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These articles have been written in response to our clinical experiences over many years at the Balancing Center. Our comments and discoveries are not presented as the result of scientific research, since we do not perform double-blind cross-over controlled studies with placebos, single-nutrient deprivation, or animal experiments. However, we have come across some useful discoveries that we have verified, over time, on an individual basis in our clinical practice.
Every now and then we will present a new article describing something we have observed that may be of interest to health practitioners, researchers in nutritional biochemistry, and people with health questions who are searching for non-medical health information.

Autism/Asperger’s, a Few Things to Ask

In the effort to address the rapidly increasing occurrence of autism, we have been finding excellent recommendations for dietary changes, detoxifying heavy metals, MSG, eliminating artificial colors and sweeteners, minimizing the onslaught of agricultural toxins, and offering help with Special-Ed classes.

There is consistent advice to keep these kids on a gluten-free diet, as they are almost invariably gluten-sensitive, but rather than just avoidance, it is essential to resolve the reasons for the gluten allergy. Avoidance reduces symptoms, but full resolution by identifying the emotional source, and releasing it through meridian channels, can clear up digestive and assimilation difficulties. It is also essential to detoxify pharmaceutical residue, release mercury, arsenic, formaldehyde, squalene and other vaccine contaminants, maintain an on-going process for releasing agricultural toxins, and stay with a completely organic diet.

Fluoride needs to be eliminated with a reverse osmosis filter system, and agricultural toxins like glyphosate, atrazine, chlorpyriphos, and Bt toxin all need to be continuously eliminated, (there is a good-tasting remedy that can do this) as kids pick up this stuff when they share food or visit friends, or come in contact with the shrubbery and lawns around their schools, and in parks where the family has picnics.

In addition to these protective measures, we have found that incorrectly constructed neurotransmitters are also causing mental dysfunction. Changing them back to their normal configuration can be a part of healing autism that most people haven’t thought of doing.

Our experience has led us to believe that autistic kids are absolutely normal kids. We think that they have fine intuitive skills and excellent brain-power, but there is a veil, like a shroud around them that they can’t push through, in order to express the gifts and feelings that they are painfully and acutely aware of. Their isolation is monumental. Many cannot speak, cannot take part in the family or the outside world, and they have no option but to disconnect and withdraw.

We decided to investigate another arena, thinking that possibly the neurotransmission could be rerouting signals into areas of the brain where they are not intended to go, or for some reason the receptor sites might not be receiving the signals in areas where they would ordinarily have been able to synapse.

Knowing that the body-consciousness is able to read images, we drew a few diagrams
of neurotransmitter molecules, placed the drawings near the client, and muscle-tested to ask the body if it recognized them. Actually, it did. Next, we asked if it could tell us if the transmitter configuration in the brain as the same or different from the drawing.

We found that it can. This indicates that the inner knowledge of the body-consciousness is intact, even when blockages prevent it from being brought out into verbal communication.

Through muscle testing, the body is capable of identifying the molecular errors that it perceives, and in answer to our detailed questions, it can give a detailed account of when the transmitter was changed, and why it happened. After that, the next thing is to ask is what it would suggest as a correction. Is it due to a nutritional deficiency? A toxin? Is the biofield of this area of the brain contracted by the memory of an injury to the head? Was this change made by an emotional decision? Do these transmitters really belong to the person we are testing? These are some of the questions to ask.

If a couple of aldehydes are substituted for what should have been methyls on the acetylcholine molecule, for example, or a sulfhydryl takes over one of the hydrogens, the signals are rerouted. They either signal for inappropriate action, or they are unable to reach the areas they were intended to reach.



Autism/Asperger’s, a Few Things to Ask

Acetylcholine with aldehydes attached

Inaccurate acetylcholine, inaccurate serotonin and dopamine and glycine can all contribute to the deactivation of synaptic capability that would otherwise have been available. When these molecular errors can be changed back to normal, it can sometimes make amazing changes for these kids.

The molecular structures of neurotransmitters can become corrupted not only by toxic exposure but also by emotional events that have lead to significant decisions, even prenatal or in infancy, and may have prompted the child to withdraw and disconnect. With muscle testing, it is possible to trace exactly when the transmitters were changed, and figure out why they became inaccurate. We ask the body-consciousness to pin-point early decisions that were perceived as protective at that time, but no longer are. It can help us locate the unique supplementation necessary to restore the correct neurological pathways.

Below are some of the molecular errors in the serotonin and dopamine that we have traced, in asking about reasons for incorrect brain transmission.


After resolving and correcting any errors that are causing transmitter deflection and incorrect synapsing, there are other very important issues to explore.

The synthesis of oxytocin, the bonding/nurturing hormone released from the pituitary, is another aspect of autism that must be attended to. It becomes significantly diminished when the drinking water is contaminated with chloramine. Chloramine captures manganese, which in turn prevents the synthesis of citrulline, an amino acid that is required for the utilization of vitamin D. The synthesis of oxytocin requires the presence manganese, as well as iodine, zinc, and vitamin C.

Zinc shortage shows up if the child has pyroluria, a condition that locks up B-6 and zinc, and that usually starts with a prenatal decision to disconnect. It is commonly seen with autism. Pyroluria is considered to be inherited, but we have found that it is easy to resolve it, so that zinc and B6 can be utilized as separate nutrients. Locate the time when that choice was made, it could occurred prenatally if the unborn one split out. This split can be addressed and muscle-tested, the fear or anger can be released from it, so that the separated part of the biofield can be rejoined with the presenting self.

Unless this is done, severe zinc shortage will drastically reduce the synthesis of oxytocin, and can be a major reason why many autistic kids are unable to recognize the impact of their actions, or connect to others with mutually affectionate concern

I will add that many of the autistic children I have seen have been emotionally responsive, and they connect lovingly with their family even though they are not able to express it verbally. Oxytocin shortage is not necessarily a part of that picture, although it can be.

Therapists and nutritionists are focusing on how to help autistic children who have been severely disabled. It is a very serious and tragic problem, and currently the solutions are limited. Incapacitating autism is thought to be close to 1 in 50, now. Asperger’s is the high-functioning form of this, which is why it is considered a spectrum, going all the way from incapacitated to very skilled, but there are some similarilties, in that Asperger’s people don’t connect with others as well as expected.

Even though vaccines are not the only cause, they have been identified as a major hazard for creating this form of brain dysfunction. The Hepatitis B for the new-born, and the triple live-virus MMR given to toddlers have been repeatedly implicated, particularly when combined with Tylenol, which is medically recommended to help with the fevers and headaches that often follow the vaccination.

Mercury and aluminum in other vaccines are also clearly a risk to brain neurotransmission, and fluoride causes depression, lowers the I.Q., lowers thyroxine and oxytocin. However, vaccines and fluoride are just one possible source. Heavy metals and aluminum can be detoxified easily with homeopathic remedies, and fluoride can be detoxified with DMAE.

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round-up not only can cause birth defects, but has also been identified as a significant source of autism. Since our exposure to glyphosate is pervasive, it is very difficult to tell how much damage it is causing, or whether it works synergistically with vaccine contaminants, or fluoride. For most people who do not eat organic food, other agricultural toxins are an additional risk, Bt-toxin, chlorpyrifos, atrazine etc. The damage for many might be marginal, but there may be cumulative effects. and the exposures are on-going. It may be affecting a lot more of us in a lot more ways than we realize.

The recommendations that I can offer, after releasing the basis for gluten allergy and other allergies, and cleaning up the water supply and telling the dentist “no more fluoride,” is to eat organic food. Go to the farmer’s markets, learn to use a pendulum to check the produce, eat only grass-fed beef and free-roaming organically fed chickens and their eggs, and grow as much of your own organic food as you have space for. Even then you will still be picking up glyphosate nearly everywhere else, the park, the shrubs around schools and offices are sprayed with it routinely, neighbors could be spraying it near you. Your own kitchen and garden may be perfect, but you are not isolated.

Not to become obsessive, you can relax. You can detoxify GMO contamintion. A homeopathic detoxifier is available, and you can ask your health practitioner about that. Can’t identify a specific remedy in a public venue, but if you are the client of a practitioner who knows about it, then when you eat at restaurants, or at friends homes where they are not as meticulous as you may be, you can take a few drops of your detoxifier when you get home that evening.

As for the vaccine question, my opinion may not be the same as yours. Some vaccines are important to have. Some are a risk. You need to find out which ones to trust, and whether to refuse certain ones. If you decide to refuse, you need to be ready to stand your ground, and get your facts clear. All the information is out there. Dr. Mercola, at has some excellent videos, interviews, and articles.

You can find out the pros pretty easily from the medical people and the main-stream media, and you can find out the cons with a little more in-depth reading. My suggestion is to not subject your healthy beautiful baby to a known risk that is potentially life-threatening, until you become fully aware of the risk, and decide to risk it. Many outbreaks of illnesses come about within fully vaccinated groups of kids, so apparently some of the vaccines don’t confer as much immunity as they are purported to do. Vaccines actually reduce the immune capability to infections of various kinds, and there are studies showing that vaccinated children have more asthma, more flus, colds, more digestive problems and infections than unvaccinated ones. Strong immunity really is a good protection. Vitamin D. Vitamin C. Clean water. Organic food.

When people tell you that your unvaccinated kid is putting their vaccinated kids at risk, remind them that since they surely must believe that the vaccinations are protecting them, by their own definition their vaccinated kids are not at risk. So what is all this wild fear of deadly exposure from the unvaccinated? It’s absolute nonsense.

On the other hand, problems could come up by the spreading of live viruses by vaccinated kids who breathe out these viruses for two or three weeks after their shot. I have a client who took care of her baby grandchild after he had been given the polio vaccine, and she caught polio, and is now crippled.

Measles, mumps, and chickenpox are normally mild childhood diseases that kids all used to get. They conferred life-long immunity, with harm to none. Consider that to avoid those illnesses, you agree to accept the possibility that your beautiful sparkling inquisitive child could suddenly lose his language skills, have multiple seizures, require non-stop care, and become unreachable for the rest of your lives together. After he grows up, where can he go,what will he do when you are not there?

On the other hand, maybe he’ll be just fine, no problem. Lots of kids can handle 38 vaccines by the time they are a year and a half. The shots include repeated doses of mercury, aluminum, MSG, formaldehyde, cells from aborted fetuses, some have live viruses, cells from infected monkeys or pigs, and adjuvants to intensify the brain inflammation. Many children come through it with no visible damage.

When the nurse brings that loaded needle toward your child’s arm, ready to inject, it will cross your mind to imagine, at that moment, what you are willing to go through, what you are willing to put your family through, and how will you feel about yourself, and how will that dear child feel, in case this vaccine destroys his speech, and the future that he might otherwise have had. Then the needle goes in. You trust that he will be all right. Everybody says it’s the right thing to do. You will make that choice 38 times before he is two.

In making decisions about vaccination, we need to figure out how much collatoral damage is acceptable. How many children is it OK to disable? One in 50, which is what we are doing now? One in 30? Is one in every ten kids too many? How many is too many? How many helpful grandmothers is it OK to cripple? We need to weigh the hazards, and decide if they are worth the promised benefits.

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