Tools That We Use


The eastern part of the room holds the main alter. It is the area that holds the vibration of our unseen friends and guides. The Macedonian painting, by Hadži Boškov, is an invitation to the spirit beings who will enhance physical healing and personal transformation, whenever we request their assistance.

Sacred drums, and a very large rain-stick, have been placed in this area.  The Mexican ceremonial dog mask, with goat horns, is present to receive and transform unfavorable vibrations. As we are working, sometimes spirit beings enter the room. They either release a trickle of stones that click down the rain stick, or they strike one of the drums to announce themselves. Often an unseen friend will strike a drum to affirm an insight that the client recognizes as an Ah-ha moment.


Our Medicine Wheel, in the Ute Tradition, is in the North exposure.  The four directions engage Buffalo, Eagle, Deer and Cougar, and this was given to us by the Ute medicine man, Beautiful Painted Arrow. The Ute power animals can create a tremendous channel of healing when they are invited to focus on a specific area of dysfunction in the physical body.

They can also be called upon to participate in the creating of favorable outcomes for an event, as long as the outcome has been visualized with integrity, with harm to none. We have found that this is an excellent tool not only for manifesting, but also for demanifesting toxic metals, by returning them to their non-physical frequency. For detailed information about the Ute Medicine Wheel, refer to the little book in the Six Books section, called Tools for Tuning In.

Metaphysical Tools that we use

Most of the vibrational work we do with clients is done with our hands, in combination with our intuitive imagery, and our engagement with the spirit guides. However, there are times when we need reinforcement. In that case, we have the option to call upon the additional power of our metaphysical tools.

Metaphysical tools carry vibrations that can focus our thoughts, and draw in energy fields that would otherwise be beyond our reach, and they often achieve results that exceed our personal skills. Below are pictures of some of our healing tools, and a description of what they can do.


The Tibetan Phurba is used for exorcising unfavorable spirit-beings that occasionally show up. This is a powerful tool from the Tibetan tradition. When there is a need for it, the invasive spirit-being is disempowered, and can be eliminated.


This is a beautiful little Eco-laser, a very interesting tool that emits an intense green light.  There are five tips to choose from, and two inserts that can go inside the tips. When it is holding the + sign it can scan the room and clear all the negative vibrations out of the room.  The — straight line tip is the one that is usually used for clearing spaces, doorways, windows, or portals of entry to seal them from intrusive vibrations.

When we use this tool with clients, we find that some people prefer the point, some the circular light pattern, and some work best with the arrow.  We have observed that the Eco-laser beam can minimize the biofields of mycoplasma and other parasite vibrations, so that the immune system can get a better grip. It can be used for many diverse applications, not only microorganisms, depending on what the client needs.

The Egyptian architect and inventor, Ibrahim Karim, has invented a powerful graphic pattern that can be placed on cell phones, computers, and smart meters, to minimize the effect of the EMF frequency. This
design has been patented, and cannot be used for our clients until we get permission from Dr. Karim. If we receive that, then with his consent we will be able to display this pattern, reprint it, and offer copies of it to our clients.

There is a CD that we highly recommend by Dr. Karim called Energy Balancing IKEB that reveals a beautiful vibrational field when it is played. It feels as though it “fills” you, opening up chakras that need to be lighted up, and deepening the focus of meditation. It is totally silent.

This is available. To order this CD, contact

When it is played to Spurling’s Harmonizers, they become more capable of projecting thoughts and images, and can reach out to a much broader area than they could have otherwise reached.


The Environmental and Agricultural Harmonizers are tools that we sometimes use for clients here, to stabilize chakras or anchor the biofield when it tends to drift off the physical body too easily. They are also shown above, in the “Metaphysical Tools, ” in the section called Slim Spurling’s Tools.

If you have a Harmonizer, it relates to you in a way that is similar to a cat. You are never its owner. You are its partner. It invokes unseen forces that significantly magnify the impact of the visionary programming of its bonded friend.


The Sota Magnetic Pulser is a vibrational tool that we sometimes use. It works by sending a pulsed magnetic field through the body’s tissues to awaken the biofield wherever it may be diminished.

Clients use this tool when they find that there is an area of the body that is depleted, causing chronic muscle pain and tension. The Magnetic Pulser may restore the correct meridian flow and fill the surrounding area with healing energy fields that encourage relaxation. We have found it effective for many applications, although we can’t give specifics about what to use it for until we show it to the body-consciousness, and ask if it would be the right approach.

The Sota Light Works uses light as a way to activate the biofield. Various colors tune into different frequencies, so we test to find out what resonates most favorably for the needs of each person. The options are red, infra red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. They shine with very intense colors and can have profound effects. You can order this tool at