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These articles have been written in response to our clinical experiences over many years at the Balancing Center. Our comments and discoveries are not presented as the result of scientific research, since we do not perform double-blind cross-over controlled studies with placebos, single-nutrient deprivation, or animal experiments. However, we have come across some useful discoveries that we have verified, over time, on an individual basis in our clinical practice.
Every now and then we will present a new article describing something we have observed that may be of interest to health practitioners, researchers in nutritional biochemistry, and people with health questions who are searching for non-medical health information.

Balancing the Structure of the Bone

Osteoarthritis is Not Considered to be Autoimmune

It would be useful to include a few comments about osteoarthritis here, since it is in contrast to rheumatoid arthritis, and they are usually mentioned together as very difficult health hazards. Osteoarthritis is not caused by a parasite. It comes about as the consequence of the disruption of the fibrocartilage matrix.

Fibrocartilage matrix is the fibrous tissue that forms the bone by embedding calcium and other minerals into its fibers, and passing them down to the bone tissue. This is what makes bones strong, tough, and slightly flexible. Without the fibrous matrix to delineate the shape and structure, the calcium and other minerals would have nothing to hold it in place, and bone couldn’t form. If there were less than optimal fibrocartilage, the bones would be brittle and fragile. The part of the matrix that lies on the surface of the bone draws the mineralization into the bone, replenishing and remodeling it according to the changing needs of the body, relative to weight, and exercise.

Information about how much calcium should be presented to the fibrocartilage matrix is governed by the balance between two hormones: one is called calcitonin, made in the thyroid gland, and the other is parathyroid hormone, made in the little tiny parathyroid glands that lie behind the thyroid. Calcitonin delivers fresh calcium to the bone, and parathyroid hormone lifts out the calcium and returns it to the blood stream. When these are in balance, the bone is maintained and refreshed.


In this illustraion the little black beads are the parathyroid glands, we are looking at the back of the neck, here, and you can see the back part of the thyroid gland in orange. Calcitonin comes from this area of the thyroid gland.

Calcitonin is invited by progestrone to come forth from the thyroid gland. It picks up calcium from the blood, and carries it to the bone-building cells close to the bone, called osteoblasts.

The osteoblasts pass the calcium over to the fibrocartilage matrix, and as mentioned above, the matrix draws the calcium into the bone structure, with the help of Vitamin K. Without tyrosine available, this process becomes inaccurate. Calcium is placed where it isn’t needed, and often deleted from areas where it is needed.

The nightshade vegetables, potato, tomato, egg plant, and peppers have been implicated as foods that exacerbate osteoarthritis, and it is true that under certain circumstnes, they do. Unfortunately so can broccoli, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, and all the vegetables in the cruciferous family. They all have a tendency to either immobilize, capture, or delete available tyrosine. If tyrosine is already in short supply due to other factors, these vegetables will cause significant discomfort.

Tyrosine needs to be made from another amino acid, (phenylalanine,) but it can’t be synthesized unless phosphorylated B-6 is available, in combination with folic acid.
Folic, in order to be useable, needs to be converted to tetrahydrofolate. Sometimes the conversion is partially blocked, and this would diminish the availability of tyrosine.

When the conversion to tetrahydrofolic is less than optimal, we have found that it is usually held back by anger at being controlled or discounted by an authority figure. This can be shifted, with a release from the meridians that are holding the unresolved anger, usually the liver or gall bladder meridians.

When folic acid is blocked by anger at an authority figure, that means that the first step in the methionine cascade has been deflected by a wheat or meat allergy, caused by the anger. For folic to be converted to tetrahydrofolic, it has to be methylated. Methylation happens when S-adenosyl methionine drops off its methyl (CH3) to create S-adenosyl homocysteine. Before it can do this, the first step in the cascade takes methionine to S-adenosyl methionine, but that is where anger can stop the entire cascade. This explains why that simple short cut, just running the liver or gall bladder meridian, usually allows tyrosine to be synthesized. Once you can take the first step, then you can take the second step, and methylate everything that needs it.

The phosphorylation of B-6 requires magnesium and cysteine. After these things are handled, we would expect tyrosine to be synthesized and replenished abundantly. Then the nightshade and cruciferous vegetables would not deplete the tyrosine, and can be eaten freely. The osteoarthritis will not progress as a result of eating these delicious vegetables.

Sometimes more can be done.We have been able to help the body reabsorb the accumulation of fibers that form the lumps and bumps of osteoarthritis. In addition to kindling the body’s ability to synthesize tyrosine, to help reabsorb the misplaced fibers a monoamine named taurine needs to be available. If it is not, we encourage the body-consciousness to synthesize more taurine by suggesting the trace mineral vanadium.

Then, to complete the synergy between tyrosine and taurine, we present an array of special fibrolytic supplements, and the body can choose the one that works best. Together these form a remarkably powerful group. It takes a while, but for many clients, these three ingredients, tyrosine, taurine, and a fibrolytic remedy, have gradually regressed the collagen and calcium accretions that had been causing stiffness and immobility. Hands are freer, knees and elbows move more easily. That works pretty well unless there is significant amont of fluoride being held in the connective tissue.

One of the hazards we are seeing is that accumulated fluoride disrupts the connective tissue and confuses the signals to the fibrocartilage matrix. This causes incorrect bone deposition, spurs, and the painful locking up of joints. Obviously this is a significant contributing factor in osteoarthritis, as mentioned before, in the fluoride article. DMAE will take out residual fluoride, and so will certain homeopathic remedies. From then on, one must be aware of hazards in the tap water, soft drinks, and dental treatments. These could reintroduce it. The client has the choice to refuse toxic beverages, and to refuse the well-intended fluoride treatments.


Best case: to synergize the best of both worlds, the medical doctor may suggest pharmaceutical remedies, and at the same time could work in collaboration with a non-medical health practitioner who can suggest herbal and non-pharmaceutical remedies, trace minerals, Reich’s orgone energy, other forms of biofield enhancements, and other remedies such as sound or color therapy, and radionic healing.

The client can set up a team of healers, including a medical physician, an acupuncturist, a chiropractor, an osteopath, a naturopath, and a vibrational/nutritional practitioner. Nobody can know everything. Each one of these professionals has special expertise, and each can contribute something. They can be a mutually supportive team, able to design a synergistic therapeutic program in behalf of the client they are sharing.

Unresolved trauma and self-limiting decisions represent a strategy for self-protection. We have a right to protect ourselves with the most ingenious creative skill that we can think of, during a traumatic time. Even many years after the situation is over, the defense strategy is usually perceived as essential to one’s safety. If so, the body’s cellular defense must still be receiving directives that cause it to respond in current time to a situation that is out of time.This is also the process of allergy. It is an emotional expression of an outdated event that is restimulated and reexperienced out of time, and can present what appears to be stubborn resistance to healing osteorthritis. But that may not be the case at all. Osteo looks like immobility, obviously, but is it not necessarily a translation of emotional immobility.

The practitioner needs to help the client update, coax her to release her fear, anger, or grief through the relevant meridian pathways, and lift off the emotional charge as of the original time-frame. When she thinks about how it was, her biofield automatically takes her to that age. She can start to remember the house, a few details about the kitchen or the bedroom, or the broken step on the porch, the smell of the basement, and let herself feel it again, from that time, at that age. She can let herself open the door that allows her to reexperience it. Many people are astonished to see such powerful feelings come to the surface that they had not been aware of, things they hadn’t thought about for years.

Sometimes the fear of looking at an old trauma needs to be lifted out first, by tracing the kidney meridians before the client will allow herself to go back to that moment. All it takes to release it are a few moments of acknowledgement and review—sometimes it seems too overwhelming—but once the fear of reexperiencing it can be released, she can let it slip away from her fingers and toes. The basic reasons that initiated the osteo can be released.

This process does not require hypnosis, although hypnosis also reaches these areas of the brain. The biofield knows exactly where to take her. She can be there, experiencing a past event, and still be consciously in current time at the same time, and allow the emotional charge to be coaxed out of the deep emotional memory storage within the limbic brain so that it can flow off the meridians. She will let go of the impact at the depth that she feels is safe to encounter. Tears may come up. Rage or deep grief may surface. Fear can cause goose-bump chills. All of this subsides in a few minutes.

When the release is completed, her biofield brings her back to current time. Since the meridians won’t need to carry the old protective signals, they will no longer affect her body. The task for the biofield is to translate the current vibrational signals into the receptive frequencies of the atoms, molecules, cells, and systems.The body will finally know that it has permission to heal itself.

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None of the statements in this commentary have been reviewed or approved by the FDA nor by any recognized scientific forum for evaluation, and none of the statements in this commentary are intended to diagnose, or offer treatment for any disease. If you have a health problem, see your doctor.

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