen.


The third is our ability to acknowledge strong resilient self-esteem, and to take powerful action in our own behalf. This is in the solar plexus, just at the level of the stomach, near the ziphoid process.


The fourth is our ability to give and receive love, to develop trust and share emotionally enriching relationships. It is in the upper chest, above the physical heart.


From the fifth we speak up, say what we feel and say what’s true, and cultivate effective verbal skills. This is in the throat.


The sixth is our intellectual ability, and our intuitive psychic vision,located in the center of the forehead, known also as the “third eye.”

Focusing on any of these chakras lights them up, and makes their power more fully available. This opens a deeper recognition of the potential capability we already have, in each of these areas of our lives. It makes us less likely to depend upon outside validation, and keeps us from acting from fear of what others will think of what we say and what we do.

Meditation within the chakra system takes us into the place where see ourselves as light-beings within a physical container. As we learn to function congruently with an awareness of both aspects of ourselves, our lives become enriched and balanced in a new way.

Our self-perception as a light-being is likely to lead us to the recognition of our life-force within an ambient life-force, where we see ourselves within the context of a larger vibration, connected to other life forms on the earth. From there we might also feel connected to the universal force-field, beyond earthly concerns. From there, we can see ourselves as participants in the entire system. Our chakras are showing show us this incredible capability.

To run by the matching chakra perceptions of animals: 

  1. They are grounded,
  2. They appreciate physical pleasures,
  3. They take action for themselves,
  4. They love and protect their babies, (or their eggs, or their seeds,)
  5. They express their thoughts with vocal sounds or with body language,
  6. They see or sense their environment, and take measures to protect against seasonal change and future shortages.
  7. Animals—as well as plants—function from their conscious psychic connection, not only with each other, but with other species in their environment.

We see mutual caring among dogs, cats and horses, and there are many unusual interspecies relationships that are deeply protective and loving. During one of our recent fires in California, a dog broke away from his family as they were fleeing the fire, and he ran back to the burning house, opened the gate and freed the goats that had been left, and herded them out of the fire, at one place they ran briefly through part of the fire, and he took them all to safety. A deer joined them, and ran with them.  The exhausted thirsty dog finally found his family, and brought all the goats, and the deer with him, at last to rest, to be comforted, and given water.

I have observed astonishing evidence of sensitive consciousness in spiders. Knowing that, we are likely to accept the concept that we share mutual consciousness with all beings, where feelings of the non-self “other” are intuitively understood.

Many people question killing animals for food, as though this action were an unavoidable flaw in the system. They believe that killing animals is “bad” so they eat vegetables. That’s a choice that works pretty well. However, the way that it has been set up, eating other life forms is the only way our ecological system can maintain balance. One who eats another living being automatically honors and thanks the provider, because the food is enjoyable. This is an interactive connection, somewhat like a contract between them that is required to support the system.

The bird who catches a bug delights in the bug and enjoys it. Presumably the bug, after it recovers from shock, picks up the vibration of the bird’s appreciation. American Indians fully honored their buffalo. The eating of their meat, when it is honored, is not a violation of the animal. After its death, the spirit of the animal knows this, and receives the blessing. The wolf who catches a rabbit enjoys eating it, and of course at first the rabbit is terrified, but it is possible that as his fear passes, he can sense and receive the vibration of the wolf’s pleasure.

This doesn’t mean that the rabbit is caving in, condoning an abuser. The wolf is not an abuser. The wolf is enjoying his food, with harm to none. The rabbit, who automatically takes in the feelings of others, feels the vibration of the wolf. He knows there is no negative intention. When he recovers from his initial fear, he senses the wolf’s feelings. This may be a stretch, surely the act of being killed hurts, and is scary beyond belief, but the awareness of a different perspective is worth considering, since interactive life forms all sense each other’s feelings.

Grazing animals bite off mouthfuls of grass with their teeth, the grass must feel panic at that moment, but it picks up the grazer’s appreciation as it is being chewed and enjoyed. Plants have feelings, just like anybody else. Eating vegetables is not very different from eating meat. Flowers get afraid when they are picked, suddenly severed from their nurturing roots, but after that they receive pleasure from us, when we tell them that we love and admire them in our bouquet.

On the other hand, when we see something that deliberately injures or insults other beings, like spraying ants or bugs with poison, or shooting animals—not for food—but just for the sensation of seeing them fall and writhe in pain, or tormenting a prisoner, this falls outside the system. It violates the universal force-field that has imbued us with the life-force, built on love, and respectful collaboration.

We do have the option to violate the basis of the galactic system because we have choices. There are times when people choose to murder large groups of uninvolved people, to act out their fear, or prevent something, or take something. Sometimes people feel justified in insulting or punishing people whom they believe are less important. Interesting that animals don’t do that. They have fewer choices, so they function more consistently within the system.

If someone kills a shrimp in front of a plant, the instrumentation that records the plant’s response shows that the plant literally winces and contracts its biofield when it senses this violation. The plant perceives that act as abuse. It will remember who did that, and will respond by withdrawing when that person comes near it later, but it continuously maintains loving concern for the people who water it and care for it.

It may come to us as a surprise, but this plant’s response demonstrates something important. Anger at injustice is an expression of love, built into the life-force as a natural feeling, and it is experienced by all forms of life. When we let ourselves act from that knowledge, our actions will continue to reinforce the universal support that surrounds us. Guilt and fear are minimized, we can become discerning, more vibrant, and more loving.

Ultimately each person who has ever hurt or injured another being will become aware of the impact of these violations, either in this lifetime or subsequent ones. This comes to them not as “punishment” from some imagined authority, but as a recognition of self-awareness. By becoming more conscious of the universal vibration within themselves, people can process the event, release their remorse, and choose to make changes.

In that sense, there is no “karmic” indebtedness for past misdeeds that causes an obligation to any individual in a subsequent lifetime. Perhaps it is self-awareness that ultimately suggests the shift from one mode of behavior to another.

To fully grasp the experience that the recipients felt as a result of an unkind action, we decide to let ourselves walk in the other person’s moccasins. Then we feel with them, process it, expand our sense of connection, and find the peace that comes with self-forgiveness.


Forgiveness expresses the duality inherent in our physical realty, and it also moves us toward less judgment, less focus on the good/bad reward/punishment that has been woven inextricably into our culture, where we tend to use the judgment of others as a stress-reliever.

One way to reach a more cosmically congruent state of heart is to focus on a native American medicine wheel. This is ordinarily a tool for manifestation, and is used as a focus for healing, and for enhancing personal capabilities. At the Balancing Center we use the Ute Medicine Wheel that was given to us by the Ute Shaman, Beautiful Painted Arrow, when we first started our clinic in 1981.

To work with this wheel you begin by presenting your question or your intention to the Buffalo. She takes it to the deer, the Deer takes it up to the cougar, the Cougar takes it over to the Eagle, who then flies to the lower world and then to the upper world, to engage the messengers of the universal force-field.

Below is a brief diagram and discussion. More details are shown about the traditional way to work with this medicine wheel, in Tools for Tuning In. Check the section on books, under the blue logo.


The Buffalo in the North is the one who sharpens your focus on the issue you want to work with. She helps you to sort out self-conflicting intentions you weren’t aware of. She goes with you to Deer, in the South.

Deer listens to you. He makes sure that your request is being made from the heart. He tells you if he observes a hidden manipulation that could cause an unexpected result. After you talk about it with him, he floods you with billowing clouds of infinite love, and takes you up to Cougar in the West.

Cougar hears you, and watches you carefully. If he sees that you are asking from full integrity, he will agree to invite your intention into the physical vibration. He takes you across to Eagle, in the East.

Eagle trusts that the others have polished your request so that it does not carry mixed messages. She takes your image down to the earth spirits, and then she circles up into the angelic realms to contact the spirit world above. This is likely to bring about your intended result, even though it may come to you in an unexpected way.

Another form of meditation is to focus on a galactic image from the Hubble collection.


Select one of these images, and let yourself move into it as though you were there. Slide right down into it, and float in the beauty of the form. Draw the veils of light around you to absorb the flow of energy within that enormous enclosure, and the powerful force-field it contains. Stay with that for several minutes, and see what happens.

On the other hand you might decide to close out all visual stimulus and open up to sound, to beautiful music, or to specific sounds designed to reach the frequency of certain brain waves.

A very different way would be to engage your physical body in quiet muscular movement, such as yoga, or Tai Chi. Both were designed to reach inner attunement.

We can also become vibrationally transformed by singing, playing an instrument in a musical group, or creating art, poetry, or lying on the grass on a warm summer evening and watching the stars.


Transporting experiences open you into the awareness of the subtle energy within you, and can kindle your sense of belonging within an all-inclusive ambience that lies beyond you.

Go inside to hear the quiet. Breathe slowly and let your breath take you where you want to go. When you feel the inner quiet beginning to shift your frequency, you may feel that your cellular structures are vibrating differently. You are starting to reach unexpected gifts from within.