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These articles have been written in response to our clinical experiences over many years at the Balancing Center. Our comments and discoveries are not presented as the result of scientific research, since we do not perform double-blind cross-over controlled studies with placebos, single-nutrient deprivation, or animal experiments. However, we have come across some useful discoveries that we have verified, over time, on an individual basis in our clinical practice.
Every now and then we will present a new article describing something we have observed that may be of interest to health practitioners, researchers in nutritional biochemistry, and people with health questions who are searching for non-medical health information.

Oxytocin Deficiency, an inconspicuous epidemic

Oxytocin is a hormone made in the hypothalamus, transferred for storage to the posterior lobe of the pituitary, and is also synthesized in the prostate. It is a complicated molecule, but we have found that the enzymes that synthesize it basically require three critical minerals, and one vitamin: manganese, zinc, iodine, and vitamin C.



Oxytocin activates emotional responses that have to do with bonding, cherishing, interactive loving feelings, protectiveness toward children and small animals—and also large animals—and compassion and outreach toward those who are troubled or in pain. It contributes significantly to a sense of social consciousness and responsibility for others.

For women, oxytocin is the hormone that activates birth contractions, and guides the stages of the birthing process so that it can proceed as comfortably as possible. Usually anesthesia is not needed when the mother uses her own oxytocin, has been trained to use the right breathing techniques. After the birth, oxytocin releases the milk for lactation.

A shortage of oxytocin interferes with the natural process of birthing and breast-feeding, so in that case medical/pharmaceutical intervention would be required. A more strenuous drug, Ptocin is used to activate weak contractions, and is also used when the doctor decides to induce labor before the due date, before the baby is ready to come through. There are times when this is essential, and then the baby is most grateful.

There also are times when it is done just as a matter of convenience, and in that case the baby is frustrated, he wanted to chose his birth, he wanted to be contained in a few more days of safety before he entered into the world, or perhaps he planned on a certain astrological configuration that he can no longer access if he is forced to come through without his consent. That anger can last for a long time.

It is also true that Ptocin causes such intense cramping that drugs for pain intervention would probably be required. Natural childbirth feels better for everyone, unless there is a compelling medical reason for intervention.

For men, hazards also come up with a shortage of this hormone, not only as emotional/biochemical/social effects, but the effect on the prostate is most interesting. When the prostate experiences a shortage of oxytocin, it tends to swell. This is BPH, benign prostate hypertrophy. It is pretty well known that replenishing zinc helps the prostate, because zinc is lost with ejaculation, and lots of men are zinc-deficient. But go through the list. They often do need zinc, and sometimes manganese, sometimes iodine, or vitamin C —because what the prostate is really looking for is oxytocin!

Like the thyroid that enlarges when it is searching for iodine, the prostate enlarges when it is searching for oxytocin. BPH, by that analogy, is basically  “prostate goiter.” There surely must be other reasons too, but we have had good resolution for BPH by encouraging the prostate to synthesize oxytocin. Once it receives the nutrients it needs, it usually can resume the size it prefers.

Adults with Asperger’s are usually unrecognized as high-functioning autistics, and characteristically, like many autistic children, they have extremely low levels of oxytocin. They can be high-level professionals with a superb IQ and admirable expertise, articulate convincing leaders, but are strangely indifferent to the impact of what they are doing, or recommending.

They tend to ridicule those who are sensitive and compassionate, holding people in contempt who are protective and respectful of animals, or kids, or people in difficult situations, or those with different beliefs. They have no conscious perception of the natural emotions or the responsible compassion that is normally expected of fully functioning animals or human beings.


Normal levels of oxytocin generate protective loving feelings.

A shortage of oxytocin is often identified as Narcissism, and can certainly occur without the diagnosis of Asperger’s. No matter why it happens, a severe shortage of oxytocin strips away the ability to feel empathy. Without it, people have no ethical or emotional problem creating remote killing devices, or showering disabling bioweapons upon their own people, or knowingly creating and promoting toxic food that causes pain and illness, deformed offspring, and infertility. They might not have the significant neurotransmission errors that occur in Asperger’s or limited-functioning autism, but they could still be characterized as emotionally disabled.

As you look around, and recognize that common mineral deficiencies, vaccine contamination, fluoride, and agricultural toxins feed into this, you can see that we are surrounded by an entire culture that is becoming gradually deranged. Because it is gradual, we tend to continuously readjust to this social/societal derangement, so that it appears to be “normal,” just as the allowable level of a toxin is gradually raised in response to rising levels of the toxin. We are developing an entirely disconnected society, where mutually supportive concern, self-responsibility, and social consciousness are becoming seriously eroded.

People in other countries who observe us, or people in this country who can remember how it used to be, are able to see the recent contrast. Those who are participating in it are saturated with it. They have no reference, no basis for recognizing or evaluating what surrounds them.

Nano-aluminum, delivered by aerosol spraying from Geoengineering weather modification, is clearly a risk for neurotransmission in the brain, and it minimizes the synthesis of oxytocin. Fluoridated water lowers thyroxine and oxytocin by substituting fluorine for the required iodine. However, these hazards are not the only source. The water additive chloramine, a combination of chlorine and ammonia, deletes manganese. Without manganese, or iodine, or zinc, there can be no oxytocin.

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round-up, has been identified as a significant source of autism, and because it confiscates the mineral content in foods that have been genetically modified as “Roundup Ready,” it also plays a significant role in depleting oxytocin. Glyphosate exposure is everywhere. It is sprayed in parks, around schools, and roadside shrubbery, and there is no way to know how much we are receiving or how much damage it is causing, even if we are very careful to eat only organic food. Unless we have access to on-going detoxification, it may be affecting us a lot more than we realize.

People with marginal damage from the accumulation of fluoride, nano-aluminum, glyphosate and other synergistic toxins, can still function in society. They often hold highly responsible positions of leadership. Subtle sub-clinical impairment goes unnoticed, or perhaps ascribed to other reasons, but these people may be unable to access certain areas of the normal brain circuitry that the rest of us regard as a given.

Many of them are in charge of the police, government agencies, the pharmaceutical and vaccine industry, the food supply, the prison system, the military, the killing of wolves and wildlife without cause, the cruelty of CAFO animal treatment, or knowingly promoting aerosol chemtrails that deliver toxic metals and pathogens into the air we breathe. They are unable to recognize that their actions are affecting other people’s lives, or even their own. Incapable of self-reflection, impervious to the feelings of others, they are pathologically indifferent.

People with very low oxytocin tend to be controlling and intimidating. Because of that, many of us who are not impaired in this way are afraid to disagree, and eventually some begin to really believe the toxic mythology that these people have created and are promoting. The fear that they manufacture and instill within an uncritical compliant population, disastrously escalates the damage they intend to inflict.

It seems futile to try to turn this around, when so many of these people are in charge of our lives, and have the intention—and the capacity—to attack those who differ from them. People who have very little oxytocin are incapable of receiving critical or analytical comments, because their perception of emotional safety requires total agreement. Change feels threatening to them, even changes that the rest of us consider beneficial.

Heartfelt activism, opposition, courageous confrontation, righteous anger, signing petitions, donating small amounts of money, beseeching those who aren’t listening, sometimes make small changes that feel good. However, over time this has not been as useful as we hoped it would be.
Is what we are doing working? No? Ready for an alternative?

We need to approach the solution metaphysically. Linear solutions will not address this dilemma. If we jump beyond the temptation to go into fear, hostility, or despair, then we can move toward a visionary solution.

Before you smile indulgently and discount this as an “airy-fairy visionary pipe-dream,” tune in to the power of the universe for a minute. There may very well be a vibrational intention that coordinates the non-physical force-fields and the physical forms that were derived from it. Follow this hypothesis for a moment, to see where it can lead.

To maintain harmony and balance within the system, interactive caring had to have been built in. The capability to feel together and connect together is essential. Without that, our physically incarnated  system couldn’t work. That is why we have emotions. Our feelings are what sustain us, as humans, and feelings permeate the physical vibration of all living creatures. The awareness of our emotional perception surges through our meridians, fuels our biofields, and informs the body-consciousness of every animal, fish, and bug.

We all have an automatic impulse to protect ourselves. The smallest gnat, even tiny parameciums under the microscope, will quickly move away if we threaten them with a toothpick or a probe. They know exactly what’s happening, they feel it even before the probe touches them, and they take protective action.


Two Parameciums

Because of the consciousness of the biofield and the meridians, all living physical tissues are automatically capable of protecting themselves, and in more ways than we realize, they are capable of healing themselves.

When we choose to experience this physical form, as animals, humans, or plants, we are infused with the desire to not only protect ourselves, but also to become tuned in to each other, and share mutually supportive impulses. My hypothesis is that this infusion is the “unified field” that bonds the entire system.

This is one way to interpret the power of the universe. It is not exactly “airy-fairy.”

Fear can drive us to violate the vibration of the universe. We can do that because although we have the choice to collaborate, we also have the choice to act against the system of loving support that fuels our biofield. We have the option to create harm to others. We do it from fear, when we perceive that negative behavior is our only strategy for self-protection.

Over the centuries, it has been abundantly demonstrated that you can’t make peace by making war. You can’t light up the dark with more dark.  We continue to promote the mythology that war makes peace, that war brings in more resources than it depletes, that war brings us honor, and feeds our righteous pride. Unless it is done in direct defense of our lives, my belief is that it is a violation of the cosmic system. Killing other human beings in order to achieve a goal other than immediate self-defense ultimately threatens our own safety, because violence engenders revenge, justifies more violence, and that justifies more violence in return.

Then we have to create a fear-based mythology to convince ourselves that this is required. It is “brave” and “strong” to kill other people. By that definition, people who suggest peaceful conflict resolution are “weak.” Oddly enough these views have become identified as male and female forms of response, which locks up the negative mythology with the additional fear of showing up with that highly suspicious quality, feminine weakness.

Another way to interpret that polarity, rather than as varying amounts of testosterone, is to see it as varying amounts of oxytocin. Then we can reevaluate what  “strong” really means, and what it looks like to choose appropriate action from strength.

Choices made from fear don’t work very well, but people without enough oxytocin continue to do it, expecting to get a different result.

There was already an energy source, in the zone of no time/no space, before the universe came into being. Various cosmological theories have been suggested that explain how the physical universe was produced, from that mysterious non-physical vibration. Could be that one big bang, or a continuing steady-state creation, or perhaps it was initiated by negative/positive hydrogen ions that emerged together and separated, forming two equal but oppositely charged universes. Apparently there are many universes. We can think of our cosmic system as the Multiverse, rather than the Universe.

However, no matter how it happened, it happened. We entered into an energy field that we are experiencing as physical, and it keeps us conscious and self-protective, no matter who we are: human, animal, fish, insect, or plant.

Because we are physical, we reflect the consciousness of the source. The source is the container of the non-physical force-field that invited us to down-step our conscious non-physical frequency, and enter into a physical experience.

To engage this force-field personally, in a way you can work with it, you need to visualize your intention, and open up to receiving the result you have chosen to receive.

This is visionary. It’s safe, it works, and it’s OK.

The following discussion is a recapitulation of the article called “Imagery Projection, a Tool for Change” that is already posted on our website, but it is relevant, so bear with me while I repeat myself.

To address the shift we would like to make, in our self-conflicting and confusing world, we need to invoke metaphysical resources. Even though we live within the context of solid objects and time constraints, we also know that all of this physical stuff is made of infinitesimal focal-points of vibration. The perception of physical solidity is produced by the force-fields of whirling interactive molecular attractions.

Our physical reality is fairly flexible, and surprisingly fragile. It appears to be weighable and measurable simply because sequential time supports it. In a small spot where time is suspended momentarily, physical objects disappear and go into the non-physical. Inexplicable! If it happens to the keys to your car, it is exasperating!

But teleported objects that have vanished can be transferred back through that veil and become physical again, often in an unexpected place. The system is surprisingly responsive to focused intention. This is our vibrational wild card.

We can, for example, project our intention that more and more people will begin to experience a conscious empathic connection with each other. Some people out there in the world will pick that up, and be inspired to perceive that the larger scheme of the universe is a powerful and loving resource. They may begin to recognize and respect the harmonious interaction of all life-forms on the planet, and develop a new model for how humans can visualize harmony among themselves.

These concepts, sent through the ethers and carried on the slender thread of focused intention, can reach people as imagery that comes to them during a dream, or as a wake-up call during an illness or a crisis, or simply as a gradual realization. They would have no idea why those thoughts occurred to them.

New awareness can just happen, from that infinitely mysterious place, “out of the blue,” and it can make profound changes.

There are many groups all over the world who are purposely generating vibrational shifts in order to make an impact on the physical.  Some are working toward enhancing our inherently supportive consciousness among people at large. Some are lowering the radioactive level of the Fukushima exposure, some are detoxifying the molecules of agricultural toxins. Some focus on ways to deflect EMFs, others focus on the purification and the availability of water, others are working toward the safety and habitat protection of wild animals. Some intend to modify the weather by visualizing its return to its normal rhythm, lifting off the effects of artificial manipulation.

We are each drawn to specific arenas of action. Those of us who are working in this way are probably receiving guidance and reinforcement from unseen sources. Some come from unseen discarnate guidance, some from archangels, or the ascended masters, and some engage off-planet guidance.

What you can do on your own, if you feel inspired by this possibility and want to do this, is to call up a few friends and put a group together. Set an intention with your group, and go down into your meditative frequency where you can reach that deep connection. You might invite your unseen friends to join you, or do some drumming together to generate mutual bonding, work with a medicine wheel, or play music that would focus your group into a mutually coherent connection.

If you are leading a group, guide the imagery slowly, without intruding. After you introduce an image, stop. Be silent. Give everyone a chance to feel it, go inside and sense it without you, before you say the next thing. Next, introduce the next image in the sequence that supports the concept your group has agreed to address. Stop. Give everyone time to be with it.

In that way, as you weave everyone together, at the same time you are maintaining each person’s own personal perception. Everyone sees it a little differently. When you give them a time of silence, they can go into their own space, work with it in their own way, and they will trust you because they have been respected.

It appears that the world is spinning out of control, as we look around us and see how things are going, and picturing it “better” may seem like futile wishful thinking. Yes, it would be if you were whining about something and passively wanted somebody to change it for you. If you decide to engage the basic structures that had fueled your discomfort. When you remember that our entire physical structure is a vibration, you can picture your thought-waves weaving into those vibrations.

The perception of physical solidity is based upon the strength of the non-physical bonds that vibrate between infinitesimally small non-physical energy nodes. If we can picture an object opening up into a receptive vibration that delineates its form but opens it into what appears to be a translucent mist, we can slide into it and experience this object in a new way. This is an exercise to hone the recognition that even situations have fluidity. With our intention, which is also a vibration, we can make subtle shifts.

Given that, and knowing that things cross over between the non-physical and the physical, we can move toward the realization that molecules really can be shifted by our intention, and we can turn things around. And as you do this, never ever forget to add “with harm to none,”  because whatever you do in this realm will affect others. The effect that you produce can be a boomerang.

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