What Happens During Your Appointment?

You can choose to make changes

What really happens during your appointment? Before you decide to sign up, you might want to know more about what it would be like. Maybe you want to be sure that you won’t be told what to do, or told what not to do, and you hope that you won’t have to reveal information you don’t want to share. You may also want to be sure that what we tell you is not just our personal opinion. These are legitimate concerns, and they deserve a thorough answer.

The following describes, in general, what happens during an appointment, but no one can predict what it would be like for you. People are often guarded at first, and in subsequent appointments begin to respond differently as they develop more trust in the process, and allow deeper issues to surface.

When you first come in, you go into the office and fill out the opening form, and then you come into the house. I welcome you, and we sit down at the dining table together to talk about what you want to work on. I take a few notes about the questions you have, and the issues you want to address.

Talking about your appointment ahead of time will make it feel safer for you. New people often feel a little uncertain, so I take time to talk about your concerns before we start. If you need more time to talk, we’ll take more time. We set aside two hours for the first appointment in order to include time to fill out the questionnaire, and then as I look that over, we discuss your questions and comments.

We talk about how this works, and why it works, what some of the limitations are, and I remind you that we will simply translate information that comes from your inner knowledge. I am not here to advise or persuade you of anything. My role is to help you focus on each issue that you have chosen to explore, and invite you to consider various ways to resolve it.

Then when you feel ready to start, you take off your shoes and lie down, fully clothed, on the massage table. I bring my notes, and I stand at your right side. The Co-Practitioner comes up on the left side of the table, to be your “extension cord” and indicate your vibrational answers. Your energy field flows into his or her arm, so when I muscle test the Co-Practitioner, your energy field comes through.

The Co-P is trained to receive only your vibration, and put aside all other concerns, so we’ll get accurate readings. I will tell you what the answers are, so that you will always know exactly what your body is saying.

To be sure that our testing is accurate, we begin by asking if your biofield is fully present within your physical body. If it has lifted a few inches off, we draw it back in. Then we ask if you are presenting your current age—and if not, we find out what age you are showing us—and we contact that moment in your life, and release whatever emotional discomfort it holds, so that you can come up to current time.

Next we ask if there is another biofield held in your aura that is not yours. You might not, but sometimes people bring in the biofield of a relative or friend, or even a non-physical entity. If so, we identify it, find out why it is there, and help you to release it.

Muscle testing is often dismissed as unreliable, and it certainly can be, if this kind of interference hasn’t been ruled out. If other people’s energy fields have entered your space, they can answer for you. The practitioner testing you wouldn’t have any idea who was answering. It could be you as a child, or it could be someone else entirely, and if so, the answers would obviously be inaccurate. That doesn’t mean that the muscle testing was inaccurate. It just means that someone else answered the questions instead of you, or you may have answered from the perspective of the child you once were. Once we calibrate your bioenergy and make the necessary adjustments, the answers will come just from you, in current time, at your current age.

We light the candles that can receive any bioenergy you choose to release. Then we start by asking your body-consciousness to tell us what it wants to work on. It usually chooses something on your list, but sometimes the body will redirect us to other areas of concern that you had no idea were relevant. We’ll follow the body’s lead, in that case, and let your sequence of self-discovery evolve from there.

If you want to make a health change, or work toward an emotional change, or ask about foods, or check your supplements, or find out something that you feel is hidden in there that you want to know, we will invite your body to come up with whatever will comfortably resolve it. We let all of this unfold in the direction that your unique experiences, feelings, and beliefs naturally lead you.

If something comes up that you do not want to talk about, I stop right there. I back off. I totally respect whatever you have chosen to protect. That’s why I always ask your body’s permission, each time, before I introduce a new subject to talk about. We wait for your body’s consciousness to consent. If it says ”No, not yet,” we wait until it’s the right time.

If you have complaints that suggest digestive imbalances, toxins, nutritional imbalances, neurological issues, allergies, or problems with focus, or memory, or if you have health issues that require pharmaceutical intervention, any of these might surface.

Your appointment could take you into complex biochemical details to arrive at a solution. We can integrate our work with your medical program, so that both these arenas of your healing process will synergize, and both contribute to your health.

If you want to work on structural problems, I will do the bodywork required to realign the stressed joints, and release the muscles that have been holding the bones slightly out of position.

Your intuitive body-consciousness knows the concerns that you have, and it will decide to reveal its suggestions in the sequence that will give you optimal resolution. It might indicate that what worries you really belongs to another person. You can have an illness that literally isn’t yours, if you brought it into your own body in order to help that other person.

It could also be that your leg, or your hand, or perhaps your liver or pancreas, is holding the vibration of yourself at another age. That means that some difficult event or injury in the past, relating to that area, needs to be processed in order to bring the leg, hand, or organ back into current time. That might explain why there is an on-going difficulty in that part of the body. When it comes up to the present, the difficulty will probably correct itself, because your current vibration will no longer need to hold the earlier information.

Your meridians hold the full array of emotional charges that reflect your history. You can ask your body-consciousness to release whatever part of that history you choose to release. Meridians flow throughout your physical body as channels of light, carrying all your emotional information into the tissues, so that when we stroke the specific meridians that hold the information you have chosen to let go of, the emotional charge is dissipated.

As we trace your meridian pathways, they will retrieve trapped feelings from the emotional storage area in your limbic brain, and you can sometimes feel a tingling sensation as they lift out through the meridian channels, and vanish into the candle flames.

When the emotional releases are completed, you may find that your need for maintaining protective strategies will gradually diminish. You might no longer automatically reach into old wounds for your responses, but find yourself more able to be spontaneous in current time. As this happens, your physical body will also be able to move toward metabolic self-correction, and you may experience some surprising improvements in your health.

Self-limiting beliefs that were laced into your limbic brain can also lift off. Life-decisions are guided by your beliefs, since people naturally make choices and interpret events in a way that validates their beliefs. If you have a negative belief that you would like to change, it can be updated. Then it would no longer limit your perception.

You can let go of an outdated belief left over from childhood, and choose a new belief that fits your current reality as an adult. As soon as you let the new belief slide into your limbic brain, it will begin to guide you into unexpected areas of creativity, and is likely to magnetize more loving relationships.