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These articles have been written in response to our clinical experiences over many years at the Balancing Center. Our comments and discoveries are not presented as the result of scientific research, since we do not perform double-blind cross-over controlled studies with placebos, single-nutrient deprivation, or animal experiments. However, we have come across some useful discoveries that we have verified, over time, on an individual basis in our clinical practice.
Every now and then we will present a new article describing something we have observed that may be of interest to health practitioners, researchers in nutritional biochemistry, and people with health questions who are searching for non-medical health information.

Breast Cancer, the Markers, the Options

Breast cancer susceptibility is a complex subject, and there are many factors. It can be generated by unfavorable life-style choices, fear, self-depreciation, or sympathy with a family member who has had it.

The belief that it “runs in the family” gives a powerful message to the body’s biofield that kindles negative expectations and fear. It often happens that an illness like breast cancer in one member of the family can be acquired and experienced by another member as her own, out of family loyalty, as an unconscious statement of belonging. Sometimes illnesses are pulled in vibrationally by intense sympathy, in an effort to heal the other person. These are usually the reasons why cancer and many other diseases show up as clusters within families. Another reason is that family members may have all been exposed to the same toxins, or to the transformer outside the house, or they may share the same self-punishing negative beliefs that lowered everybody’s immune system, and allowed the illness.

On the other hand, there are inherited illnessess that really do run in families. So far we have not found that cancer is one of them, although this is a widely held belief.

Very significant factors can come from outside sources. Exposures to radiation or carcinogenic vapors, solvents, and substances can create subtle tissue changes, and eventually lead to cancer, but these events might have absolutely nothing to do with life-style, or emotional thought-patterns.

Aside from Toxic Exposures

We have correlated breast cancer with one specific error that we have traced repeatedly, in our practice at the Balancing Center. So far, without fail, we have observed that women with breast cancer indicate the presence of a methyl radical, CH3, attached at position #2 on the estradiol molecule, and sometimes on all three estrogens. They aren’t supposed to have a methyl group in that position on any of them.

The way we have been identifying this for our clients has been to check the cholesterol for errors, as we do routinely for nearly everyone. If we find a methyl on position #2 of the cholestrol molecule, from there it will be passed down through all the subsequent compounds in the biochemical sequence that leads to the estrogens. With quiet concern we immediately help the client to remove it, by finding out the age she was when she placed it there, talk about the situation that came up at that time, and release the emotional charge that motivated her to place a methyl radical on that particular spot. Then she can let it go.

Something else showed up recently that indicated that this methyl error might not always show up on the cholesterol, but could be due to the inaccurate construction of the leutinizing hormone. Since leutinizing hormone is what signals for the synthesis of progesterone, if it is inaccurate it will create inaccurate progesterone, and the error would be passed down the cascade to the estrogens from there. For one of our clients, the LH error was apparently caused by narcotic pain medication given for severe migraines, and we think it may have been her on-going low-dose morphine. If we had depended entirely on an indicator from her cholesterol, we would have missed it. Her cholesterol was accurate. From now on we will take that extra step, and ask about the progesterone and the estrogens directly, to be sure they are not carrying that potentially threatening methyl that the cholesterol might not reveal.

It may sound strange to talk about locating these molecular errors, one would think it must take very specialized sophistocated technology to find this out. It doesn’t. We put a drawing of the molecule on top of the client’s clothing, and ask the body-consciousness to indicate if it is being made like the picture it “sees.” It will tell us yes or no. It can identify that there is a mistake when we point to various places in the drawing. Then we send mental pictures of various radicals, and it will tell us whether the incorrect attachment is a methyl, or a hydroxyl, or an aldehyde, etc. After we make the correction, we go back and ask again, and the body-consciousness will indicate that the place where there had been an incorrect radical is now clear, the molecule is perfect, exactly like the drawing.

Given a few other factors, i.e. toxic exposures, acidic pH, diminished self-worth, helpless anger, feeling trapped, etc. cancer might certainly sneak its way into our breasts. However, toxins and emotional factors are present to some degree in all of us. Ordinarily they don’t take this form.

Very slight acidity in the blood lowers the blood oxygen, and even though cancer thrives in an oxygen-depleted environment, many people have slightly acidic blood and never develop breast cancer. Our hypothesis is that the methyl group at #2 may be the critical corollary that allows these other factors to manifest cancer for some people and not others, given the same exposures and attitudes.




Estradiol with a methyl group, at position #2

If medical research were to identify this estrogen error, and if it turned out to have a close correlation for several hundred cases, this might become a good non-invasive diagnostic tool for detecting cancer early. Non-invasive measures might easily be able to reroute that susceptibility by releasing the emotional charge that continues to maintain it, and releasing all the toxins that might be contributing.

Usually estrogen construction errors come about at puberty, when a girl grapples with the concept that she is no longer a perpetually free child, she will really be a woman, and she fervently rejects her mother as a role-model. She strongly refuses to take on what her mother has shown her as the required female role, and she insists on differentiating. I will be a different kind of woman. The body-consciousness sometimes translates this refusal to mean that she wants to change her estrogens to another form, as a protest against the estrogens that her mother represents. The change will affect only a certain percentage of the molecules, usually 10 or 15%, but can have a profound effect.

The error can land on various places on the molecule, and each place seems to correlate with different difficulties. If it happens to land on #2, then she has inadvertently invited a potential health risk, but it can be changed very easily, thereby greatly reducing her susceptibility.

If you are the nutritional consultant for a client who shows this error, you can tell her that she can trust that the estrogen error can be changed. Take her back to the time when she made the decision to differentiate from her Mom, or from an influential person in Mom-position, probably between ages 11 to 14. It may not have been an event that was dramatic. It might simply have been a quiet decision to differentiate.

Even so, it would change her relationship to her Mom, or to the other person who represented Mom, and her image of herself as an emerging adult woman. She chose, perhaps reluctantly at that moment, to release herself from her mother as a disenfranchising role model.

It’s a lonely decision, and a sad one, but was perceived to be an essential part of establishing her own emotional space, at that time. The molecular change in the estrogen is likely to remain dormant for decades, and perhaps for her entire life nothing further would happen. But the stage has been set, so that something could trigger it to initiate cellular proliferation later in life, and if so, it might eventually begin to take shape as cancer.

To resolve this, find the age when she made this decision. Locate the meridians that are carrying this emotional information, be it anger, fear, grief, sympathy, or disgust, and trace the pathways of all the meridians involved. If she can release these old outdated feelings in this way, the estrogen molecules that are holding the error will be able to shift to the correct form. Then, at her current age of forty or fifty, her estrogens will all become absolutely accurate. Double check in a month or so, just to be sure. There is a good chance that the cancer could subside, unless there are other supporting conditions that also need to be addressed.

Given this option for molecular revision, we believe that once that change has been made, if she has had breast cancer and has recovered, she no longer needs to be as afraid that it might come back. This assumes that in the process of her recovery she has handled toxic exposures and has released her emotional angst.

The doctor will very likely prescribe an estrogen inhibitor, given the belief that all estrogens cause cancer. Some of these drugs are known to produce other cancers, and some don’t, so without telling her what to do, ask her to check them out on the Internet before she consents. She still needs to consider what her doctor says, as this is the medical protocol. Her doctor, on the other hand, after she initiates this discussion and asks questions, might not insist on an estrogen blocker.

Even if her body-consciousness indicates that she needs more progesterone, and is taking bio-identical progesterone cream, most doctors will caution her not to take it, in the belief that any of her hormones might have caused her cancer. Some doctors lump progesterone in with estrogen, and assume that they are all under suspicion. There is some truth to the idea that estrogen is the culprit, because unless the incorrect fraction has been changed, it would still be there. This could certainly recreate cancer at any time, upon receiving a carcinogenic stimulus. But accurate progesterone, on the other hand, as a bioidentical supplement, would not have had anything to do with it.

Along with Dr. Lee, our belief is that progesterone not a threat. It is more likely to be protective, since that is the hormone that regulates proliferation, whereas the function of estrogen is to generate proliferation. During pregnancy, the need for rapid tissue growth is appropriate, and abundant estrogen is essential at that time. Dr. Lee suggests that progesterone regulates the action of estrogen, and if the cancer is estrogen receptive as well as progesterone receptive, that is lucky, as there is a much better chance of bringing it under control by the action of the progesterone.

Dr. Lee was not aware of the molecular error that we identified, so he wouldn’t have known that inaccurate progesterone could transmit an error to the estrogens. Since we know that, now, and since the progesterone the client is producing is part of the biochemical cascade that leads to the synthesis of estrogens, it is essential to make sure that her progestrone is accurate.

Negative Beliefs about Estrogen

Literature abounds with the belief that estrogen causes breast cancer. This is probably in reponse to the observation that pharmaceuticalized estrogen, derived from horses, has been shown to have that effect. The idea that it was a non-human conjugated altered form of estrogen that may have caused these cancers never seems to be mentioned. It just slipped into medical jargon as “estrogen,” and from there all estrogen became suspect. Now people just say oh, estrogen causes cancer. The implication is that estrogen, in and of itself, puts healthy women at risk automatically.

By putting this forth as a “truth,” the medical consensus has kindled a deep fear within women that their own bodies could turn on them at a moment’s notice, creating havoc and early death. Women are told that cancer can “strike out of the blue” simply as a result the capricious whim of their own natural healthy hormones, and they are helpless in face of such a threat. They lose trust in themselves, get endless mammograms, and search endlessly for lumps. If their mothers had it, they are warned that they are at much higher risk, and the fear triples. Guess what? Maybe not. Each woman has her own individual reasons. Girls are separate people. They are not their mother.

Is this just one more way to tell women that their bodies have been tainted by nature? Are men still so afraid of women that they feel compelled to blame them for having feminine powers? We are reminded of an old medieval belief, here. If you have occasion to hear someone imply that, tell them that estrogens are your perfect gift, and that only the incorrect estrogens are a health hazard.

I am not advocating that you either stop getting mammograms, or that you continue them. This is an individual choice that each person makes for herself. Repeated radiation exposure over a period of years is, in itself, a cancer risk. Cancer can be detected just as accurately with thermography. This is something you may want to look into.Thermography is non-invasive, and there is no painful squeezing, the doctor scans the temperature of your breasts with a heat-sensing device and can tell if there are hot-spots that are indicative of fast-growing tissue. This could be the beginning of a cancer. It can be detected quite a while before a mammogram would have picked it up. The doctor who compares it to your mammogram is likely to tell you that the thermogram was inaccurate, it showed cancer that by his instrumentation was not there, so he would tell you to discount it.

But, in fact, it may be information that you need to be aware of. This could be that early warning that can give you time to begin to make a fewlife-style changes, or engage in a cleansing, and investigate non-medical remedies, before you sign up for the chemo and radiation that your doctor would certainly suggest, once it shows up. If he is an integrative physician, familiar with alternatives, he won’t pressure you for those conventional treatments, but will listen to your concerns.

Most doctors will recommend the yearly mammogram, saying that thermograms are “not proven,” and that mammograms are “safe” no matter how many you have had, over the years. Whichever route you take, certainly it is useful to keep track of what’s happening, in whatever way works for you.

If You Have Been Diagnosed

A diagnosis of breast cancer sends shockwaves through your entire body. It rocks your entire life. No, that can’t be right, that couldn’t really happen to ME. No! I’ve been eating organic food and doing all the right things, there must be some mistake. I want a second opinion! (You should get a second opinion, absolutely, and if possible select an integrative physician who can support whatever alternative options you choose to explore, and work with you safely.)

Once the news sinks in, and you hear all the scary advice, you will face the prospect of painful and debilitating treatments, perhaps disfiguring surgery. Before you let yourself settle for the medical model, you may want to explore a few other things you might be able to do. Start by identifying and limiting your toxic exposures, your sugar, alcohol, and recreational drug use, and your pesticide/herbicide use in the house and garden.

Spend time with people who are fun to be with, and who love you and encourage your healing process. Hire some part time help, if your kids and your household obligations are overwheming you. Maintain your enthusiasm for your career, if you have one, and your creative involvement with music, or art, or writing, whatever you love to do. If you join a cancer-support group, make sure that these people are not caught up in a victim-bonding agreement. Locate a group that is focused on health and recovery.

Take citrulline to inhibit the signal for unwanted cellular proliferation, and make raw fresh organic juices every day. Organic is very important when you do the juicing. Using that many vegetables that are sprayed with pesticides and herbicides will concentrate the toxins incredibly, and will probably put you at greater risk, rather than helping you to heal. A good one is beet, carrot, celery, and lemon, with a little whole-milk vanilla yogurt to give it a nice texture and flavor. Green drinks are terrific, but also eat regular food too. Stay with a clean diet of fresh lightly cooked organic vegetables, organic whole non-GMO grains, hormone-free grass-fed meat, bug-fed organic chicken, and organic dairy that is free of rBST.

Don’t try to go fat-free, or “carbo”-free, or protein-free, or salt-free. Just eat a nice balanced delicious diet of every good thing you enjoy, and if you haven’t been eating mushrooms, get hold of some shitakes or maitakes, and fry them up in butter and garlic, with the rest of your food. Medicinal mushrooms are brilliantly helpful for enhancing your immune response, and shitake and maitake have been shown to be specifically helpful for preventing cancer. Reishi is another mushroom that is sometimes used in the form of a tincture, in combinaton with a few other remedies, but your body-consciousness would need to guide you in making the specific selection that is right for you.

Be sure you stop refined sugar, sugar substitutes, hydrogenated and trans-fats, and low-quality polyunsaturated oils like canola and corn oil. These oils are likely to create free radicals that could put you at risk. Stay with olive oil, coconut oil, and butter. Hemp oil, sesame, and avocado oils are equally helpful. If you take in monounsaturated fats and saturated fats, you will be able to access the oil-soluble vitamins, A, E, D, and K. See to it that you have enough EPA and DHA, the omega 3fatty acids, and raise your vitamin C to 5 or 6 grams, or as much as you can tolerate. A high Vitamin D level is essential too. Don’t be afraid of taking 6000 units a day, it’s very safe.

Along with that general guideline,you need to put together a precise supplement routine with the help of your nutritional consultant. Take germanium and other items that can maintain good oxygen levels, and clear up any nutrient absorption problems, as well as amino acid utilization disorders. Be sure to review the biofield of your thyroid, adrenals, kidneys, liver, and immune and lymphatic systems, and support them nutritionally if necessary, to be sure they are optimal.

High Blood-Oxygen is Essential

Take special care to be sure that you’re getting enough oxygen, your blood-oxygen needs to be high. You need potassium for your lungs to do this. An avocado has three times the amount of potassium as a banana, and arrugula and beet greens are high too, and you can take a supplement.

Read Dr. Russell Blaylock’s book called Nutritional Strategies for Cancer Patients. He gives excellent advice, with richly detailed information. There is a wonderful book by Ty Bollinger who outlines many alternative therapies you can consider.

To release heavy metals, you can either arrange for chelation treatments, or take a homeopathic detoxifier that would be easier for the body and costs about 13 dollars. If you have been drinking fluoridated water, now or in the past, or were ever treated by your dentist with a fluoride rinse, take DMAE to detoxify it. Fluoride is cumulative, and can clearly contribute to cancer. It’s not good for your brain, or your thyroid, or your bones or teeth either, contrary to the current rumors that still seem to persist.

Let go of MSG and aspartame by taking N-acetyl-Cysteine. Use water from a Reverse Osmosis filter, both for drinking and cooking and rinsing your lettuce and vegetables, as this filter takes out fluoride as well as chloramine. Distilled water sometimes contains chloramine because the molecule is so small that it follows the filtrate, and ends up in the purified part of the machine. If your water doesn’t have chloramine, distilled water would be OK.

We are finding now that chloramine (this is chlorine with an ammonia attachment, not just regular chlorine) blocks the utilization of manganese. Manganese shortage prevents the correct formation of Vitamin D, diminishes your calcium uptake, and prevents the kidneys natural buffering of the blood pH, so that the blood becomes acidic. Then oxygen runs low. This greatly increases your susceptibility to cancer, and maintains cancer if you already have it. Until you can provide yourself with clean water, a little extra manganese will protect you from chloramine, and selenium and germanium are excellent supplement precautions.

A fairly high iodine intake is now considered to be the reason why Japanese women don’t have breast cancer until they come to this country and start eating our kind of food. It’s not about soy, as we have previously been told, they do eat tofu, but not a lot. It’s really about seaweed.

One of the Great Healing Tools is an Orgone Accumulator

You can either make an orgone pillow, or buy one. Check out the Metaphysical Tools under the Blue logo, and click on Dr. Reich and his Orgone Energy.  . This was discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. His reports of cancer cures using orgone accumulators are absolutely astonishing. Orgone is a resource that is not well known, but it is very effective. This article shows you how to make your own orgone accumulator pillow. If you are ambitious, you can build a big box enclosure. Reich’s success, specifically for healing cancer with his orgone boxes, was phenomenal.

If you decide to make a pillow, use it an hour a day during your meditation, maybe in two half-hour intervals. Don’t use it as you are watching TV, or anywhere near a computer or a microwave, or cell phone. That exposure will turn the positive healing qualities into a detrimental frequency.

Orgone, (chi, ki, prana) is the natural healing energy in the atmosphere. It is able to accumulate into a blanket or pillow that is layered in a way that captures this energy. An accumulator infuses a healing flow of energy into your body when you place it on the affected areas, as the gift of nature’s atmospheric healing vibrations. Orgone energy can be drawn into the body in a form that can be absorbed, and your biofield will know exactly where to direct it.

Meditation and Visualization

No matter what else you also do, meditate twice a day, visualizing your cancer getting smaller and smaller. Visualize yourself well. Concurrently, you can work with a therapist who can help you to release your despair and anger, so that these very natural feelings don’t stay bottled up. Then come back to your positive visualizations again. Stay in touch with the doctor of your choice, who may have additional suggestions, and can monitor your progress.

There is new bit of interesting information that has come up recently among the cancer alternative people, and this is the use of sodium bicarbonate as an antidote to acidity that allows cancer to thrive. There is a doctor in Italy who is injecting tumors with bicarbonate, and he is experiencing remarkable successes. The home-remedy that has come out of this is to take a little maple syrup, and then a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in water, sipping it throughout the day, to regulate the pH. Along with the medical safety-net of your integrative physician, I would suggest finding a naturopath or a nutritional therapist who has access to Amazon Rainforest remedies, and locate some of those that would enhance your healing.

And, if you feel that western medicine is safer and more secure for you, you will find that supporting medical treatments with this form of additonal assistance will make that process much less stressful. Then, every time you get an injection of a chemotherapy agent, you bless it and thank it for contributing to your healing. Your body will respond willingly to this directive. Even though these medications are quite toxic, they can still be of benefit if you allow yourself to accept them.

We have worked with many people who have combined alternative therapies hand in hand with western medicine, and for the most part they have done very well. But if the chemotherapy is continued too long, dose after dose after the cancer is gone, “just to make sure” it can break the body’s natural healing capabilities down past the point where it can rally, and the cancer can bounce back. Like radiation, chemotherapy itself can actually cause cancer, and can also cause brain damage, if it is excessive.

I had a close friend who had pancreatic cancer, usually considered to be fatal, who was doing the standard medical therapies along with orgone and meditation, no other alternatives. While he was in recovery and doing surprisingly well, he suddenly became intensely depressed and fearful, felt a “dark shadow” around him, he was sure he was dying, even though he was obviously getting stronger. Then he remembered that his doctor said “I’ll give you seven months,” and this ominous feeling came over him exactly seven months later. Once he recognized that this was in response to the doctor’s prediction, he recovered rapidly. Some time later he nearly died of cirrhosis of the liver as a result of the adriamycin, but he recovered from that too, and is strong and healthy, got married, and is functioning well professionally.

Stay in charge of your case. It’s your body. You can make choices for yourself that come from knowledge, not from fear, and let go of other people’s pictures!

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