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These articles have been written in response to our clinical experiences over many years at the Balancing Center. Our comments and discoveries are not presented as the result of scientific research, since we do not perform double-blind cross-over controlled studies with placebos, single-nutrient deprivation, or animal experiments. However, we have come across some useful discoveries that we have verified, over time, on an individual basis in our clinical practice.
Every now and then we will present a new article describing something we have observed that may be of interest to health practitioners, researchers in nutritional biochemistry, and people with health questions who are searching for non-medical health information.

Slipping Out of Current Time to Stay Safe

When you choose to journey into the highly charged imprinted events that are being held in your time-free zone, you can really go there. Visualize the moment, speak up to an adversary that once intimidated you, erase the old message, and write a new message. Time “bends” with you, so that you can put yourself right there, and confront it as of then.

When you do that, you alter the outcome. You no longer feel small and helpless. Your time-free zone takes that information to be literally true within that earlier time, it doesn’t think you just were fantasizing. It knows that you really got there. You have spiraled down into a back-flow of flexible time, and you have changed the impact of the past.

By doing this, you have lifted off the emotional charge that had been blocking your meridian flow and interfering with your physical/emotional process. This is the principle of Primal Scream therapy. Go deeply into the feeling content, visualize it fully, stay present with it, and change the outcome.

Screaming certainly does work, but we have found that ordinary verbal confrontation works too. In the process of engaging in this new dialogue, we also trace the meridians that are holding the charge, and this helps to draw it out of the limbic reservoir. Then the troubling memory retreats into an inconspicuous vibration.

Splitting Out

Not all of the imprinted frames of your emotional movie are available to your conscious memory. Your body-consciousness may have literally tossed that information out of the range of your memory retrieval system. That means that during a moment of high stress you performed a very skillful protective maneuver, initiated by the amygdala, known as “splitting out.”

This happens when the inhibiting modulators in the frontal lobe become incapable of offering sufficient protection. The vibration in the biofield that holds the trauma literally lifts out of the brain and into the auric field, beyond reach. If you split out under duress, the information is still maintained, but it has become dislocated. You may have deleted those frames from your cognitive process, but they are still out there, hovering at the outer edge of your auric field.

When we ask our clients their age, they tell their presenting current age, but sometimes the muscle-testing says no, the body-consciousness is showing a vibrational field that occurred at another time. It has flagged an earlier age in order to reveal the emotional charge on a past event that is being perceived as concurrent with the present, and still relevant to the present.

Knowing this, and working it through, could allow the healing of a physical wound, or change the etiology of an illness at the source, clear up an allergy, or contribute toward harmony and clarity within a difficult relationship. It could release out-dated fear and irritability that surely must appear irrational in the current context, but once you can find out when that started and why it happened, it makes sense. Bringing dislocated time-frames into focus can be a tremendous force for healing.

What Happens if you Split to a Different Age

To give an example of how this is played out in every day life, let’s say someone on your team at work comes up and proudly tells you she has saved you trouble, she has already sent out the part of the project she had been working on. You understood that the final approval should have been your decision. You go ballistic. You have split to seven years old. Mom never lets me decide anything for myself, I can never take charge of anything on my own. She doesn’t understand why I get so mad.

Your overreaction triggers your co-worker to split to eleven. Dad always blows up when I do something without his permission, and when he yells like that I get really scared.

She’s responding to you as a frightened eleven year old, and you are responding to her as an angry seven year old. You can see how this conversation is going to go. It will be hard to figure out how to resolve it.

Splits Protect you from Feeling the Impact of a Trauma

Whenever there is a trauma, or an accident or an event that produces a shock, part of the biofield accelerates to a rapid frequency. The high-frequency field lifts away from the rest of the presenting self, protecting it from the full impact of the terror, or the grief, or fury. When the high-speed biofield splits out, the rest of the conscious self can continue to function effectively.

This is why you can act with superb clarity and perfect presence of mind in an extreme emergency, make clear decisions, take charge, and take care of the wounded without being overwhelmed or immobilized. (If you hadn’t split out, you might have freaked out, and might not have been able be in the least bit helpful.)

But later, if the split comes back, you might start to feel shaky as you get in touch with the intensity of the moment. If your reactions become locked into the amygdala as helpless, and if they remain unprocessed, they will be held indefinitely in the time-free zone. The experience becomes the basis for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

Whenever part of your field splits away from your conscious self, the split becomes a bubble of consciousness that now you will continue to hold outside yourself. The split freezes in time. It is the same age that it was when it catapulted away from you, and has no knowledge of anything that happened after that moment. It is still a conscious part of you, but no longer accessible to your memory retrieval.

Bringing a Split Back to the Presenting Self

When a client indicates that there is a significant split outside his auric field, we step a little bit away from the client to find it, and then we talk to it. When we muscle-test it, it answers. We can lift out the anger, fear and grief that it is holding by just running our hands very slowly through it. The split consciousness can release these intense feelings into our hands.

When it tells us that it isn’t afraid or angry or sad any more, that means that it has dropped its high-speed frequency, and is ready to match the frequency of your vibrational signature. We gently draw the split back into the chakra of your choice, and invite it to spread throughout your biofield, and be reabsorbed into your presenting self.

The integration of your split-off fields often makes you feel more alive, more stable, and less fearful. Traumatized fields that have been separated in this way can come back to you as nightmares. They can intrude upon you as strangely fearful responses, or flashes of rage and grief that surface in current time, intensifying an event that would otherwise have appeared to be quite minor.

Splits are usually held safely away from you. It is their job to do that. But if something resonates, they can come bounding back into your current biofield. You will feel their emotional impact, and respond accordingly, without realizing why. “What got into me?” is the question you would ask yourself, after an inappropriate outburst of rage, or an uncharacteristic moment of helpless compliance. (Those effects could also be produced by the attachment of an intrusive spirit being. In that case you would have to ask someone to do a gentle exorcism.)

Splits are Created as Healthy Protective Strategies

It doesn’t mean you are a “split personality ” when you have splits. It is a normal protective device that everyone uses. We have the right to protect ourselves in whatever creative way we can think of. Splits are a healthy part of our defense system. The only trouble with them, or any of the other defenses that we have contrived, is that after the trauma is over, the defense structure is maintained concurrent with present time, long past the time of the event.

The splits are caught in non-linear time. They believe that whatever happened at that time is still happening. They are like snap-shots in the time-free zone while the rest of you went forward in linear time, within the usual physical plane format.

During a life-threatening accident, many splits can fly off the body, carrying your awareness of the trauma as far away from you as they can. If the accident is a collision, they nearly always split off right before the moment of impact, so that you would not be fully aware of the crash itself. Some of these terrified fragments of your consciousness that are still hovering out there may believe that you died, and that they are “dead.” They split off before the rescue people came, and had no idea that you recovered and resumed your life.

When you talk to the splits that assumed this, they are astonished to hear you talk to them, and amazed to find out that after twenty years or so, their terror can be released. When they approach the vibration of the presenting self, they are able to see their own body visually, and they say I am really still alive? and now I am what? 53 years old? As they come back, they will be delighted to know how old you are, and will joyfully move back into the up-dated biofield.

We would trace the accident and check for splits at each stage of the action. Maybe the other car held an injured person. The police came, the ambulance came, careening through town on full sirens to the hospital, then in the E.R., doctors made comments, the family came, etc.etc. We follow the whole thing frame by frame, and bring back every split that is ready to return. Some may prefer to wait and come back later. The return of the splits will give speedier healing after an injury.

When Parts of the Body Stay Frozen in Non-Linear Time

Just as your entire body can split off, certain parts of your body can split out separately, holding the physical tissues captive in the time-frame that resonates with the trauma. This is often why a wound does not heal as expected, it might have some left over sensation, muscle tension, or unaccountable sensitivity. You are one age, and the injured part is another.

The way we can update a leg, or a hand, or an ear, is to surround the auric field with our hands and invite the body to let its fear come up into our hands, and then we sweep it off. When the fear is gone, we reach up into the air and slowly coax the current-age biofield to return to the tissues, coming closer and closer to the area until we finally touch it reassuringly. Generally updating is an easy maneuver, and just takes a few minutes.

Very often after laser surgery for vision corrections, the eyes remain fixed in the moment of the operation, and the lachrymal ducts continue to remain tight, so the person needs to use eye-moistening drops to be comfortable. This happens if the eyes are stuck in time, still believing that they must express their fear by tightening up. As soon as the eyes can be up-dated and return to current time, in our experience we have found that they will be able to lubricate themselves.

A client of mine had a serious motor cycle accident, and sustained an open non-healing bone wound that caused him unbelievable pain, and went through many ill-advised treatments that were even more harrowing than the accident had been. His body was 42, but his leg was still 34. After updating the injured leg, caught in the time-frame of eight years ago, the wound healed in about two weeks. As the pain subsided, he was gradually able to let go of the pain killers and the alcohol that had been giving him relief.

Hands that have been slapped, or whipped with a ruler, often carry an outdated biofield. The client may be 45, but her hands are 8 years old. As we touch above her wrists and ask the body-consciousness to give the age, it will say that that part of the arm is 45, but right below is the eight-year old part of the arm. Her hands might look thin, and her nails might be flimsy and not grow strong, or there might be stiffness in her fingers.

It’s very easy to lift off the fear. We slowly slide along each hand, slip off the ends of the fingers and scoop up the fear as though it were a handful, and toss it into the candle flame. Then we gently draw in the current-age biofield to reconnect it, and update the tissues, and check to make sure that the meridians are all in place.

This may give you some ideas about possible effects that traumatic injuries can have on the physical body. In working with this aspect of trauma, most remarkable healing can take place simply by the updating of the dislocated time-frames, along with drawing fear out of the time-free zone.

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None of the statements in this commentary have been reviewed or approved by the FDA nor by any recognized scientific forum for evaluation, and none of the statements in this commentary are intended to diagnose, or offer treatment for any disease. If you have a health problem, see your doctor.

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