Stirwands for Water Enhancement

from Quantum Age Water

David Schneider and his team are activating the consciousness of water with an amazing little tool, the Stirwand. When the wand is stirred in water, the water becomes charged with a conscious vibration. Then, when you drink the water, that information is transmitted to your body, and empowers the life force within your cells and tissues so that they can receive nutrients more efficiently, and are more able to release toxins.


David Schneider

Water is conscious, and it responds to your intention. If you talk to it, or send feelings to it, it has the capacity to reflect the message back to you, and reinforce the feelings you have sent. Because of this, water can become a resource not only for holding the good feelings you have, it can help you to heal emotional wounds.

Activated water opens up the flow of blocked meridians. By doing this, it invites the body to correct enzymes or hormones that may have become altered by emotional stress or toxic exposures. Physical changes come about in response to the vibrational directives from the bioenergy field. The biofield is the first to respond to an emotional event, and this response is transferred from the biofield to the limbic brain. From there it goes to the pituitary, and the signal is transmitted as an emotional message to the cells and systems of the body.

Events that are interesting and enjoyable open up warm feelings, kindle creativity and a sense of connection. On the other hand, if an event occurs that is emotionally difficult, the body’s energy field either withdraws, or prepares to defend itself. When the biofield contracts in withdrawal, protective impulses are aroused, and the natural flow of the field shifts significantly. In the area of the body that is harboring the stress, cellular action will begin to function in an unfavorable way.

No matter what happens, the body-consciousness never forgets the ideal frequency that it would prefer. Since the life-force automatically carries a self-corrective intention, it follows that introducing a harmonious frequency could rebalance the biofield, and coax the physical body back to its original pattern.

The beauty of the Stirwand water is that it can help the biofield to resonate with its original frequency. It transmits information to the limbic brain, so that the body can resonate with the vibration of meridian balance and harmony.


If water has been depleted or made toxic, introducing a vibrational tool that carries this high-frequency matrix creates a change among the water molecules. When a Stirwand is held in the water, the disrupted consciousness within the water returns to a favorable focus.

Because of that focus, when you drink water that has been stirred, the cells within your body become more alert. Stressed cells begin to make clearer choices about hydration, oxygenation, and make more precise distinctions between nutrients and toxins.

When illness or emotional stress confuse this selection process, the Stirwand can bring vibrational clarification to the fluids that act upon cellular membranes, and often it brings about favorable physical changes.

Since the body has a very high percentage of water, the Stirwand can affect it with direct physical contact. Holding a wand on a mosquito bite can make the swelling and itching disappear very quickly. This has not been substantiated by scientific testing, but many people have observed that their wand has, in some instances, initiated a self-healing process.

Although we don’t have clinical studies to back this up, people have told us of remarkable effects as a result of placing the Stirwand directly upon an area that was showing some physical distress. When any part of the body is holding a low biofield, the Stirwand is able to hydrate and oxygenate that area, creating an internal vibration that allows the body to produce a favorable change. Drinking water charged with the Stirwand continues to support this process of change.

If you put a couple of wands into your washing machine, you won’t need as much soap. The clothes become cleaner than you ever expected, and they don’t cling, so that you won’t be tempted to use neuro-toxic fabric softeners.

The Stirwand also activates the growth and sustains the beauty of your plants, and will maintains your pets in optimal health, given an organic species-appropriate diet and loving connections within the family.

If you have a fish tank, your fish will appreciate it, since it will keep their water clear, clean, and well-oxygenated.

The Stirwand is an extraordinary resource, powered by potentiated volcanic minerals that interact vibrationally with water.

To see the results of the clinical trials for the Stirwand, and to order a few for yourself and your friends, go to the website,