the Biofield
What is it, and what does it mean?
These illustrations of the cat, the grasshopper, and the flowers, show how the auric fields surrounding them would look to us, if they were visible to our eyes. Some people with extrasensory perception are able to see this. Animals see these auric fields, and this capability gives them an essential source of information needed for understanding and responding to their environment.

The physical forms of all living things are cradled within their own vibrational field of consciousness. When you look at plants, animals, and people, you are seeing the visible forms that have crystallized within the envelope of their non-visible force field. This invisible envelope is their bioenergy field, or auric field.

To people with psychic vision, your biofield, or aura, shows up as a translucent halo around your body. The biofield includes the chakras, the psychic magnets that connect us together emotionally, and it includes the meridians, the slender rivers of light that flow throughout the body carrying vibrational information to the tissues. The biofield is brilliantly enhanced whenever you feel happy and successful. If your situation becomes difficult, the biofield contracts, and will create protective strategies to help you handle the difficulty.

Protective strategies, at one time essential, tend to continue long after the threatening situation is over. Out-dated reactions based upon the past can become a hindrance, and may limit your perception and narrow your choices, by drawing you back into fear-based patterns.

Your conscious mind is not usually aware of messages from your body-consciousness. At the Balancing Center, however, we translate its "voice"so that you can hear it. Your body-consciousness can coax you toward the release of unresolved emotional decisions that may still be maintaining metabolic errors, and causing physical symptoms.

Metabolic errors take the form of enzyme repression, or inaccuracies in the way you are processing the biochemical cascades of your amino acids, even errors in the molecular construction of your hormones. Changes in your physical process often reflect emotional decisions. These changes can show up as a diverse array of health problems, allergies, depression, or digestive difficulty, muscle tension or joint pain.

Toxic substances can also create many of these effects. Sometimes an uncomfortable symptom will have no emotional basis at all, it might be due entirely to a toxic exposure. But once the toxin is identified, it can almost always be released.

No matter what adaptive dysfunction your body is experiencing, your body-consciousness still remembers exactly how to synthesize the required enzymes and hormones, how to utilize amino acids, how to initiate muscular movement, and how to maintain conscious awareness.

This inner knowledge is what engages internal healing forces. When you activate this force within you, and focus your intention, you can often move toward self healing.

Your body-consciousness cannot give you a physical diagnosis. When you make a vibrational change, it sends a different wave-form to your physical structures. If you are receptive to change, it will have an impact that will eventually create a cellular shift.

However, the biofield does not perceive your physical systems directly, nor can it predict with any certainty what changes will occur, or when, regarding your physical health. Sometimes unexpected things intervene, or perhaps you may be hesitant to allow yourself to make the shift. In that case more work would need to be done before you could experience a positive physical change.

Balancing Center practitioners always suggest that you connect with the medical system when there is any possibility that a medically treatable disease may be in process.


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