Six Books

Written and illustrated by Priscilla Kapel


Balancing your own Biofield

A few things you can do

For people who want to understand the concepts behind Bioenergy Balancing, this book will give them an overview. There is enough information available here to provide many of the basic skills involved in this work and it could tempt the reader to go into it more thoroughly. (Check “classes” under the yellow logo.) This book provides a strong basis for self-help, and a way to achieve accurate communication with the hidden resources of consciousness that can reveal internal information.

This is a paperback, 8.5 by 11


Six Books

Healing yourself

your family and your friends

This is a book for a person interested in healing who is not familiar with alternative options and would like to have some basic knowledge about the interaction between the physical body and the bioenergy field, the meridians, and the chakras. It covers a little physiology, and discusses areas of concern that are inconvenient and annoying, but are not thought of as medical issues.  Suggestions are made that differentiate between symptoms that can be handled by an alternative health practitioner and symptoms that need medical intervention.

This is a paperback, 5.5 by 8



Subtle Shape-Shifting

your body knows how to do it

Here is a discussion that is likely to be a stretch for some people, as it considers how the physical body engages non-physical frequencies to maintain its cellular communication system and its intuitive  perceptions. It explains some of the magical changes that occur within the body that reductive science is unable to interpret.  Some people have a hard time recognizing that an emotion can change a molecule, or that an intention can create a healing, but this may help to explain the connection.  This includes true stories describing strange events that occurred because of the unexpected interaction among alternative dimensions, time dislocation, and non-local events.

This is a paperback, 5.5 by 8


Six Books

Depression is a Shroud

around many wonderful people

This gives a fairly in-depth well-illustrated discussion of some of the biochemistry that is involved in a depressed state, a few natural resources to draw upon, and a few solutions that might be possible for a layperson to suggest to a friend. There are instructions for releasing allergies, ways that might help to regulate blood glucose, and how to safely encourage detoxification and identify the effects of significant nutrient deficiencies.

The nutritional values of various foods are discussed, along with brief suggestions for interesting recipes, and comments about cooking methods. This describes several upbeat ways to rewire depressive tendencies, nutritionally, biochemically, and emotionally.

This is a paperback, 5.5 by 8



Tools for Tuning In

meditations and visualizations

The first part of this discussion is about the emotional and psychic capabilities of stones and power objects, and how to use them to enhance a meditation practice.  The Ute Medicine wheel is presented as tool for manifestation, to work with personally and within the community. The second part describes Drum Circle ceremonies as one way to create powerful group visualizations. At the end is an exploration of spiritual issues and beliefs, and various ways to interpret our observations about reality in our immediate surroundings, as well as our perception of the larger picture.

This is a paperback, 5.5 by 8



To Receive or Not to Receive

that is the question

This book examines the choice to receive and utilize not only food, vitamins and minerals, but friendship, gifts, ideas, opportunities, and to interpret strange events with an expanding view, by awakening new areas of curiosity.

Prenatal impressions create our initial response to the reality that unfolds during the pre-verbal months, and these are reinforced or revised over the following years. Early threats form a layer of unidentified fear that lies behind self-limiting beliefs. It is also true that moments of unconditional acceptance—and self-acceptance—can change that, and invite a more flexible and receptive interpretation of life’s events.

This is a paperback, 5.5 by 8


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