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These articles have been written in response to our clinical experiences over many years at the Balancing Center. Our comments and discoveries are not presented as the result of scientific research, since we do not perform double-blind cross-over controlled studies with placebos, single-nutrient deprivation, or animal experiments. However, we have come across some useful discoveries that we have verified, over time, on an individual basis in our clinical practice.
Every now and then we will present a new article describing something we have observed that may be of interest to health practitioners, researchers in nutritional biochemistry, and people with health questions who are searching for non-medical health information.

Non-Linear Time Interacts with Linear Time

Linear time had to be invented in order to support the entry of atoms and molecules into physical form. When they coalesce from non-visible patterns to become material substances, they require space to become physically manifest. A new hologram is being created as the frequency of a physical structure begins to manifest. It happens by down-stepping the frequency of energy patterns that are already vibrating coherently in the etheric realm.

As the encrypted etheric patterns begin to mirror themselves within a more solid arena, conscious life-forms are able to become visible, and can function within the limitations—and the possibilities—of space/time. When they die, they drop out of their physical container, and return to the vibrational state.

In some sense, the clock that records the passage of time seems like an artifact of convenience that punctuates our 24-hour day and governs our appointments and deadlines, but it is much more than that. Sequential time structures our language, our logical thought process, maintains the every-day connection between cause and effect, and gives our reality meaning.

Contrary to some metaphysical theories, it is not an illusion. It is absolutely our reality as long as we are engaged in it, and it provides a magnificent arena for us to work with, as evolving beings.

Space requires time to give physical substances a container. If time didn’t progress from one moment to the next, there could be no space. There would be no place to put physical objects and forms. There could be no concept of “here” as a place separate from “there.” A vase sitting on the table requires time to physically exist; it was put there yesterday, it’s still there now, and someone could knock it over and break it next week. Without linear time, the vase couldn’t have been put anywhere in the first place, because there couldn’t have been a table!

Without sequential time, the seasons of sprouting, growing and flowering, maturing, and the final folding back into the land, could not take place for the plants and animals. Neither could the fields, the oceans, the mountains, the vast skies and landscapes that we love. Architecture, art, all our tools and artifacts, none can stay visible unless linear time gives it “time” to exist in space.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes of our cognitive perception, in the unseen non-physical dimension, time can fold in on itself, and it can flow in over-lapping spirals, bringing up synchronicities and deja-vu impressions, prescient dreams, the ephemeral appearance of translucent spirit beings, and the disappearance and reappearance of objects.

Such events are not explainable from the perspective of sequential time. They don’t fit what we regard as “logic.” When we do occasionally slip into the other modality, it feels eerie, and unreal. How could these weird things be happening, outside of the known parameters we have come to trust, in our predictable time-bound world?

Just as there is no space without sequential time, in a vibrational system without space, time can become strangely flexible. When it folds in upon itself in a very small area within the physical world, local space collapses and an object vanishes. As soon as linear time is reestablished, the object comes back, sometimes unexpectedly in another place. Sounds pretty bizarre, but in fact we experience this kind of phenomenon more frequently than we realize.

There is no space between people in different locations when their thoughts connect. We can trace meridians in midair, and the client two thousand miles away can feel it, because he is “here” at the same time that he is also “there” when we talk on the phone. There is no space in a dream, and clearly time behaves strangely in dreams. We construct rooms, buildings, people and animals in our dreams, and even though these things are ephemeral, and obviously outside the confines of space/time, they are perceived as quite real.

Thoughts, feelings, and memory all lie outside the framework of sequential time, and we experience this all the time. Some of us have observed the phenomenon of teleportation, and psycho-kinesis. These effects occur rarely, but when they do, it is usually the result of intensely charged concentration, with the intention of creating a miniature etheric time-warp.

Non-industrial tribal cultures, for the most part, collaborate with the spirit world and work with it. Traditional mythological beliefs and rituals evolve to explain the impact of these forces upon the visible world. In this context, people mingle both aspects of their experience into a harmonious continuum, enriching day-to-day life with an infusion of the mysterious.

We also can integrate these forces, and function harmoniously in both worlds. It makes no difference if we are in a tribal culture and living off the land, or in an industrial society, with the conveniences of technology that we have come to enjoy. No matter where we are, we can choose to become more conscious, more loving, and more aware of our role within the larger context of the universe.

Defining Reality by Reductive Scientific Parameters

Reductive science demands that unless something can be weighed and measured, there is no proof that it’s real. Can we measure a thought? Weigh an intention, or a memory? Or prove the existence of the auric field, or an inspiration?

The reductive aspect of our scientifically oriented culture validates only the visible aspect of our experience. In the reductive paradigm, we are taught to look down upon love as weak, and to regard the magical aspect of our awareness with suspicion and fear.

This not only causes an internal rift within ourselves, but in a very real sense has created an unassailable mythology of its own. This “rational” schism causes people to deny their feelings, and conceal their intuitive perceptions from themselves.

The next step is to discount the perceptive sensitive qualities regarded as “feminine,” (therefore unacceptable,) and as a result they tend to feel isolated, clutching at fear-based beliefs, and unable to grasp the impact of their actions upon others.

The reductive mindset doesn’t—or perhaps can’t—think in terms of a connection to others. Others are held as separate, just as each individual holds himself as separate, tough and proud of “rugged individualism.” In that case, what one does, or what one wants, has very little to do with other people, unless people can be used for personal advantage.

When people in political power come from this orientation, and engage corporate leadership with the same orientation to support it, we observe exploitation and corruption, insatiable greed, mindless war, and the plundering and pillaging of the environment, as though the environment were not their own. This is the ultimate in functional autism, a condition of pathological dissociation from one’s life-sustaining context.

Certainly other factors contribute to cultural dissociation. We all suffer from varying degrees of neurological damage by vaccination at too early an age, and the effect of toxins that are poured into our food, water and air. Many of us suffer from disempowering self-diminishing religious beliefs. All of us are subjected incessantly to veiled threats and fear-based promises promoted in the media by the advertising industry that deluges us with unattainable role-models in magazines at every check-stand in the grocery stores.

If you wear this, look like this, smell like this, you will be loved, admired, irresistible! But if you actually consummate the provocative enticement you are being encouraged to flaunt, uh-oh, shame on you!

The message is that love is a commodity to be ensnared by manipulation, and you get it by looking like a prize trophy. Along with this, there is a subliminal fear-based Puritanical message: Don’t let him really “do it.” These mixed messages are crazy-making and guilt-producing. It’s the inevitable expression of a culture that values reductive dissociation.

Looking at it Differently

Once you begin to acknowledge an awareness of non-linear spiraling time, you can step out of the reductive paradigm. Our connection with each other can become profound. You can allow yourself to glimpse unseen value within yourself and within your friends and loved ones.

You can discern the hidden voices from other times and other dimensions, and appreciate the unity of people, animals, and other life forms as conscious beings. You can sense their perspective, recognize the impact you have on them, and act accordingly. You can feel a connection to friends and family who are not physically with you, and you sometimes know that you are in the presence of friendly spirit beings.

Given the recognition of non-linear time in the unseen world, you can invite spirit beings to help orchestrate your reality, and recognize the profound impact that your thoughts have upon events. These are unusual skills, in our society, but they are available to anyone who can look at time as occasionally non-sequential, and space as occasionally non-space.

Once the perception of space-time boundaries becomes more flexible, you can sense that all life is flowing in a continuum of consciousness, and that we all respond interactively. A shape-shifter doesn’t have to try to become a tree, he knows he already is the tree. We are the trees, the jaguars, the bats, the bugs. With considerable training under the direction of a skilled shaman, you might be able to literally shift your consciousness into another form, maybe a ball of light, and you could travel anywhere you decide to go, staying fully conscious, and return to recount the events you observed while you were in the altered form.

At the same time, it is not a spiritual requirement that you must lose your identity and dissolve into trees, jaguars, or balls of light. You can know the depth of connection to all living beings, and still hold the awareness of your individuality. You can still handle complex tasks and responsibilities of your every day world, and function effectively in relationship.

The concept of connected consciousness won’t make you melt away! But, no matter what else you may be doing, you will never forget the fullness of connection, or the awareness of the inner love that nurtures you and extends outward beyond you.

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