Speaking Effectively

It takes some verbal skill and some practice to learn to ask the questions in a way that will give you clear answers. A few pointers: keep your questions very simple.

Ask one question at a time, don’t ask about alternatives in the same question. “Do you like this one or that one?” The body will be confused, and can’t answer. Ask these as separate questions. “Do you like this one?” Then after that, ask “Do you like this one better than the one you just saw?” Now you are getting information.

Avoid using negatives. Stay with a positive form of the question. If you say “You don’t like that one, do you?” the body will want to answer “Yes,” meaning “you’re right, I don’t” but since it said “yes,” you might think it said “yes, I do like it.” You can’t tell, from that, what the body has told you. If you just say “Do you like this?” then you will get the answer, yes or no.

Another confusion comes up if you say to the body, “I think this is what you need.” Then body will say “yes” but it has really said “Yes, I know that’s what you think.” You have to ask directly. “Body, is this what you need?” and it will tell you yes or no.

Learning to trace the meridian flows

To activate the body’s energy field, tracing the meridians is a very nice way to do that. Below is a series of diagrams that show you where they are on the body, and which direction they run.

They are sequential, flowing into each other in a predictable pattern, in the following order: starting with the Bladder, it goes to Kidney, Circulation-sex/Triple warmer, Gall bladder/Liver, Lung/Large intestine, Stomach/Spleen, Heart/Small intestine, and back to Bladder/Kidney again. The two others are not part of the circuit, they run up the front and up the back, the Governing Vessel and the Central or Conception Vessel.


The Bladder meridian holds confidence and joy in doing challenging and potentially dangerous actions. It shows up as overwhelming fear when confronted with something life-threatening, and there is no way to be safe.

Trace it down to the fifth toe, to release that.

The Kidney meridian is a strong energy, confident and self-assured, feels good about revealing feelings and presenting creative verbal presentations. It becomes contracted when it experiences humiliation or ridicule.

Trace it down to release it, and then up again to energize it.


The Circulation/Sex meridian holds feelings of acceptance and love. When it has been hurt by negative experiences, it reflects fear and sadness, sometimes anger.

To release the CX meridian, trace it downward to the third finger.

The Triple Warmer meridian affirms unconditional trust and loyalty. If there is a betrayal of that trust, it will hold anger and fear, and the meridian will not flow freely.

To release the TW, trace it down to the fourth finger, and then to reenergize it, trace it up again.


The liver meridian holds an awareness of justice, fairness, and equality. If these values are violated, then it holds anger.

To release the helpless anger, trace it downward and then energize it by tracing it upward.

The Gall Bladder is the creative artistic energy. It feels confident, it can differentiate from cultural patterns and initiates originality. When it is controlled by outside authority, it holds rage.

To release it, trace it down to the fourth toe.


The lung meridian holds the ability to connect very deeply, to “breathe together” and collaborate beautifully. If this connection is broken, the lung goes into grief.

To release the lung meridian, trace it to the edge of the thumbnail.

The large intestine meridian holds the ability to discriminate between what is valuable to maintain, and what needs to be let go. If something it values disappears, or someone in the family dies, the LI holds grief.

To release the LI meridian trace it down to the nail of the index finger, and then energize it by running it up.


The Stomach Meridian deals with receptivity, and nurturing issues. It flows down toward the second toe.
Stroking it down clears it.

Pancreas meridian carries empathy, sensitivity to others, generosity, and caring. It becomes blocked
when the person gives too much, sacrifices to help another person, but is unable to make a change.

The Spleen meridian is on the same line but it is a different meridian, It deals with self-image, and selfesteem. It becomes blocked if the person is carrying guilt, self-blame, or significant self-doubt.

The way to clear both the pancreas and spleen meridians it is to run them down, and then trace them upward to activate them.


The Heart meridian holds feelings of love and caring. If it has been hurt by rejection, it will contract, and show fear and grief.

To release the heart meridian, trace the meridian downward to the fifth finger.

The Small Intestine meridian often holds secrets, and this could have many feelings.

To release it, trace it down, and then upward.


The Central Vessel runs up the front of the body, to the lower lip. It works together with the Governing Vessel, which runs up the back, behind the head, and down the face to the upper lip. These vessels are separate from the others, they become disturbed when they experience shock, or process severely disturbing events.

Run these both at once, up the front and up the back. Start four or five inches above the place indicated in the drawing, so as not to feel invasive.

These vessels join at the first chakra. You start above that.