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These articles have been written in response to our clinical experiences over many years at the Balancing Center. Our comments and discoveries are not presented as the result of scientific research, since we do not perform double-blind cross-over controlled studies with placebos, single-nutrient deprivation, or animal experiments. However, we have come across some useful discoveries that we have verified, over time, on an individual basis in our clinical practice.
Every now and then we will present a new article describing something we have observed that may be of interest to health practitioners, researchers in nutritional biochemistry, and people with health questions who are searching for non-medical health information.

Waking up from Chronic Fatigue

Starting with Chakra Depletion

If you are client, the first thing your practitioner will probably think of, when you say you have chronic fatigue, is “Who’s in your field? Is someone depleting you?” Your experience of fatigue might not be coming from you. If someone is draining your vital energy resources from your body’s auric field, you will be fatigued for what everyone will say is “no reason” and this can be lifted off. Another possibility, you might be helping someone who is fatigued, and taking it on.

You can resolve the reason for the attachment and release it, and learn to help your friends in a different way. Once that is done, you are by yourself in your auric field and presenting your current chronological age. If your body-consciousness says the fatigue will continue, you’d have to investigate a few contributing physiological and biochemical factors.

This could cover a wide range of concerns, from thyroid, methionine metabolites, methylation, ATP shortage, nano-aluminum, invasive microorganisms, low cholesterol, brain transmitter shortages, nutritional deficiencies, and all the way to the possible effects of your pharmaceuticals.

The following discussion addresses these possibilities, and suggests some generalized remedies. Specific remedies can’t be identified in a written discussion, because remedies need to be selected by your own biofield, to match your body’s precise needs. Your intuitive consciousness will design the program that will work best for you. It might look like a protocol that your practitioner is giving you, but actually it is a translation of the unique solution that your inner healer has identified.

Thyroid, Thyroxine

Two uncomfortable extremes come up for thyroid disturbances, your thyroxine can be too low, or too high. Thyroxine is the hormone your body makes in the thyroid. It generates the production of ATP in the mitochondria, and ATP is what regulates your metabolic energy level, your body heat, muscular action and your physical well-being. When your thyroxine is low, you feel chilly, tired, you lack enthusiasm, get depressed and disinterested in things. If it’s too high, you get jumpy, uneasy, sensitive to heat, talk too much, try to do too much, can’t relax, and often have a hard time sleeping.

Thyroxine is stimulated by a hormone from the pituitary, called thyroid stimulating hormone. This is usually referred to as TSH.

When TSH is low, that means that the thyroxine level is too high, so the pituitary is releasing very little. High thyroxine could be caused by a node in the thyroid gland that is sending out too much, or there is a toxin that is driving it, or possibly the pituitary is not able to release enough TSH because the membrane isn’t permeable enough. Test for the trace mineral rubidium, since rubidium helps to regulate membrane permeability. It might not be about an overactive thyroid.

If the TSH is high, the pituitary sees the thyroxine level as low, so it’s trying to encourage the thyroxine level to increase. Usually when thyroxine is low, the medical people assume that you have Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disorder for which there is no cure. They identify antibodies which may actually be mycoplasma masking as antibodies, and the doctor will prescribe exogenous thyroxine. This helps, but if it is really a mycoplasma, offering the right medicinal mushrooms would allow the body to regulate the thyroid on its own.

It is very common that a mycoplasmic infection in the thyroid is interfering with thyroxine synthesis, or simulating what looks like an autoimmune disorder by appropriating the cell identifying markers, and leaving these specific body cells unidentified, exposed and vulnerable to the immune scouts. The immune system is doing its job, which is to capture and destroy all unmarked cells, no matter where they come from. It does not attack its own body. That’s a myth. It attacks only unmarked cells.

Iodine/Tyrosine Shortage, Fluoride

On the other hand there might be a shortage of iodine or tyrosine, so thyroxine can’t be synthesized, no matter what urgent signals are coming through. At our clinic we have found that when TSH is high but it can’t raise the thyroxine, we ask if there is an iodine shortage, and suggest seaweed or a supplement. If it is due to a shortage of tyrosine, rather than taking tyrosine, the best solution is to have our clients make it themselves, or they might end up with too much phenylalanine, which can interfere with brain function. Converting some of the phenylalanine into tyrosine is what keeps the level within safe range.

Fluoride separates in solution into highly toxic fluorine and its silicate companion. Free fluorine is drawn into tissues where iodine is located, replaces the iodine, and settles into the iodine receptor site. Now the thyroxine is fluoridated, and cannot be used. The medical testing does not detect that change, so the accurate useable thyroxine can be quite low, even when the test looks perfect. This is the way fluoride contributes to chronic fatigue and slows down mental function.

Fluorine also substitutes for the iodine that is part of the oxytocin molecule, and the result of that is that people become emotionally disengaged, less concerned about others, and indifferent to the impact of their actions upon others, commonly identified as Narcissism.

Tyrosine is an amino acid made by hydroxylating phenylalanine—and the enzymes for doing this require methylation—so after suggesting that you drink non-fluoridated water and take DMAE to release the residual fluoride, your practitioner will help your body to methylate efficiently.

The Methionine Cascade and Methylation

Methionine is an amino acid that follows a very important cascade that generates many essential metabolites. If the cascade is deflected by a wheat allergy or a meat allergy, homocysteine and cysteine will both be diminished, and the phosphorylation of B6 reduced. Instead of following the expected pathway, a significant opiate toxin called metenkephalin is produced.

Once you clear up these allergies, (not just by avoidance, but by really changing the amino acid utilization disorders that they are creating) methionine can go to S-adenosyl methionine, so met-enkephalin will no longer be made. The next move is to make S-adenosyl homocysteine, which is formed when S-adenosyl methionine drops its methyl radical. Those little methyl radicals are what you need to methylate everything that needs to be methylated. Now your methylation capability is assured. You can change folic acid into tetrahydrofolate, and subsequently you will phosphorylate your B6. After all that, you can make your own tyrosine.

Thyroxine Synthesis, and ATP

Take two tyrosines, link them together, and add iodine atoms. You have just made your own thyroxine. It can be released as needed, and carried by its carrier all over the body to every cell, entering the cell walls, and finding all the tiny mitochondria. Once there, it enters the Krebs cycle and the electron transport cycle, where it activates the synthesis of ATP.

Sometimes the body will show a high amount of thyroxine in the blood, but symptomatically still indicate a shortage. This means that the thyroxine is being rejected for emotional reasons, and is not being allowed to enter the cell membranes. Find out the age when that decision was made, and resolve it so your thyroxine can do its job.

Is ATP Abundant, or is there a Shortage?

ATP is a brilliant little molecule, Adenosine Triphosphate, made in the Krebs cycle, and in the adjacent structure called the electron transport cycle, inside the miniature mitochondria in the cells. ATP generates energy, warmth, enthusiasm, and mental clarity, all the gifts that we want our life-force to give us.

A shortage of ATP is the major culprit that causes chronic fatigue. This is why low thyroxine is associated with chronic fatigue, and why regulating the thyroxine level and releasing fluoride is essential.


No sooner have you balanced the thyroxine and released the fluoride, now you have to find out what to do about the intrusion of nanoaluminum. This is a toxic metal that is being continuously dropped by aerosol plumes from our Geo-engineering weather modification program. These long straight white streaks in the sky are popularly referred to as chemtrails, but our preference is to call them aerosol plumes, since the word chemtrail is often used as a pejorative term to discredit the scientific knowledge of this dangerous program. It is creating far more severe global warming than our vehicle emissions that are getting so much self-blaming publicity.

Nano-aluminum seriously contributes to the condition of chronic fatigue, by working its way into the electron transport cycle and preventing the action of thyroxine. Then ATP synthesis is dramatically reduced even when there is abundant thyroxine available, and even if it is reaching its target perfectly. Symptomatically it would still look like low thyroxine. Again all the thyroid tests would be fine, thyroxine is accurate, no fluoride, so now what should we do?

Nano-aluminum comes to us not only from aerosol plumes but from vaccinations which are loaded with aluminum and injected directly into the blood, which happens with 72 mandatory injections, not counting any extra flu shots, or the infertility vaccine for HPV, by the time you are 17. Some colleges require the HPV vaccine before you can register, so many young women will receive it without realizing what it does to their ovaries. There is an herb from the Amazon rainforest that can
obviate this effect, so that the ovaries can return to full function.

To a minor degree aluminum comes from deodorants or cookware that we are sternly warned about, but almost no one acknowledges the source that continuously floods us from the sky, drops it on the land that grows our food, into the trees and on the grass, and into the air that we breathe. There are homeopathic remedies that release it very easily and quickly. You can look on line to find one. You need to keep your remedy on hand, and use it a couple of times a week, to keep up with the on-going exposure.

During the recent fires in California, the trees were not just burning, they were practically exploding. Firemen reported that the fires behaved unpredictably, very dangerously, quite different from usual. Grass fires were so swift you could hardly get away in time. This was due to the nano-aluminum that had been sprayed, and a few people started to talk about our Geoengineering spraying program, but none of our political candidates dared mention this ecocide program for some reason. I don’t know why it would be a politically sensitive issue, it’s not a secret, it’s in the open, and we should all be protesting the droughts and the fires that this program has staged, in order to selectively target California.

Those who breathed the smoke received an enormous aluminum load, as it was burned off and released by the fires. The health effects are ATP shortage, chronic fatigue, sinus and lung congestion, brain confusion and memory loss due to the formation of brain neurofibrillary tangles, neurological disorders, diminished immune response, skin outbreaks, etc. If these people also had flu shots, this would be a huge overload, unless they took a homeopathic vaccine detoxifier. Interesting that in Australia some people are saying that vaccines may actually be bioweapons, but here most of us believe that they protect our health.


In Australia they are open with the information that microorganisms are being released from aerosol plumes, along with nano-aluminum, other toxic metals and other obnoxious substances. The most accurate information we are getting in this country about this program is from Dane Wigington, in his website, He does not mention microorganisms, but our testing suggests that several kinds of pathogenic microorganisms are part of the content in the spray, even though this hasn’t been officially verified.

Wherever they come from, there are many different varieties of nonpublicized bioweaponized microorganisms in the air that we breathe, and these each have specific health effects.

Relevant to chronic fatigue, three come up as the most significant ones:

1. One species of mycoplasma enters the electron transport cycle and prevents the synthesis of ATP
2. Ehrlichia creates high ammonia by preventing the action of the urea cycle, and the high pH in the blood is disorienting and fatiguing
3. The Lyme spirochete causes acidity, joint pain, liver stress and many simultaneous systemic interferences, with devastating fatigue.

You thought we were home free if the thyroxine were accurate, we supplied iodine, activated methylation, took out fluoride and nanoaluminum? Now we have three more hazards to contend with.

Each of these microorganisms requires different remedies. Mycoplasma usually responds to medicinal mushrooms, Ehrlichia responds to a special formulation of Osha, and Lyme spirochetes can be released by a specific combination of herbal elixirs that unfortunately cannot be revealed here, but it does work beautifully.

We have observed that treatment of these organisms with antibiotics or anti-virals is not specific enough to be very effective, they are neither bacteria nor viruses, although that is how they are referred to, medically.

For example, Guillaum Barré, and the Epstein Barr Virus are not viruses. Both are mycoplasmic infections. Even if they occurred years ago, there may still be an on-going latent mycoplasma hiding out, that could erupt later in a different form, in response to a trauma.

Knowing that, your practitioner would know what to suggest. We have found that these organisms fall more closely into the category of parasites. Whatever they may be, they usually respond well to the individual remedies that your biofield suggests.

Unfortunately none of these remedies can be specifically disclosed in a public discussion, only within the safety of the client/practitioner relationship. These remedies do exist, they are not pharmaceuticals, and they work amazingly well.

Nutritional issues

To support the body nutritionally, the first thing to ask about is the digestion of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Your practitioner would resolve any glitches that may be in the way, like a shortage of HCl, or low CCK, secretin, the ileum function, or peristalsis issues, and would make sure you are receiving the right trace minerals, and release emotional reasons that might be preventing their absorption. Then the B-vitamins need to be checked, along with oil soluble vitamins and the omega fatty acids, for availability and absorption. The amino acids need to have all their cascades tested for accurate function, since allergy can disrupt them.

As you work, the body will report various toxins, and these would be handled as they show up. There are no nutritional shortages that I have seen that are specifically related to chronic fatigue, they would be different for each person, and probably could be easily be resolved.

Acetylcholine Shortage

Acetylcholine, ACh, is the major neurotransmitter that keeps us going. It fires up the memory, deductive and creative skills, as well as muscle strength and movement. In combination with glutamate, our highaction transmitter, you will feel like going out there and doing something interesting.

If it is not abundant, or if signals are blocked in the second messenger system, acetylcholine shortage would be perceived as a contributing factor in both causing and maintaining chronic fatigue. Here again, the action of ATP plays a significant role. An impulse from the brain initiates the signal for acetylcholine to create muscle movement, and ATP allows the muscles to continue the contraction/release/contraction cycle of the myosin fibers, to sustain muscular action effectively.

In a severe case of a methylation shortage, choline, requiring three methyls for every molecule, can’t be synthesized sufficiently. Then the enzyme choline acetyl transferase won’t be sufficient, and the choline part of the ACh molecule would be reduced. You can take choline, but it’s better if you make it, and you can make it if you can methylate.

Cholesterol and Pharmaceuticals

We haven’t mentioned cholesterol as having a role in chronic fatigue, but a shortage of cholesterol is certainly implicated. Cholesterol creates a cascade of hormones, from pregnenolone to progesterone, down to testosterone and to the estrogens. It initiates the synthesis of the Vitamin D substrate in the liver, and is required for the synaptic capability in the brain, the synthesis of bile, and it maintains the membrane structures of all our cells.

When cholesterol numbers read high, the measurement includes the accurate molecules, added to whatever inaccurate molecules may also be present. These molecular inaccuracies are not tested, but included and measured as though all the molecules were the same. Many people attach incorrect radicals to their cholesterol structures, in response to difficult situations. The liver has to crank out compensating amounts, in order to create the number of accurate ones that the body can use. Since the medical tests count the useless ones along with the accurate ones, the number can look high, when in fact the useful amount might be just right, or even too low.

Statin drugs, and the natural statin, red rice yeast, prevent the synthesis of all of them. In that case your useable cholesterol may fall well below your normal requirements, and symptoms will begin to show up. These symptoms are not “side-effects” of the drug, they are actually the effects of the drug.

The non-pharmaceutical solution is to identify the age when the incorrect radical was placed on the molecule, and resolve the emotional impact of the event that caused the error. Then the accurate molecules can come up to the right level on their own. The inaccurate ones won’t be included and measured to show the reading of falsely high cholesterol.

Cholesterol is the same, in the two divisions HDL and LDL. The difference is in the carrier, either high or low density. The high density carrier is “good,” it keeps a tight grip on the cholesterol, but low density carrier has been demonized as “bad” kind for years, because it can release cholesterol into various places that need it, and has been falsely targeted as causing strokes and heart attacks by releasing into the arterial walls and clogging arteries with plaque. It doesn’t.

LDL gives you hormones, and a shortage of hormones can surely contribute to chronic fatigue. Low LDL cholesterol, by causing low progesterone, initiates osteoporosis as well as PMS and miscarriages. Low testosterone diminishes sexual energy, low bile synthesis blocks proper fat digestion, and low Vitamin D reduces mineral uptake, immune response, and general well-being, and the diminished brain synapsing leads to forgetfulness and mental confusion. Raise your good LDL! The only ones that can cling are the oxidized ones (take a good antioxidant) or the incorrectly formed miniature ones, (take vitamin B-3.) The issue is not about whether it is present in high or low amounts, the occurrence of stroke and heart attack is the same in either case.

Pharmaceutical Effects

Some pharmaceuticals contribute to fatigue, and your practitioner can test them with you to figure out which ones do. Then you can ask your doctor to help you phase out the ones that your biofield indicates are causing fatigue, if that is medically advisable.

A client of mine was given a drug to relieve her fatigue, but her body consciousness indicated that this was, in fact, maintaining it. One side effect listed was “causes drowsiness,” Doesn’t that sound a little like fatigue? She will ask the doc to taper this one off.

General Life-style Options to Consider

Best thing to do, after addressing all these possible factors, is to eat organic food, clear up food allergies if you have them, regulate your glucose, and let yourself enjoy eating whatever you really like, as long as you limit sugar and alcohol. Give yourself just a few organic carbs, many abundant veggies, good proteins, drink clean water, exercise now and then, and get enough sleep. This will help you maintain the energy level you have chosen to achieve.

Next find something to do that activates your creativity and enthusiasm. Check out your relationships, either change them or change your way of responding to those that are difficult, and cultivate a circle of friends who are mutually affirming.

Beyond that, consider meditation, and look into some form of spiritual connection that lights up your vibrational capability, and takes you into unexpected self-discoveries.

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None of the statements in this commentary have been reviewed or approved by the FDA nor by any recognized scientific forum for evaluation, and none of the statements in this commentary are intended to diagnose, or offer treatment for any disease. If you have a health problem, see your doctor.

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