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These articles have been written in response to our clinical experiences over many years at the Balancing Center. Our comments and discoveries are not presented as the result of scientific research, since we do not perform double-blind cross-over controlled studies with placebos, single-nutrient deprivation, or animal experiments. However, we have come across some useful discoveries that we have verified, over time, on an individual basis in our clinical practice.
Every now and then we will present a new article describing something we have observed that may be of interest to health practitioners, researchers in nutritional biochemistry, and people with health questions who are searching for non-medical health information.

The Autoimmune Process as a Microorganism

Working in collaboration with medical people, we have found that some clients who have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Hashimoto’s, multiple sclerosis, and Crohn’s, currently thought to be due to autoimmune reactions, often respond well to herbal formulations that are intended to address parasitic intrusions.

In the cases of rheumatoid that we have seen, our hypothesis is that nano-parasites, usually mycoplasma, are creating colonies in the synovial fluids. They are microscopic, eat the cartilage material, and they invoke an immune response that gives off fluids causing swelling, and are very irritating to the joint linings. In time, the body attempts to repair the damaged cartilage by adding extra cartilage matrix material, and this gradually deforms the joint. If the new cartilage material contains a calcium attractor, the joint will calcify incorrectly.

This describes the usual pattern of inflammation that occurs when there is a mycoplasmic infection. These miniature creatures sequester themselves within a biofilm, and are not accessible to capture by the immune system. The remedies that work best are those that can reveal the microorganisms openly, perhaps to lift off the blanket of the biofilm, so that the immune scouts can reach them. Then the natural process of the body’s immune response will be able to eliminate them.

The “Autoimmune” process is different. The immune system has been designed to recognize the cellular signature of the body it protects. It will attack every cell it finds that is not marked with the right signature. When the mycoplasma draws your own protective cellular markers around itself, it exposes your cells to the immune scouts, without the self-markers that were intended to protect it. Then the immune system attacks the unmarked cells—which happened to be your cells—and even though it may feel like a self-attack, it is not. The immune system has only attacked the ones that were shown as non-self, i.e. unmarked.

The immune system is doing its job. It eliminates all unmarked cells.These are non-self, and perceived as foreign and invasive. That is how it was designed to protect you. Mycoplasma is the instigator of this attack, not your immune system. It is also true that most of the time the mycoplasma doesn’t do this, usually all it does is to cause inflammation. The medical people don’t ordinarily associate inflammation with any sort of little organism, they tend to think of “inflammation” as though it were a sneaky disease that in itself actually causes various dysfunctions. If you know where to look, you can usually figure out what is causing the inflammation.

Sometimes there is an allergic basis like a histamine flair of hives, rashes or nasal congestion. Sometimes inflammation is caused by protein particles that have escaped from the small intestine and are being attacked by the killer cells because they are unmarked proteins, and identified as invaders. Leaky gut can cause general inflammation all over the body, pain and swelling here and there. It can be initiated by toxins, fungus infections, food allergy that irritates the gut lining, or by various kinds of pathogens. These sources of inflammation are not related to mycoplasma.

Typically with rheumatoid, the tiny micoplasmic parasites that cause joint inflammation start unobtrusively in one or two joints, creating fluid, stiffness and pain. The symptoms subside for a while, only to show up in other places. This cyclic behavior strongly suggests the action of parasite colonies. Swelling and discomfort increase and diminish as the colonies rise and fall. When the immune system confronts them, the surrounding tissue becomes inflamed and swollen, but the inflammation subsides when the parasite colony becomes temporarily inactivated, only to show up in another more vulnerable area.

When the action of the immune system is chemically inhibited, as it is in presence of steroid medication, the swelling is reduced and the client is thankful for the welcome relief. Unfortunately this is not a healing. The inhibition of the immune protection enables the parasite to proliferate and spread to new sites.

A clue that validates the parasite hypothesis is that very often black walnut hulls and artemesia, or perhaps cordyceps and other mushroom remedies, cause the pain and swelling to calm down fairly quickly. If it is caught at an early stage before significant deformities have been established, the joints are able to resume flexibility and strength within a matter of six to eight weeks, so the herbs would no longer be required. Joint pain can also be caused by quite a different organism, not a mycoplasma but a spirochete, and you would then need to inquire about remedies to address Lyme disease. That would take you down another path of inquiry.

Illnesses designated as autoimmune, other than Rheumatoid Arthiritis, show up in diverse areas of the body. Lest the wide diversity of locations puzzle you, when these little characters circulate in the bloodstream they are drawn into any part of the body that is showing a low biofield. Low bioenergy areas feel safe to them. High vibrant energy repels them. We all breathe in many kinds of toxic pathogens, they come from Chemtrails, and the way to prevent them from taking hold is to keep your biofield full and healthy, and all your chakras lit up. In that case they cannot touch you.

Hashimoto’s, considered to be an autoimmune effect within the thyroid, is suggested when there is a deficiency of thyroxin. We see this often. After removing the fluoride, (the most common reason for hypo-thyroid,) next we might observe that the body is not making enough tyrosine,(it needs folic and B6 to do that,) or perhaps there is a shortage of iodine so that thyroxin cannot be sythesized sufficiently. If that isn’t the answer, we check for mycoplasma. Often this is the culprit behind hypo-thyroid. If it is, it can be addressed with appropriate medicinal mushrooms, and our expectation is that gradually the immune system’s protective action should subside.

In other instances we find that there may be a different variety of mycoplama involved that might need a different remedy. These little parasites erode not only the myelin sheath material, but this variety also can invade the structure of the sustantia nigra. Another kind can show up as a significant irritant in the ileum, causing difficult pain and injury to the ileum lining that prevents the entry of many minerals and nutrients.

These nano-parasites are famous for invading the deepest fibers of the muscle tissue, the myosin and actin fibers. I don’t know if fibromyalgia is considered autoimmune, but inflammation in the muscles can be pretty intense. Mycoplasma tends to release acidity during its life process, so this generates pain, and when the client exercises, the pain becomes much worse because the lactic acid from exercise adds to the acidity. One of the ways to identify fibromyalgia is to ask whether exercise makes the pain worse. And of course the way to define it would be to test for mycoplasmic remedies. If the body-consciousness responds with enthusiasm, that means that it has identified a matching frequency, and the body’s own healing ability can take it from there.

Warnings Given about the Autoimmune Process

Western medicine has not identified any common source behind the illnesses that have been designated as autoimmune. These illnesses are thought to be unrelated afflictions of unknown etiology, and are assumed to be permanent. The pain is relieved by painkillers and steroid medications, and the patients are usually warned that while their disease can be managed, it can never be cured.

This warning comes from honest concern. The doctors are telling the truth, since that is their clinical experience. The medications are seductive because they dramatically relieve the pain and debilitating symptoms.

These illnesses, however, are expected to follow a predictable pattern of deterioration and disability. Sometimes the patient is advised not to seek alternative help, on the assumption that anyone who tells her they can help must be lying, since it is medically known to be incurable. They may advise her not to get her hopes up, that would only deepen her despair. She needs to face the truth, be realistic, not gullible, and not fall into the hands of “quacks” who will just string her along with false promises. (However, even though the purest organic Snake Oil is medically “unproven,” that is not a proof that it is ineffective. Essential oil of snake might be just the right thing!)

Exploring Options

While we don’t recommend settling for limitations in order to avoid disappointment, many people feel safer and better cared for when they make that choice. If they come to the Balancing Center with that view, we honor their choice, and we address other issues that they prefer to work with.

However it is true that our preference is for any person with any illness to consider herself as a client who can take charge and make choices, rather than as a patient who accepts authority without asking questions. We like to have our clients question us. Then we know we are exploring together, to resolve a challenge that may take us to an unexpected but interesting conclusion.

When a client is in a position to make inquiries, she can figure out who the “quacks” are, and select a healing modality that she resonates with. Then she can decide to address her illness in terms of process, rather than focusing entirely on symptom relief.

Non-medical healing methods can sometimes suggest ways to restore the bioenergy field to a more favorable pattern. The self-empowered client might decide to explore those possibilities, even though they are not congruent with the conventional medical model. A process-oriented physician would encourage that inquiry, and would be interested in following up, perhaps even to collaborate cautiously with the modality the client has chosen to combine with her medical treatment.

There may be contributing emotional issues that need to be resolved before the healing can be completed. If so, the alternative practitioner is usually equipped to identify these factors, and help the client to release them.

It might certainly be true that there is no emotionally charged reason for the illness in question, so just as the health explorer needs to question the medical model, she also needs to question the alternative health practitioner who believes that every illness, by definition, has an emotional basis. She might also question the nutritional practitioner who believes that every illness can be resolved by simply making nutritional changes, and prescribes a diet. That is a very good start, but other factors may also be contributing.

Of course nutrition plays a significant role. Pure water, organic food, and an appropriate balance among fats, vegetables and proteins is essential, but a diet might not be a complete answer for that client’s specific health challenge.

These are over-simplified views held by some non-medical practitioners, and can lead to limited and misleading guidance. Toxins, parasites, and non-physical energetic intrusions by other people, or by invasive discarnate spirit beings, can create illness that have no other significant emotional or nutritional basis.

On the other hand, debilitating allergy responses can interfere with essential amino acid cascades, and contribute to nutrient uptake blockages, leading to subtle nutrient depletion and susceptability. Usually we find that most illness is a complex combination of many factors. We need to explore all of these possibilities, and orchestrate the solution in a way that addresses each client’s process individually.

Not all Joint Pain is Due to Mycoplasma

Rheumatoid Arthritis is not the only reason your client may be complaining of joint pain, and many forms of joint pain are not considered to be autoimmune. Among the other microscopic parasites, Lyme disease is the  most famous but most secretive spirochete, and this is a particularly difficult one. It can cause many diverse symptoms, intense fatigue, muscle weakness, and mental confusion. Joint pain is often a big part of it.

There are excellent remedies for Lyme disease that are not part of the repertoire of the medical people, who rely on long-term antibiotic treatment, on the theory that Lyme is a bacteria. Our hypothesis is that Lyme is more like a parasite, not quite like a bacteria, and that may be why antibiotics are less effective than remedies that have been specifically designed to eliminate it.

You will find that various kinds of these small pathogens require different remedies. When you, as a practitioner, become more experienced with these microorganisms, you will be able to identify Erlichia, Babesia, Bartonella, fungus, mold, and many others by the compounds or tinctures that resonate with the client’s biofield selection, but there is no need to identify them specifically. All the clients need from you is your concerned encouragement, and the vibrational substances that their biofield has chosen to help them heal themselves.

Other spirochetes that are not Lyme can also be present. For a verifiable physical diagnosis you need to suggest that your client request a test by a physician who is familiar with Lyme, and knows how to test for it.  From your perspective, you would just ask your client’s body-consciousness to select the appropriate remedies from the choices you can show it.

When testing for remedies be sure you hold the sample high off the body. In that way you can contact the client’s biofield for the answer, and avoid the consciousness of the parasite, who will answer very differently when you hold the remedy within its range.

As you speak of this process, be sure that you remind your client that this entire inquiry is totally vibrational. Because of the etheric separation from the physical body, it cannot be thought of as a physical diagnosis, nor can the vibration of the selected remedy be considered a “treatment” or a “cure.” You have simply located a matching frequency.

And, you need to also keep in mind that you have no idea whether your client’s selection will work. You need to follow up later to find out whether it did, or whether it didn’t. And even if the problem is resolved, this is delightful, but you can’t be completely sure that this matching frequency is what kindled that resolution. Your client might have resolved it by visualization or meditation, or perhaps by another method entirely.

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None of the statements in this commentary have been reviewed or approved by the FDA nor by any recognized scientific forum for evaluation, and none of the statements in this commentary are intended to diagnose, or offer treatment for any disease. If you have a health problem, see your doctor.

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