Your Phone Session

What is your phone session going to be like?

At the Balancing Center we can do remarkable work over the phone. We miss the visual clues, and you miss the reassuring touch, but otherwise the phone work is exactly like the hands-on work.

How phone sessions work

Here is a picture of how it looks. I am on one side of the table, and my Co-Practitioner is on the other side. Your biofield is hovering between us. She is the one who receives your vibrational information. After I ask your body’s biofield a question, I press gently on her arm. It might drop down easily, showing that the biofield signal from you was diminished by my question. That means that your body-consciousness said “No.”

However when her arm holds up with full strength under the same pressure, that means that your body-consciousness said “Yes.” These variations are the yes/no language that we use, to access sub-liminal information. It is known as Applied Kinesiology, or what we refer to as “muscle testing.”

Since you have asked us to talk to your subconscious body knowledge, we invite your biofield to come into the space between my co-practitioner and me. When we ask you a question, your signals fluctuate in response, just as it would if you had been here.

When we start working with you

When we receive your call on our client phone line, 650-321-7989, we will greet you and welcome you, and ask you what your concerns are. You will have a few things you want to talk about. Then we will ask your body-consciousness to tell us whether you are —(your name)—and whether you are —(your current age)—and whether you are alone in your auric field. If your body says yes to that, then we will proceed. If it flags your age as not current, or you have someone else in your field, we will release the extraneous biofield and bring you into present time.

Once we have you current and present, we will ask your body to select the issue or symptom it wants to start with. We might ask it to tell us when this began, and it will show us the right age.  Then we will speak directly to you, and ask you to tell us what was happening at the time when this problem began.

How phone sessions work

We will invite your body to release any outdated emotions that had been caught, or hidden, from that time. We do the emotional release by asking what meridian has been holding this feeling, and you can let it go as we trace that meridian down its pathway. You might notice a pleasant tingling sensation as your body releases it.  If you indicate that you have a nutritional deficiency, we will offer you a supplement to replenish it. If there is a toxin that is blocking your healing process, we will suggest a way to detoxify it. These subtle interventions may be able to balance your biofield and resolve your discomfort.

How that might look

This might look a little strange to an observer, but to release the emotional charge that is being held in your meridian, we trace it in mid-air. We follow the line of the meridian along the shape of your body, since we are visualizing your physical form in our imagination.

When we trace meridians on the etheric body, your body-consciousness picks up that information perfectly, no matter how far away we are. Your energy-field experiences this shift in exactly the same way as it would have if we had run those meridians by gently touching you in person.

In the meantime you are in the comfort of your own safe environment, curled up under a cozy blanket, or stretching out and relaxing. We prefer that you not do something else at the same time, and please do not share your session with someone else who interrupts you, or answers for you.

Working with children and animals

Working with a child on the phone is a little different. The child need not even be present.  The Mom talks about it, and explains it to us. We muscle-test the biofield of the child, and tell the Mom what we are picking up. She can make changes that the child’s biofield requested.

The phone works for animals equally well, even though it is nice to have dogs “in person” (“in dog”) because dogs respond so fully when they are touched, and it’s nice to watch their body-language changing as we work with them, since we can’t observe that over the phone. Most cats connect better on the phone or through a picture, they tend to be pretty suspicious when they are in a strange place, but when they do come in, and creep carefully out of their carrier to sit on the table, the touching is delightful.

We usually work with horses remotely, but occasionally we are able to go to their stable and work with them within their own environment. This is an enjoyable experience for us, as well as for the horse. However we have had exceptional success with horses over the phone.

Emotional and structural changes

I am sure that for most people phone work involving emotional releases is not a stretch for the belief system. Almost everyone has had strong emotional experiences during conversations over the phone, so it is easy to understand that the emotional releases we do on the phone would be as intense and as freeing as they would have been if you had been here.

One of the most remarkable events that can happen during a phone session is when we do structural work. Realigning your sacrum or your vertebrae, and releasing the muscle imbalance behind the misalignment, can often release what has been causing discomfort. The bones are very willing to move toward a more comfortable position when they are given a little nudge.

We locate the bones in the joint that needs assistance, muscle test your biofield to find the direction of the correction that they need, and ask if it would work better with the in-breath or the out-breath. We visualize your bone structure precisely, and verify with you if what we are touching is connecting to the part of the bone that needs to be shifted. Your body can locate the exact place, in midair, that corresponds to the specific place on that bone. It can tell us what direction, and what precise angle on the bone needs corrective pressure.

This is not a chiropractic adjustment. It is simply a focused massage stroke that coaxes the bones toward their preferred position. We hold the identified bone with moderate pressure for a while until we feel it shift, and we ask your biofield to verify that the joint has reconnected. Then we ask if it will stay in that position. Usually the body says that it can’t, because the uneven muscle tension that caused it to go out of alignment will continue to do so. When we identify the muscle, we release the tension by stroking the meridian that will relax it. This assures that the correction will be maintained.

Why is it possible to do this work over the phone?

Phone sessions are possible because when we talk on the phone, the distance between us instantly collapses. It sounds strange, but we are vibrationally immediately together. This is because energy fields function outside time, and outside space. On the phone, our biofields connect instantly on both sides, no matter how far away we are.

Thoughts, beliefs, and feelings are not physical. They are force-fields that flow easily through any physical barrier, across any distance. Their frequency is different from the frequency of the time-space reality we perceive. We see our familiar solid objects existing within our personal space, and automatically we define our day-to-day reality in that way.

However, to expand our view a bit, energy fields are also here. They not only function beyond the limitations of the physical dimension, they are woven throughout the physical structures of all our solid familiar objects. They flow through our clothing, our furniture, dishes, floors and walls, as well as the plants and animals. They sustain the delicate balance of the biochemical interactions that all living systems require.

The work we do with you at the Balancing Center engages these invisible forces that are continuously permeating the cells and fluids of your visible body. Your meridians flow through you, guiding and informing your cellular communication, while the outer etheric frequencies respond more to your environment and outside influences. Together they focus into a coherent conscious pattern, and they modify that pattern in response to your experiences, beliefs, and intentions. This is your special frequency, your personal biofield signature.

What your biofield does for you

While your biofield signature is coordinating your biochemical cascades and synthesizing your hormones and enzymes, it is also continuously shifting in response to new experiences and new decisions. This is the flexible blueprint of your unique personal process that we refer to, at the Balancing Center, as your “body-consciousness.” It is the frequency of your biofield that we connect with, when we talk to you over the phone.

Your body-consciousness knows how to help you heal yourself. It is aware not only of what you want it to do for you, it is also aware of what it wants to do for you. It is there to protect and nurture you.

The vibrational play between the physical and the non-physical occurs within every living being, because the universal life-force is the core that we all share. Given that concept, I hope that you can feel confident that phone appointments are not only quite convenient, they can be quite effective.