Let’s say that your body does really talk.

How will you know what it is saying?

Your body is already telling you what it is doing, and can even ask for what it wants, but to know what it is saying you need a translator. Balancing Center practitioners can translate this vibrational language, so that you can tune in to your body’s incredible resource of knowledge, your body-consciousness.

Often your body-consciousness will confirm something you had already guessed, but weren’t quite sure about. Sometimes it will offer a new way to look at a puzzling question, by revealing an unexpected solution that you didn’t realize you already knew.

When you invite your body to share its thoughts, it will open the door to intuitive resources that can identify your nutritional needs, locate a hidden allergy, or pin-point the reason behind physical or emotional discomfort. Beyond that, it can guide you toward resolution.

The process of resolution might take you to an earlier time in your life, or perhaps to a past life that resonates with your current situation. It might require the release of a connection with another person whose discomfort you may have taken on.