What to Expect from your practitioner

Our Bioenergy Balancing Practitioners are able to create a safe space for you to 
explore emotionally charged issues and uncomfortable memories. They listen
 respectfully and can sense intuitively how best to engage you in making new choices
 and the changes that you want to make. To understand more fully what they may be
 able to do for you, the following is a brief description of our practice.

Bioenergy Balancing is a healing modality that is based on harmonizing the
 interaction between the biochemical processes of the body and the subtle energy 
fields of the meridians and the chakras. The impact of emotional experiences are
 inextricably enmeshed within the biochemical process. Chemical imbalances cause
 emotional disruption just as often as emotional states can change the biochemistry,
they are not as separate as is commonly believed. By engaging both the vibrational
 and the physical aspects of the body, this work has evolved into a practice that is
 unique in the field of alternative medicine, and this is what gives our form of healing the precision and authenticity that we are famous for.

Bioenergy Balancing enters into a vibrational dialogue with your body consciousness
 through muscle testing, so that your biofield can identify the reasons 
behind the difficulty that you have chosen to present. These factors could be
 emotional, structural, biochemical, past life, pre-natal, or vibrations drawn in from
 an external influence.

As you reveal your concerns, our practitioners will suggest appropriate nutritional
 information, dietary suggestions, detoxification, and assess your requirements for
 supplementary substances that will reinforce the effectiveness of your natural
 healing capabilities. This inquiry will involve the precise tracing and correction of
 disrupted amino acid cascades, the regulating of your cholesterol and the balancing
 of your hormones, and assist you, if possible, with your ability to regulate your 
glucose level and blood pressure. They can check the accuracy of the molecular
 construction of the neuro transmitters in your brain, and ask the biofields of liver and
 kidneys if your detoxification capability is optimal.

No matter what suggestive symptoms you are experiencing, do not expect your
 practitioner to tell you whether you have a specific disease. No diagnosis can be
given to you by anyone except by a doctor with an M.D. credential.

Your Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner will be able to weave your pharmaceutical
 drugs into your nutritional program, and if possible minimize their potential side
 effects, while maintaining their intended beneficial effect. Your practitioner is 
respectful of medical decisions, and will insist that any changes you want to make in
 your pharmaceutical program must be done with your doctor’s knowledge and

When there is a disagreement with a medical theory, our practitioners will always
 explain their position clearly, by drawing upon their knowledge of the physiology
 and the biochemistry involved in alternative medicine. They will present the
 information that they understand to be true, within their experience. They will state 
what they know, then ask the biofield of your body-consciousness for verification,
 and translate what your body’s energy field reports. This gives you information that
 you can evaluate.

It may sound as though the practitioners are telling you what they think, but keep in
 mind that the comments they make are really coming from you. They are not your
 practitioner’s opinion, unless he or she specifically says “This is my opinion.”
Otherwise, answers being reported are all coming through your own body consciousness.  
The practitioner is simply translating, not advising.  It is entirely up 
to you to decide how you will respond to the information that your body’s intuitive
 knowledge has given you.

Many of our practitioners do other kinds of work along with their Balancing
 Center practice, such as herbal healing, naturopathy, medical, chiropractic, or
 veterinarian work. Other ways to combine this work may come up with acupressure,
 cranio-sacral alignment, acupuncture, shamanism, psychotherapy, sound therapy,
light therapy, eye-movement therapy, or psychic readings and channeling. When you
 go to practitioners who have some of these other skills, they may ask your
 permission to work with a different form of expertise in addition to the BBC skills
 they are offering you, in order to enrich your experience.