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These articles have been written in response to our clinical experiences over many years at the Balancing Center. Our comments and discoveries are not presented as the result of scientific research, since we do not perform double-blind cross-over controlled studies with placebos, single-nutrient deprivation, or animal experiments. However, we have come across some useful discoveries that we have verified, over time, on an individual basis in our clinical practice.
Every now and then we will present a new article describing something we have observed that may be of interest to health practitioners, researchers in nutritional biochemistry, and people with health questions who are searching for non-medical health information.

Reclaiming Stolen Cellular Signatures

Autoimmune Disease: A Cellular Approach

Not all diseases designated as autoimmune are caused by parasites. The immunesystem, upon occasion, does appear to attack cells that belong to the body. We have observed this in cases of alopecia, thyroiditis, and some skin disorders. There are times when there may be a combination, and perhaps Crohn’s is one of them. The parasite remedies help but sometimes not completely. The rest of the puzzle could be regarded as an autoimmune-like process.

Contrary to current theory, we feel that the autoimmune process is not a situation where the immune system has mysteriously turned against the body, so the designation of diseases that fall into this category as “auto” immune is not quite precise. Our observation has been that the process identified as autoimmune occurs only when certain cells of the body have been divested of their “self”-markers.

Each person has a self-signature that is unique, different from anyone else, like a cellular fingerprint. Every cell and every tissue holds a specific marker that signals that it belongs to the body, and each individual’s immune system is familiar with the vibration of the self-marker of the organism it has been designed to protect. The NK cells and cytotoxic T-cells are constantly waiting in the wings, watching carefully, ready to zoom out and destroy every cell and every protein structure that doesn’t display the self-identifying mark. No killer cell would even dream of touching a cell that held the self-marker on it. The body’s self-differentiating marker is called the human leukocyte antigen, and it is generated by a signalling system known as the Major Histocompatibility Complex, the MHC.

If any cells belonging to the body are divested of their self-marker, then the immune system will perceive them as “non-self.” In response, quite naturally the normal protective defenses are roused. The brave defenders, the cytotoxic T-cells and the Natural Killer cells are attacking what they always attack—those foreign-looking cells that don’t belong—and this is their job. They aren’t engaging in a strange or hostile autoimmune response, they are just doing what they naturally do. What is abnormal is that the self-marker, the human leukocyte antigen, has been stripped away. Certain designated cells, once belonging to the body, have now been revealed as non-self. They have become targets. An inflammation process is invoked, engaging an immune response that is identical to any other viral or bacterial infection, or any other invasion by non-self organisms.

The next question to ask is this: why was the human leukocyte antigen torn away, and why were these specific cells targeted and put at risk? In the cases that we have observed, it is a two-stage process.The Major Histocompatibility Complex, at the first stage, seems to be partially compromised by a methylated form of the amino acid histidine.

Evidently a metabolic error can occur that causes histidine to become incorrectly attached to a methyl group, (CH3) so it turns into methylated histidine. This attachment is initiated by a heavy toxic exposure in combination with an emotional trauma. The trauma may have a direct impact upon the biofield in an area of the body that has become emotionally vulnerable, so the vibrational connection to the body’s biofield signature becomes a little tenuous. This effect does not produce a noticeable change, so the susceptibility of these cells can remain hidden for years.

A subsequent insult triggers the original cell damage to come to the surface. This is the second stage. At that point a symptom suddenly occurs, apparently striking “out of the blue.”

We have found that the triggering factor, in response to a biochemical/emotional trauma, involves another process, this time related to the amino acid valine. The second-stage event is the introduction of a valine utilization disorder. The disruption in the valine cascade appears when a metabolite of valine called isobutyryl-CoA becomes deflected, and the pathway cannot proceed to the next step, which should have been methylacrylyl-CoA.

Just as in the formation of methylhistidine, this metabolic error is usually induced by a heavy exposure to acetone or other solvents, agricultural spraying or related chemical exposures, in combination with trauma. In some cases it can be precipitated entirely by trauma. It seems probable that when the valine metabolite isobutyryl-CoA cannot proceed, it would be likely to build up to toxic concentrations.

It is our belief that the presence of an excessive accumulation of iosbutyryl-CoA literally tears off the human leukocyte antigen from specific cells that have been previously damaged. Now that they are exposed, they will come under immediate attack by the immune system. This is not “auto” immune. The immune system is protecting the body from what it perceives to be a foreign invasion.

When the fighters discover these exposed cells, they set up their usual defense posture. Matching memory cells are stored in the spleen and in lymph nodes, and these have the potential for duplicating millions more fighters, now programmed to attack the unmarked cells. In this way the immune response has, in fact, been recruited to attack the body’s tissues, but only those that have been divested of their natural protection.

To restore the self-markers to these vulnerable cells, methylhistidine needs to have its methyl group removed so that it can become histidine again. Histidine needs to be “demethylated.” This can be done fairly easily by detoxifying the toxic substance that initiated the change, and/or an emotional event or decision that contributed to the change. However, that shift by itself would not be enough to restore the self-marker. It simply would lay the groundwork for another shift. The second shift comes about with the resolution of the valine utilization disorder.

So far, we have found that isobutyryl-CoA can proceed to methylacrylyl-CoA if it receives selenium and methionine. Therefore when we offer these supplements to the body, presumably the sequence can move forward. In that event, the human leukocyte antigen either returns to the exposed cells, or what seems more likely, the new cells that arise to replace the damaged ones will all display self-protective markers, and are no longer at risk.

To summarize this: three things have to happen.
First you need to locate all the traumas that are related, and release them through the meridians.
Then you need to demethylate the histidine.
And last, you need to suggest selenium and methionine to coax the valine cascade to completion, thereby reducing the high accumulation of isobutyryl-CoA. We had another client who indicated that she required silica and methionine, so it appears that the mineral requests may vary. The enzymes that bring about the shift to methylacrylyl-CoA are evidently fairly complex.

Emotional Factors in the Autoimmune-like Process

We have traced what we perceive to be two major possibilities, parasites and amino acid utilization disorders, that can form the basis for what has been designated as the autoimmune process. Significant emotional aspects need to be explored, in addressing the etiology of these diverse difficulties. Unlike the issue of parasites, which usually does not have an emotional basis, unresolved traumas and out-dated beliefs and decisions can play a significant role in creating the amino acid utilization disorders.

The methylation of the histidine, and the blocking of isobutyryl-CoA happen in response to a combination of toxic exposures and damaging emotional experiences. Personal issues need to be sleuthed out, addressed, and processed on an individual basis. Out-dated time-frames need to be brought up to date, so that the body’s entire bioenergy field can register the same age as the presenting age of the client. Intrusions into the chakras by other people, as well as invasions by spirit-beings, all need to be released. The reasons for inviting or allowing such interference needs to be addressed, and resolved. Then the biofield can claim its rightful cellular clarity, and protect itself on its own terms, in harmony with the immune system.

We not only disagree that autoimmune-like illnesses are a permanent affliction, fated to become progressively worse, we also disagree with what seems like a flippant New Age psychological theory that by “creating” this immune reaction, the client is showing that she is “turning against herself ” and must therefore be manifesting deep hidden issues of self-hate. This assumption is a set-up. It produces exactly what these people have already decided she feels—self-doubt and self-blame.

Given that premise, the patient will probably be referred to a therapist who feels that resolving self-hate is a requirement for healing. In that case, the client is coached to search endlessly for hidden reasons for her self-hate. Often very understandable reasons for self-rejection do exist, and if so, it would be useful to trace these things and process them. This might change her physical symptoms, but not unless self-contempt is really the cause. On the other hand, maybe she doesn’t hate herself, and is told that she is “in denial” because otherwise why would she have an autoimmune disease? The New Age circular theory suggests that if only she were just “ready” or “willing” to face these issues, then she could get well, and her pain would go away.

A promise has been held out, and it is a promise that can’t be kept.

Implied here is that her illness is her fault. She could change the basis of her diagnosed autoimmune process if only she would admit the “truth” and confess. Sometimes it is ascribed to punishment for a past life crime that there is no reference for validating, but because of this she deserves her illness until she can become spiritually perfect and can “forgive.”

This theory seems pretty far-fetched, for many people. If it’s just a parasite, such a guilt-producing hassle is not even remotely relevant. Not by any punishing karmic cosmic forces has she come across a parasite! She is perfectly OK already. None of it is her fault in this or any other lifetime! All she needs is a parasite remedy.

For the conditions that allow the loss of MHC protection, the initiating situation of a toxic exposure might carry with it an unresolved emotional situation as well. On the other hand, these factors could have been experienced at quite different times, and the problem might not surface until the second contributing source had occurred. These would both have to be identified and resolved so that the amino acid utilization disorders could find their way back to the correct cascades. It would require detoxification as well as some careful emotional meridian releases, and the updating of old strategies and beliefs that are no longer useful.

Our experience suggests that the best way to approach it is to ask the body-consciousness to locate the age when the relevant events happened, and resolve the fear, anger, or grief that conspired to create the amino acid utilization disorder. Under skillful gentle guidance, the client can allow the amino acid cascade unfold in its own way. She can resolve her issues on her own terms, in her own time, with no guilt, and no promises intended.

We feel that it is essential to validate the client’s defense strategy as an appropriate solution for staying safe in a threatening situation. At a time when she was helpless, she was able to figure out how to protect herself, otherwise her emotional survival would have been at risk. When out-dated helpless feelings are recognized, reviewed, and processed with meridian releases, the hidden emotional charge dissipates. Then the protective devices are recognized as irrelevant, in current time. New awareness can bring these once uncomfortable emotional events into the time-frame where they can provide the tools for healthy forgiveness, and can kindle the motivation for making healthy changes.

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