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Jill is a certified Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner with a background in chemistry and conservation biology.  Her focus with clients is healing childhood trauma through supporting and reclaiming the nervous system as the first ally in wellbeing. She currently runs groups for new moms wanting to address old wounds so that they can be the best moms they can be. Jill is available by phone and in person for anyone addressing the physical, emotional, and mental patterns created in early adversity.

The beauty of Jill’s work is in her ability to move between cellular experience and whole body expression. Because our experiences are remembered at a cellular level chronic or acute stress, trauma and tensions are likely to inhibit whole body vitality and can therefore produce physical symptoms. In these cases vitality can be restored, and repairing the relationship with the innate wisdom of the body is
the key to doing that.



Judy Ann is a certified Bioenergy Balancing practitioner as well as a Craniosacral Therapist, and body worker. Her practice is in Mountain View, California. She combines balancing and aligning the body with bioenergetic techniques to release strain patterns in the tissues, bones, and organs.

She has an extensive background in Hawaiian and Peruvian Shamanism to assist with releasing deeply engrained emotional patterns.

Judy Ann also does space and home clearings to help release negative disruptive energies, to bring back balance and flow within the environment.


Elizabeth Williams

As a certified Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner,  Elizabeth Williams dedicates herself to offering clients, with symptoms ranging from the inconvenient to the acute, a forum for relief and for hope hat the body can find its way back to a balancced state of wellness.  Whatever the confounding unknown may be, Elizabeth employs her curiosity, integrity and empathy while guiding the client’s body through an exploration of and a conversation about the body’s specific needs, rather than what some test range, generic “norm” or percentile says the body should need.  Her goal is to help the client in the quest to gain information, to find an alternative, and to overturn every stone to get past “the what” that burdens the client and to help the body identify “the why.”  Elizabeth’s Bioenergy Balancing work was instigated by her son’s recovery from Small Bowel Crohn’s Disease and is motivated by a desire to provide each individual a body-customized, wellness alternative and a communication bridge between the medical world and health care alternatives.

The Bioenergy Balancing Center
1080 Minnesota Avenue, Suite 4B
San Jose, CA 95125


Renée Tennant is a certified Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner. She emphasizes the power of being in the Now, and skilllfully asists clients in choosing their current life without the veils of past conditioning. She comfortably addresses biochemical principles of the body with the assurance that the changes the body made, in moments of stress, are reversable. This allows allergies and long-standing conditions to be eliminated.

Renée helps to reveal the unspoken wisdom of the body, and gently, even playfully, leads her clients to reside in their most powerful Presence. She works with animals as well as humans and uses Perelandra Nature Healing processes to clear spaces.

Renée lives in Santa Cruz with her family and revels in the beauty of her surroundings. She is on staff at the Cedar Street Balancing Center, and has her own practice in the SantaCruz /Aptos area.

She combines her joy of living by the ocean and intuitive facilitation by offering Beach Walks. What if a walk by the ocean could change your life?

She also takes many clients via phone, or if nearby will travel to her client’s home



Sarah McCroskey is the Director of Bioenergy Balancing Center East Bay in the Richmond Hills of the San Francisco Bay Area. Emphasizing equally the bio-chemical and emotional underpinnings of health, Sarah works with clients committed to identifying and releasing chronic problems at their source.

Sarah engages her clients in a process of emotional discovery in a way that gives them a safe space. She radiates such acceptance and supportive concern that people respond by trusting her to lift off their out-dated emotional protections. Under her guidence they can move toward more vulnerabilty, and a new depth of self-acceptance. This allows her clients to manifest the healthy physical changes that they have chosen to receive. Sarah is available for phone appointments. Her phone work is as comprehensive and effective as her hands-on work.

Sarah is on staff at the Balancing Center on Cedar Street, and lives in El Cerrito with her husband Steve.  Their beautiful cat, Fatoush, has moved to her non-physical form, and works with Sarah vibrationally, from her new perspective. There is a newcomer, a tabby named Taz, and he’s already beginning to tune in.

510- 231-2425

Charlotte Gilchrist

Charlotte Gilchrist

Our bodies were designed to be owner operated! In case you have lost the manual, Charlotte’s goal is to help you find it, and help you read the directions. This involves looking at diet, supplements, emotional events, and environmental situations. What questions do you want to ask? Are your hormones balanced? Are your neurotransmitters accurate? Does your digestion need a tune-up? Maybe you need to replenish a deficient nutrient, release a toxin, or update an outdated belief, to get back to feeling good again!

As a Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner, Charlotte uses muscle testing to find out what’s behind some of your discomforts, and to help you to resolve the intricacies of self-conflicting feelings.

Charlotte also works with EPFX-SCIO, a computer process that utilizes bio-feedback to explore subtle energies that are affecting your health and well being, by asking your body what is stressing it, and then sending back the energy information you need to relieve the stress.

Sound balancing is a form of healing as old as the human voice. Charlotte has tuning forks, crystal bowls, brass bells, and sometimes uses her client’s own voice to activate self-healing.

She is highly skilled in formulating specific diets, and has created delightful recipes that are posted on her website.


Cell phone: 650-888-9463

Wendy Harrison

Wendy Harrison is a certified Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner who integrates her Ayurvedic credential (CAS) and Massage Certification (CMTHE) with her study of Rosen Emotional Bodywork and the Alexander Technique. Through the power of this combination, Wendy is able to help clients with postural and structural challenges resulting from physical, emotional, or nutritional factors.  By adding her muscle testing skills to her Ayurvedic knowledge, Wendy is able to enhance this ancient healing art with a modern approach.  On her website, Wendy has listed a few physical and emotional considerations that she has worked with successfully.

In addition, Ayurvedic Marma Point Therapy (MPT) is very successful in pain reduction of all kinds.  Clients often report having years of unexplained pain and discomfort their doctors are unable to alleviate or understand.  MPT is successful in addressing the root cause of pain that originates, sometimes years after surgery, an accident or unresolved emotional trauma.

Wendy’s office is located in Palo Alto, where she began her practice in 1992. She is on staff at the Balancing Center, an active member of the centers community, and a teacher in the Balancing Training Program.



Wayne Hoff

Wayne Hoff is a practitioner in the Monterey Bay area. He also has offices in San Francisco, San Ramon, and Stockton. He has been involved in alternative health care for almost 30 years. He uses kinesiology, dowsing, body communication, German New Medicine, and bodywork techniques, such as craniosacral therapy and Zero Balancing. He integrates these skills with Bioenergy Balancing creating a unique and harmonious system that gently and rapidly moves his clients to health.

Along with suggestions for nutritional supplements, Wayne creates personal flower essences and aromatherapy remedies, to assist the healing process for his clients between their sessions.

Wayne also does space clearings for houses and businesses. He clears toxic energies and has tools to help eliminate the detrimental effects of electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) and geopathic stress.

His cat companion is watching over his clients as they work together.
831-818-6980 for an appointment


Tess Amidan is a certified Bioenergy Balancing practitioner and teacher, has a PhD in Clinical Psychology, and is well versed in Aromatherapy and shamanic journeying. In her practice she is utilizing these tools to enhance and deepen the healing process on all levels. She has clinical experience treating teens and adults dealing with trauma, depression, anxiety, as well as relational challenges.

Tess is quite passionate about infusing evidence-based practices with a richer spiritual and bio-energetic understanding. She strongly believes in the importance of re-connecting with one’s inner truth, the authentic genuine sense of self without judgement, shame or self-blame. Providing a safe space, empathy and love she is ready to support clients’ processes as they deal with any dis-ease.

Tess’s practice is based in San Mateo, CA; she provides phone sessions as well for out-of-state clients.



Zvi Margalit

Zvi can guide you toward the recognition of your hidden intuitive skills, and find new ways to explore your personal growth, using a few different modalities.

One is the Bioenergy Balancing platform, which allows your intuition and your unresolved experiences to lead you into a healing process.

Another is to use personal and group work with sacred medicine, where you can review and integrate your life in a new way, during an all-day journey experience. When combined with Hakomi techniques, developed by Jon Eisman, you can let yourself shift some of the outdated beliefs that have been causing resistance, and try new ways of responding. This will  broaden the range of your choices, and give you more focus and more clarity.

If you sometimes feel stuck, or feel confused, and want to connect more effectively with your organic self, call me.



Anna Spanjaart is a Bioenergy Balancing Center practitioner, and trained as well as a Kairos practitioner. Kairos is a hands-on therapy similar to Reiki, and similar to our work, as it targets deep layers of emotion and trauma, and brings them to the surface for release. In her Balancing Center practice, Anna uses the meridians and chakras for these releases, along with verbal encouragement, and she helps her clients repair biochemical errors that might need nutritional support, detoxification, or emotional rewiring. She is on the teaching staff, and takes care of many details for the class.

Anna has a degree in Environmental Studies, and hiked through hazardous wilderness terrain in Belize, to study the behavior of raptors that have not adapted to human communities.

Through her healing work, Anna is doing her part to help people let go of “baggage” and become more authentic, more tuned in to their natural environment, and to an awareness of the beauty of birds and wild animals.

Anna’s dog, Sampson, is a Belgian/German Groenenfeld shepherd. His relatives were used for locating wounded soldiers, and bringing them emergency supplies until they could be rescued.  He is big, and may look formidable at first, but he is a sensitive, courteous and intelligent dog, who actually washes off his toys before he puts them away.

Cell phone:  (408) 608-5741

e-mail :


Heather Rizzoli

Heather has a unique practice, called the TriValley Balancing Center. Her work is based in Pleasanton, California, where she sees clients in her home, but she also flies to various locations around the country, to be with groups of people who have gathered to receive her.

During her visits out of town, she works with clients individually, and also takes the opportunity to teach small groups about muscle–testing and a few skills that they can use together, among friends. They can learn to test their animals, their plants, and gain more trust in their intuitive skills. She follows up later by phone to answer questions that come up, and to find out what her clients suggest as their next step to take. They might need to detoxify something, add a nutrient, or make a biochemical change within their internal process.

Heather’s work is centered on teaching self-awareness and self-sufficiency, by awakening her clients to the appreciation of their potential capability. If hidden fear, outdated anger or grief are in the way, she invites her clients to release as much as they feel safe to release, so that they can choose, over time, to claim their inner power.

Phone: 925-321-6449


Carol Bjorn

Carol is a certified Bioenergy Balancing practitioner as well as an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator. Initially, Carol was drawn to Bioenergy Balancing due to an illness that had not fully responded to other alternative remedies. As a client of Bioenergy Balancing, she was able to release the effects of troubling emotions and to obtain the remedies her body needed.

After that, she wanted to learn more, to help her family and friends. She took the Bioenergy Balancing training classes, and now is a certified practitioner, not only for family and friends, but for clients as well. Her intuitive skills and receptive listening allow her to identify self-limiting beliefs, and to encourage her clients to choose new beliefs that will facilitate their healing process. She uses her gentle touch and her knowledge of the body’s meridian and chakra systems to invite the body to function freely, without fear or hidden anger, in order to achieve its optimal capacity…

Carol currently practices with Renee Marie in Santa Cruz, and is also available for private sessions.


Rod White

Rod’s journey has taken him through decades of investment and business experience, to an increasing awareness of his intuitive skills and healing abilities.  He graduated from Stanford University, and received his M.B.A. from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. This background has helped him to stay grounded, as he has been integrating spiritual wisdom with the practical necessities of life.

Rod is a skilled Reiki Master and a certified Bioenergy Balancing practitioner.  He has a private practice where he provides energetic healing, and is able to help his clients identify and transmute the root causes of their physical, emotional, or mental discomfort.  By bridging the material world with unseen worlds, Rod gives his clients a fresh perception that they can recognize within themselves. From there, they may discover that they can do healing work on their own body, mind, and spirit, and find that to be the most reassuring and empowering skill.



Valerie Edel

Valerie has a Master’s Degree in Music, a certification in computer programming, and is a certified Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner. Valerie’s background includes a 25-year career in computers, working with a variety of different systems, and discovered that she has a talent for problem solving.

After working for a long time with doctors and chiropractors, her personal experience with physical pain finally brought her to the Balancing Center, where she found a solution to her health problems. During that process, her exploration of the world of spirituality broadened her understanding and respect for various spiritual paths.

Valerie works with people, as well as animals, to resolve emotional and physical issues. In addition to that, she has researched the specific difficulties that are experienced by people who suffer from addictions, and she offers her unique skill in this field by helping people to move toward resolution of this condition.

She can be contacted by cell phone, 650-714-2240
or her home phone, 650-328-9197


Priscilla Kapel is the Director of the Bioenergy Balancing Center® at Cedar Street. She has developed this work over a period of thirty-five years, and it has evolved by now into a comprehensive interactive form of non-medical healing, as a creative balance between oriental traditions and the exacting parameters of western biochemistry.

Priscilla helps her clients to detoxify external as well as internally generated toxins, and invites them to make metabolic changes by engaging their own self-regulating resources. Like all other practitioners who have been certified by the Balancing Center, Priscilla creates a safe space for confronting and resolving troubling situations, and can open up metaphysical doorways to new spiritual options. She has a substantial phone practice, and works with clients all over the country, as well as in Europe.

Just before Lavender cat left his physical form, an infant feral Tuxedo magically appeared. She is tuned in to the unseen world, and tells us about the spirit beings and energy fields that she sees. The next arrival, Topaz, is an Abyssinian beauty, a challenging companion for the Tux, and a charming addition to the Balancing Center group.

Phone: 650-327-8333