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Bioenergy Balancing Center®

The cat’s purr is a healing vibration
Rocks and water receive and reflect your feelings
Birds can guide you to higher realms
Fish can take you into a deep inner journey
Plants that you take care of will care about you
We thank the bugs for sustaining the balance among the life forms

If your body could talk to you

What do you think it would say?

When you talk to your body, it does respond!  The physical body is surrounded by an invisible halo, called the bioenergy field.  The biofield “talks” with vibrations.  At the Balancing Center we can translate this vibrational language so that you can find out what your body wants to tell you.

By showing variations in your muscle strength, your biofield can reveal subconscious opinions and feelings.  You can hear answers to your questions, discover your ability to make new choices, and tune in to the beauty of your inner world.

If you are puzzled about what foods to eat, your biofield can identify its nutritional needs.

If you are uncomfortable, your biofield may be able to guide you toward resolution.

If you have allergies, your biofield can help you figure out why, and help to release them.

If you have an emotional question, we listen while your biofield explores your solutions.

If you would like more energy, your biofield can lead you to an inner discovery.

To create and sustain vital energy, we have a beautiful medicine wheel.