Language Your Body Uses

Your body’s consciousness is your biofield, made up of your meridians, your chakras, and the aura that surrounds you. It speaks non-verbally by sending vibrational signals to your nervous system. These signals create variations in the available strength of your muscles. Under gentle test-pressure, your muscles feel strong when your body likes something. That is how it says “yes.” If the muscles suddenly get weak, and are hard to hold under the same test-pressure, that means that it said “no.”

The body communicates vibrationally by shifting the biofield. As the biofield shifts, it affects the nerve conduction, and the muscular strength reflects that variation. Muscle testing, in this context, can identify nutritional needs, the presence of toxins, and the impact of stressful events. The information comes entirely from your own intuitive subconscious biofield, not from the opinions of your practitioner. We are simply here to tell you what your inner self is feeling and thinking.

Infants and pre-speech toddlers, as well as animals, pick up what we say in the same way. It isn’t really the words that the intuitive body-consciousness hears, but the imagery and the emotional vibration that we project, when we say something. When we speak, we are sending a picture at the same time. This picture is what is being received by the biofield of the other person.

Thoughts and feelings carry images that are sent and received between us constantly. Muscle testing, instead of looking so strange and unusual, then becomes a perfectly natural way to identify a basic form of communication that crosses language barriers and species barriers, and deepens mutual understanding.

When your body-consciousness sees an image but you hear words that don’t match the image, the dissonance weakens your biofield. That slight sensation can serve as an intuitive warning that this person is lying. Your muscles invariably weaken when you are being lied to. If someone tells you something that isn’t true, but he doesn’t realize that it isn’t true, it won’t weaken you—only when he knows it, and does it purposely.