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These articles have been written in response to our clinical experiences over many years at the Balancing Center. Our comments and discoveries are not presented as the result of scientific research, since we do not perform double-blind cross-over controlled studies with placebos, single-nutrient deprivation, or animal experiments. However, we have come across some useful discoveries that we have verified, over time, on an individual basis in our clinical practice.
Every now and then we will present a new article describing something we have observed that may be of interest to health practitioners, researchers in nutritional biochemistry, and people with health questions who are searching for non-medical health information.

Spirit-Beings and Uninvited Entities that need a Gentle Exorcism

When there is an Internal Disconnection

Have you ever heard anyone tell you “I’m beside myself!” Very possibly they were. This comment can be quite literal. Without realizing it, a significant part of their biofield has lifted out of its physical container and is hovering eight or ten inches away from their visible body. They feel disoriented, strangely disconnected from their usual sense of themselves.

Often this is due to fear, or it might be intense grief or anger that feels overwhelming. This might also be due to having split back to another age, they are 40 now but were triggered to remember being 6 years old, and they suddenly tune in to a time when there was something difficult happening. It split them out, but now are ready to remember it, and process it. We pull in the separated biofield, release the trauma that it is holding, and then guide it back to join the current biofield of the client.

Sometimes new clients do that when they first come to us, for fear they might discover something they don’t want to know. We tell them that their body-consciousness will never reveal anything that it thinks the client doesn’t want to tell, or doesn’t want to know.

We work only with what the body is comfortable presenting. If there is a secret, we quietly release the charge by tracing the meridian that is holding the information. We respect it, we never pry, or ask leading questions. After that, the client can trust the process, and the biofield slips back into the body so that we can proceed.

When there is an External Intrusion

Another thing you sometimes hear people say is “I don’t feel quite like myself.”  This also can be literally true. Maybe they are really not themselves! Another energy field may have entered into their biofield, and is sending signals that feel unfamiliar.

As you will gather from the following descriptions, spirit-beings are abundant and they are commonplace for us at the Balancing Center. Even though we rarely see them, we sense them, muscle test them, and communicate with them to some extent.

In our culture, our consensus reality does not accept them. Those who see them and converse with them are usually considered to be seriously deluded. But in most other cultures around the world, people are very familiar with spirit-beings, and they are accepted casually as a normal part of every day life.

On the other hand, it is quite OK for us to talk about guardian angels, or spirit-guides. They seem to be safe to acknowledge. These are our protectors and intuitive advisors. We don’t talk about them much, at the Balancing Center, because they never enter into the aura, and never touch a meridian or a chakra unless they are invited. They always respect the biofield boundaries. Before they will make a comment, or give any hints, they need to hear us specifically request it.

The ones we need to work with, to clarify the information we are getting with our muscle tests, are the ones who don’t have those boundaries. They often answer our questions instead of our clients, so we can’t tell who is answering. For us to get accurate answers, the client has to be fully present, show her correct age, and be alone in her field. Then we know what is happening.
As you can see from the following descriptions, it seems to be true that these unseen beings are conscious, and they are everywhere. As you become more familiar with the concept of energy fields and communication with the body-consciousness, you will begin to recognize that they do play a significant role. Unless we can identify them and release them, our answers will be misleading.

 1. I’m listing various kinds of intrusions, here, and will can start with the most common one that we see repeatedly. Probably a third of the people who come in have something like this in their biofield. The client is unaware of it, but the body-consciousness reports that there is an extra energy field that isn’t supposed to be there. It’s not in the physical body, it is just hovering in aura, but unless we sweep it off, it is likely to answer for the client when we ask our questions.

Ordinarily these are energy fields that have drifted in without any specific intention. It could be a wandering spirit-being who doesn’t even know the client, and they are not relevant. We don’t have to do anything more than to slip them out of the client’s aura. We’re just clearing the way for testing accuracy,  and no discussion is necessary.

2. Sometimes an intruder is a person who has recently died, but doesn’t believe that he died because he is still conscious of himself, and is aware of what’s going on. He had no idea he would be conscious after dying, and is puzzled that he doesn’t have his body any more. This is one we need to talk to.

He is an energy field, is totally ungrounded and non-physical, and doesn’t have any way to interpret that sensation. He thinks that to be “real” he has to have a body, but he can’t find his body, so to feel safe he enters the body of another person, even though he knows it isn’t his own. Let’s say he has entered the biofield of a receptive female person, and has a difficult time figuring out how to navigate the differences that come up. He tries to figure out what this other body is feeling, and what it wants, he has no idea how to respond to her family, or to the things that she is doing.

He adds his own memory of what he used to enjoy and used to do, and is able to nudge her into participating in that, but it doesn’t feel quite right to her, so she begins to wonder what’s the matter with her, and they are both pretty confused.

It’s hard to imagine what kind of nightmare this would be. Sometimes the intruder might act out, and make his attached person do something that was harmful, or strangely out of character. She will say “Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that, I don’t know what got into me!” Well, somebody did get into her.

Once we discover that a discarnate entity has captured our client, we ask him to lift out of her field and talk to us. Sometimes he is afraid, because he thinks he has to anchor himself in her biofield in order to be safe. If he believes that there is no afterlife, then if he lets go, he would be annihilated.  We promise him that he will be safe, still conscious after he leaves her. Then he lets us lift him out, and we talk.

We explain that when people die they are still conscious and self-aware, and they can enjoy the freedom of being an energy field that can float, see in all directions at once, project to other times in history, play with future possibilities, visit old friends, and participate in their own funeral services. We lift off the fear that this one is holding, try to find out how he died, and release any trauma associated with that. Then we tell him that there is another frequency where other discarnate people are, and if he is ready to go, we guide him through the veil from here to the other side. We tell him that he can return as a spirit-being and visit whenever he choses to.

Now we go back to the client, and try to figure out the resonance that drew him in. It could be her anger, sympathy, sadness, or fear. After addressing that, and resolving her vulnerability, we close the portal within her that allowed it.

Spirit-beings are more likely to gain access when people drink alcohol, (that’s why some people change dramatically when they drink,) or do drugs, even some pharmaceutical drugs. Anesthesia can open up the aura, and these entities often enter during a hospital visit, since people die there, get afraid and confused without their bodies, and jump into any receptive visitor. And, they can certainly come in without any of those reasons.

3. The energy field of someone who knew our client before he died can come in, and is simply in the aura, without entering into her physical process. He might just have come to be protective and caring, or maybe he has information for her, and is offering an opinion or warning that is something she may find useful. We try to find out what he wants, and pick up clues if we can, explaining that when he visits he must stay a little farther away, just outside her field, relying on her intuition to pick up his messages. If he could give her a little more space, he wouldn’t interfere with her meridians, which could eventually affect her health.

4. There are times when a parent, or a child, or close friend has died, and the client is still uneasy about something unfinished around that relationship. We ask our client if it’s OK to call him in. If she agrees, then we invite him to come in.

The discarnate person sometimes shows up with a rush of tingling energy, and we tell the client that he is here, so she can talk to him. This is usually a poignant and tearful conversation, and they arrive at some kind of conclusion that releases her anxiety, and gives them both an affirming closure.

5. Another invader could be an unfriendly physical person, not discarnate, but is in her field and has something negative to say, or perhaps wants to control her, or limit her. When we find out who that might be, (family, relative, neighbor, friend, or colleague) she guesses at who it is, and together we identify him.

We talk about the issues this brings up, the past situations, his intentions and her responses, etc. The situation can go anywhere. We work with that relationship in a way that gives our client a new way to look at it, and perhaps more useful ways to respond, or let go by changing a belief, and unhooking chakra cords.

6. Sometimes a visitor comes in from another planet, and is likely to get into the physical body, inspecting and observing, as though he were an anthropologist checking out the human process, and taking notes. This is usually uncomfortable for the client, because the frequency of his field is vibrationally so different from hers.

We ask him to lift off, but often he won’t want to leave. We talk to him, explaining that this is too difficult for her, he needs to wind up his research now, he already has enough data to write his report after he gets home. He usually is complimented to know that we understand and respect his project.  Even if it wasn’t about a “project,” he still likes being talked to with respect.

Once we release him from her biofield, we ask him if he knows how to get home. If not, we advise him to invite a couple of his friends from his planet to come down and pick him up. They do, and he leaves with them.

7. We worked once with a horse who had an off-planet entity, but the owner had no idea what was wrong with him. He was skittish, afraid of too much light and loud sounds, they had to shade his eyes and protect his ears, and he was having epileptic seizures. It seemed clear to us that some strange energy he was holding must be incompatible, and his sensitivity to light and noise suggested that he had someone in his field from another planet that was quiet and had relatively dim lighting.

After lifting out this off-planet being and sending it home, the horse settled down in a few days, became friendly and relaxed, and now the owner is able to ride him in total confidence.

8. A complicated possession showed up one time. The intruder was hostile, and was creating symptoms of physical dysfunction for our client, and causing high anxiety that had no apparent cause. He was unable to leave because he had been sent by someone else, and he felt obligated to obey. It turned out that our client had met an unscrupulous shaman on her journey in South America. He had attempted to seduce her and she refused, so he decided to attack her psychically. He didn’t dare do this himself, he sent one of his discarnate captives to do it for him.

What we did was to release the captive from the shaman, freeing him from that bondage. Then he could let go of the shaman, he could leave our client in peace, and make his own choices for himself within the etheric realms where he wanted to be.

After that, we sent strong pictures to the shaman by chanting and drumming, (which we had never done before, nor since, in this practice,) and this action completely disempowered him. We just invented the chants and drum rhythms, who knows where they came from. We were amazed at ourselves! With the BBC, the shaman met his match! Best of all, the client’s symptoms cleared up quite quickly.

9. Sorcery is very rare but it does happen. As a practitioner, you need to know that this can happen. One time a sorcerer appeared with one of our clients. He was very vicious when we spoke to him, had the intention to “put a spell” on our client, to injure and disable her.  As he was challenging us he actually captured my cat, and took her into the non-physical. The cat was just standing there, and suddenly vanished. I was outraged. I fiercely demanded that the cat be returned. He was startled, backed of, and said I’ll send her back, she’ll be outside the door. She showed up outside the door in a few minutes.

What we did next was to demand that he leave, and the client claimed her space by stating a very strong intention. With the Tibetan Phurba, we stroked his aura with left-turning circles until he vanished, and we threw the energy into the candle flame.


This is a phurba, pronounced “perba” for releasing hostile entities.

Spirit-beings can inhabit physical houses

Usually when spirit beings are in houses they don’t connect directly to the people who live there, but they can certainly influence them when they are in specific areas of the house.  Often these are the spirit beings of discarnate people who had at one time owned the property. They are probably not aware that they have died, but they have been watching strange-looking tools and devices come into the house that were not known when they had first been there. They saw the place being redecorated, and complete strangers are living there now, acting as though they owned the place.

They are very frustrated because they are incapable of speaking to the people who are in their house, and it is clear that they are invisible to these people. They must be in an endless nightmare of displacement, invisibility and isolation.  They try to make their presence known by flashing the lights, making noise by hitting objects together, moving objects around, and creating footfall sounds as though they were walking.  They are, in modern parlance, “haunting” the house.

This is disturbing energy for those who live in the house. There are sometimes moments when these “ghosts” are visible, especially to children, and certainly to the animals that live there. People who can’t see them often feel as though someone is looking over their shoulder, there is an eerie sense of someone there, but there’s nobody there. If they are in a child’s room this can disturb the child’s sleep, and cause fear of going to bed, and often parents discount the child’s apprehension, and ridicule her description of what she sees, if she sees them and describes them.

When the parents are aware that this can happen, they validate their child’s experience, and contact a practitioner who will go to the house and contact the spirit-beings. The practitioner will explain to these beings that they need to move on to the dimension of the discarnate people, they no longer own the house, and no longer need it.  As part of the negotiating process, the practitioner can help the spirit-beings by lifting off their fear and anger, and then show them how to reach their friends and family, and help them make the transition. This is usually all that needs to be done. If the beings are stubborn, they will need a vibrational eviction.

The phurba is a very effective for sending an intrusive biofield out of each room, and then asking the owners of the house to clap their hands and claim their space in every room as well. Sage and piñon smoke is excellent, ringing Tibetan bells is a good one. The practitioner will know what to suggest.

I heard of one quite different experience, from the father of a three year old. The child was screaming at night, and the Dad went in to see what was the matter. The child said there were three scary faces outside the window. (Second floor.) Dad saw them too, and he held the child as they watched these beings together. These were off-planet beings, and Dad talked to them, saying “Thank you for visiting, I think that you already know my little son, but he’s not ready to reconnect with you. Please wait until he is a teenager, and then return. You can converse with him when he is old enough to share your friendship.” They left, haven’t shown up since then, but very likely they will return some years from now, at the right time.

We can be at ease with spirit-beings and off-planet folks. Almost all of them are friendly and cooperative, and have interesting things to tell us.

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