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The Effects of Accumulated Toxins

Accumulated toxic substances such as fluoride, MSG, aspartame, heavy metals, petroleum products, xenoestrogens, pesticides, rBST, fabric softeners, perfumes, solvents, toxic additives in food, vaccination toxicity, microwave effects, EMFs, radioactive exposures and other harmful environmental exposures can affect hormone feedback systems, causing unpredictable behavior, brain-fogging, and incorrect neurotransmission.


Fluoride is an industrial waste product. Some comes from the effluent of aluminum

fluoride damage

processing plants, and toxic residue from fertilizer processing. Having no inexpensive way to dispose of it, some aluminum processing companies have cleverly persuaded people that fluoride prevents cavities. The "studies," funded by the people who want to sell it, sound convincing. On this basis they have persuaded the public, many dentists, and city officials to medicate our drinking water.

Even if fluoride were beneficial, we should still be allowed to have a choice about taking medication. We should be able to decide for ourselves to take fluoride pills if we believe that what was once rat-poison has now suddenly become a nutritional requirement.

Fluorosilicate is the form of fluoride that is commonly added to the municipal water supply. It comes from waste effluent of chemical fertilizer plants, and contains many other toxic metals as well as the fluoride. People in artificially fluoridated communities who are aware of this hazard must now buy bottled water, or install a costly reverse-osmosis system to restore their water to the purity that it had in the first place.

Fluorosilicates ionize and separate out in a fluid medium into fluorine and the silicate fraction. They accumulate in the tissues over time, creating connective tissue disorders that eventually contribute to osteoarthritis and bone spurs, brittle breakable bones, and in some cases, bone cancer. Upon reviewing the research by Roger Masters, at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, we have found that his assertion is correct, that the silicates are retained more fully in the cells than the fluorine, and they actually present more of a hazard than what we are observing about the fluorine itself. Upon his suggestion we have made more inquiries about the separate action of the silicates and the fluorine, and have found that DMAE addresses both of these hazards.

What we have found is that fluorosilicates lower the white cell count, diminish the immune response, slow neurotransmission in the brain, and create clinical depression and mental fogging. Unless these are looked as a separate fraction of the fluorosilicate molecule, it would appear that "fluoride," the common nomenclature that encompasses all the fluoridated combinations, does all the above.

The fluorine fraction significantly interferes with thyroid hormones by replacing the iodine in thyroxine, and renders a significant amount of thyroxine inoperative. This causes hypothyroidism that is not detected by medical testing. The number of molecules is the same, but a certain percentage of them are ineffective. The medical tests, measuring the pituitary’s thyroid stimulating hormone, say you’re fine. But, for some odd reason you have obvious symptoms of hypothyroidism. This is actually an epidemic that has not been fully acknowledged.

In the following books that we recommend, the distinction between fluorine and silicate has not been made, but we are recommending two gripping and well-written books that will give you an idea of the depth of the unconscienable brain-numbing scam that created popular trust in the "virtues" of fluoride. The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson, and Fluoride, the Aging Factor by Dr. John Yamouyannis.



MSG is now being added to almost every canned, frozen, and processed food, and it is allowed to be concealed, on the package labels, as "natural flavors," and various other euphemisms. MSG is a common source of migraine headaches, and asthma. It tends to accumulate in nerve tissue, collecting in the receptor sites of acetylcholine, diminishing the transmission of this vital neurotransmitter that would otherwise keep us thinking clearly. Acetylcholine (ACh) is required for long-term memory and word-retrieval, and it keeps muscles responsive and strong.

MSG impairs brain function and rapid muscle response, by partially crowding the ACh out of their receptor sites. It also overwhelms the glutamate transmitters in the hippocampus within the limbic brain, interfering significantly with short term memory. In this way MSG contributes to cognitive dementia, just as fluoride does.

The remedy is incredibly simple: N-Acetyl Cysteine, readily available at any health store, shown on the label usually as NAC. Many companies make this, you can find it easily, and it can clear up "fuzzy brain" quite amazingly, if MSG toxicity is what has been causing fuzzy brain.

In our clinical practice we have found that MSG not only creates cognitive loss, asthma and migraine headaches, it also clogs specific pores in the prostate gland so that oxytocin, a hormone from the pituitary, can't access the prostate tissues where it is needed.

Oxytocin synthesis requires iodine, manganese, zinc, and vitamin C. This occurs in the hypothalamus, is sent down and stored in the pituitary gland, and is also synthesized in the prostate. We find that in many cases of prostate enlargement, improving the synthesis of oxytocin has allowed the prostate to resume its correct size. Like the thyroid gland that enlarges when it is searching for Iodine, (forming a goiter) our observation has been that the prostate, too, enlarges when it is searching for what it needs---in this case it is not iodine, but oxytocin---and it is interesting to note that iodine is one of elements that oxytocin requires. This connection has not been made in mainstream or even naturopathic or alternative medicine, since we have made that discovery here at the Balancing Center.

However, the big caveat is that unless the body is freed from a toxic load of MSG, this possible solution will not show any clinical improvement.



Aspartame, an artifical sweetener that appears in "diet" drinks and "diet" foods, is a neurological toxin. It contains wood alcohol, which turns into formaldehyde in the liver, ovaries, and other places. This is a fairly serious poison. Oddly enough, rather than helping with weight loss by reducing sugar intake, it causes weight gain, bcause the liver identifies it as a toxin, and creates more fat reserves, in order to store it in fat tissue.

The FDA has linked aspartame to 92 symptoms including paralysis, blindness, neuroses, sexual dysfunction, asthma, diabetes, chronic fatigue, epileptic siezures, and death by heart failure. According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly 500,000 Americans each year are dropping dead from cardiac arrest. A growing coalition of physicians and researchers believe aspartame is behind many of these, and may account for other unexplained deaths.

Even though the FDA acknowledges incredible health hazards, aspartame continues to be approved, and is used without restraint. The antidote to this toxin appears to be N-Acetyl-Cysteine, the same detoxifier that releases MSG.


Toxic Metals

Mercury is the first on our list of toxicmetals. It is one of the most poisonous metals on the earth. It shows up in "silver" fillings that are half mercury, leaching into our mouths, and as thermerisol in vaccines, and as industrial waste released into the ocean that contaminate fish, notably swordfish, tuna and other large fish at the top of the food chain. The new mercury light bulbs contain it, offering significant but unacknowledged exposure to those who use them, and eventually these broken bulbs will end up in garbage dumps, leaching into the atmosphere and the water supply.

Aluminum is a hazard that has not been emphasized but information about aluminum toxicity is starting to surface as a significant hazard to the brain. It is an important aspect in the etiology of not only Alzheimer's but autism.The exposures we experience that we are warned about, like deoderant and aluminum pans for cookng, are minor compared to the aluminum that is injected into our children from vaccines, and the flood of nano-aluminum that we are being drenched with from the aeorsol plumes from planes above us, thanks to the US Army Geoenegineering weather modification program. We usually refer to these bright stripes of white in the sky, sometimes criss-crossing, as chemtrails.

Barium and Strontium are highly toxic and also being dropped by chemtrails along with their insidious disease-producing pathogens, so this source of metal contamination and health hazards need to be identified and released.

Lead is another really serious one, accumulated from paint fumes, and old plumbing pipes that release lead when the water contains chloramine. Lead used to be in the gasoline, so you may find older clients who have accumulated lead from that, at an earlier time.

Cadmium comes up, as well as radioative polonium, from smoking cigarettes. It also comes from old pipes that were galvanized with zinc, as zinc often carries cadmium with it. Welders are exposed to it if they weld anything with cad-iridite finishes, and there are many other industrial exposures from other occupational hazards.

Radioactive metal hazards are very real, too. Fukushima has been blowing invisible clouds in our direction for a couple of years now, and the oceans from northern California to Alaska are carrying a fair amount of it, so it is showing up in the Alaskan fish. New releases and hazards continue, as this facility is still out of control, unprotected tanks are breaking open and infiltrating the ocean with fresh doses of radioactive material. There are also some impending radioactive hazards coming down from Hanford, in Washington State, and Lawrence Livermore Lab does “routine releases” which sound mild and acceptable, but many of our clients from Tracy and Dublin are revealing radioactive contamination, and they need homeopathic detoxifiers now and then.

We have an array of detoxifiers her, from various companies we work with. Most of these are homeopathics that open up the release channels, so that clients can let go of them easily without side-effects. Homeopathic remedies don’t literally capture the metals, they simply open up the pathway, and you do the rest. There are ways to deal with metal toxicity that we find quite easy and fast, compared to the cumbersome and fairly costly chelation approach, but chelation also works very well.

Vaccination damage

The effects of vaccination often show up as neurological distortions and deficits. In

some cases, vaccination appears to be the cause of crib death. The breathing apparatus is not fully established at birth when the hepatitis B shot is given, or even by the age of eight weeks when the DPT vaccine is usually given. These vaccines deliver mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, MSG, and cells from other animals. At that age, detoxification routes are not yet established by the liver and gallblader, so the metals become lodged in the brain.

Vaccines also inhibit the immature neurological circuits involved in breathing, for some babies. The breathing reflex is well-established by the time the child is one and a half or two, so crib-death due to vaccination would not be a hazard if these shots were postponed.

Two major hazards of vaccinations are that they are laced with mercury in a very easily absorbed form, ethylmercury, known as thimerosal, and also aluminum. Autism has been observed repeatedly as a result of vaccination, and the symptoms are virtually identical to mercury poisoning. The effect of aluminum is very similar, and equally disturbing.

Measles vaccine in the MMR shot, one that does not contain mercury, has been specifically implicated in the etiology of autism. In 1978, autism occurred in about one in 10,000 children. In 2005 the figure has been placed at about one in 150 children. By 2011, it was thought to be close to one in 100, and the latest for 2013 is that it is one in 50.

The amping up of the vaccination programs is relatively new. As a result of the accumulation of mercury, and correlary vaccine toxins such as squalene, formaldehyde, and others, it is inevitable that many infants will become mentally and physically disabled, if they are injected with these substances to "protect" them from hepatitis B, which is scarcely a hazard to a newborn baby on the first or second day of birth. Vaccine damage, coupled with the effect of glyphosate exposure by Monsanto's Roundup, and ingesting "Roundup Ready" contaminated foods, has caused the autism rate to surge.

These damaged children are often quite gifted. They are not intellectually impaired, they are simply unable to use the gifts that are already there. They cannot access the brain transmitters that would have allowed them to connect with others, and fully access their gifts. We have no long-term clinical evidence of this, as our experience with autism is quite limited---but we have observed that there is a substitution of aldehyde radicals for a few of the methyls, in a substantial number of the acetylcholine molecules. This would reroute normal transmission pathways, and many signals would be deflected to inappropriate synaptic receivers. If this is true, this could be very important. Molecular errors can usually be changed, once we know where they are located, and when and why they occurred.

We often see the effects of multiple vaccines in brain-compromised children. Without being specific, we detoxify the inflammatory squalene, the mercury, aluminum, and other additives and toxins that we detect, and are able to track and reverse the errors that these compounds have made in the construction of a few of the brain neurotransmitters. This usually makes a remarkable difference.

The Shingles vaccine side effects can be quite difficult, and the array of detoxification we have available can definitely help, but our recommendation is to avoid this. Keep your immune system high, get enough sleep, eat organic, and walk a mile or two every day. 

 Flu shots don’t work unless you already have a strong immune system, since the shots work by engaging your immune system, to respond to the stimulus that has entered the blood. Ironically with the kind of powerful immune system you need to have to respond to the vaccine challenge, it is unlikely that you would get the flu anyway, so you’re OK already without the shot. We seem to be running into a few oxymorons when we talk about this. That is probably because at some level none of it makes much sense.

These shots contain mercury and various inflammatory adjuvants, usually they are laced with mycoplasma, (perhaps inadvertently) and many people find that they come down with flu after taking the shot. The people who make the vaccine have no idea what kind of flu will show up during the next “flu season” so their formulations are total guesswork.

Flu shots have been shown to be useless for elderly people. Every successive shot of mercury they take will draw them closer to dementia. My recommendation, especially for the elderly, is to say “no” to the shots, and “yes” to lots of vitamin D, C, and A and zinc, organic food, 15 or 20 minute mild workout, and a nice walk in the fresh air, on a sunny day without sunsceen.


Household Hazards, Petroleum Compounds

There are so many hazards among household products and laundry supplies that it’s hard to pinpoint any one thing. General advice would be to avoid scented stuff, scented candles, air fresheners, and commercial laundry soap particularly. Use organic non-scented laundry detergent to be on the safe side. The most popular four-letter detergent causes rashes, itching and inflammation in a great many people, most of which is ascribed to other causes.

Clients can bring in their own products to be tested if any of them come under suspicion, in the search for unidentified sensitivities and allergies.  Perfumes can be a trigger if Mom wore perfume only when she went out and left the child with a sitter. Toxins on flea collars can cause reactions too, and you can tell your clients to avoid flea spray and ant spray. You can pretty easily figure these things out with muscle testing, and suggest other options.

Petroleum reactions can be triggered by exposure to the gas stove, kerosene lanterns, MTBE, raw gasoline at the pumps, exhaust fumes, or diesel, any of these can be a hazard. Airplane fuel, barbeque lighter fluid, check all of the things your client is exposed to. Could be bringing up past lives, or just the smell of oil in the garage, associated with an emotionally uncomfortable Dad who was always tinkering with the car or the motorcycle, etc.



Electromagnetic frequency exposure has exploded unbelievably in recent years. We are exposing ourseles, and an entire generation of kids, to the intense vibrations of cell phones and electronic hand-held gadgets of all kinds. When you hold a cell phone up to your ear, the brain becomes intensely overactive. Glucose burns furiously as the brain heats up and reacts to these frequencies. There is clear evidence that cell phones---a well as the remote phones at home---dramatically increase the chance for brain cancers. Cancer doesn't usually come "out of the blue."

EMFs are being emitted from cell towers, from computers, routers, microwave ovens, and a huge blast is sent from smart meters. The collective effect is silent and invisible, and overwhelming to the biofield of living beings. It disorients bird migration signals, and is a significant contributing factor, along with pesticides, in the disorientation of bees.

We have found, in our exploration of what EMFs do to people, that they affect the limbic brain, and the glands in the brain, the pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus, basal ganglia and thalamus. Very likely the amygdala and the hippocampus are also significantly affected when the cell phone is held close to the temporal lobe, since they are both right above the ear. It is likely to affect the ears, and the facial nerves, and upset balance of the TMJ as well.

This will have---is already having---a profound effect upon the synthesis of the substances needed for our emotional and hormonal balance, immune system, and the interaction of all of these delicate systems that communicate with such precision, to support our lives. The effects are untraceable and incalculable. Best defense is to locate a simple little device that will protect the body from this barrage, without interfering with the efficacy of the EMFs. These devices are available and will become more so, as more people perceive the urgent need for this kind of protection. That still doesn’t protect the animals or the plants.



False estrogens can be released from the ourgassing of some commonly used plastic materials. The most pliable forms of plastic contain an xenoestrogenic toxin called Bis-phenol-A, which has been receiving recent attention, and it is also contained to some extent even within the harder plastics that we have been considering "safe" for use as water containers. We need to revise this assessment, and say that they are "safer," but unless they have a label stating that they do not contain Bis-phenol-A, we need to be very careful not to let them get overheated. Often the new products that are proclaimed to be safe, now that BPAhas been removed, may have another compound substituted that is inconspicuous but equally detrimental. Glass is actually the best.

These soft bottles can outgas toxins.

These bottles are glass, and they do not outgas,

The water that was placed in these plastic bottles may have been impeccable and perfect in the beginning, but the bottles outgas toxins into the water, accumulating xenoestrongens particularly in the heat. Their effect is to trick the pituitary into thinking that there are high estrogens present in the blood. Then the pituitary's hormone, FSH, follicle stimulating hormone, doesn't request the required supply of estrogens, as it otherwise would have. The effect would be that estrogens would become depleted.

The pituitary's signaling system reads xenoestrogens as real estrogens. They are not estrogens, and they can not serve as a substitute. Therefore, the body becomes deprived of the healthy estrogens that the pituitary would otherwise have been able to request. Along with the addition of GMO, Round-up exposure, and vaccines that are calcuated to reduce feritilty, this may account, in part, for the rising infertility and miscarriages we are seeing. These are factors for the early menopause so many young women are experiencing. Sometimes estrogen shortage can be alleviated by natural progesterone cream, since progesterone creates estrogens, as part of the sequence in the choleterol cascade. Another way to raise estrogen would be to raise the level of the "bad" cholestrol that synthesizes the hormone cascade from pregnelolone through progesterone, androstenodione, testosterone, and if you are a woman, testosterone synthesizes estrogens. Healthy progesterone creates whatever subsequent hormones are needed.

Progesterone also synthesizes the adrenal hormones, and progesterone, in its own right, prevents estrogen dominance. It not only protects bones from calcium depletion, but replenishes low bone density that shows up as osteoporosis. Progesterone replenishes bone strength by recruiting calcitonin, one of the hormones from the thyroid. Calcitonin picks up blood calcium, delivers it to the osteoblasts that transport it to the areas of bone depletion. With the help of vitamin K, this replenishes any bones that have become depleted. This applies to men as well as women, as all of us have progestrone as a resource.

The effect of xenoestrogens on men also appears to be less than favorable. Follicle stimulating hormone regulates the level of Leydig cells in the testicles. Leydig cells are the resource for nurturing and developing sperm. If the follicle stimulating hormone receives the message that there enough Leydig cells, it will stop requesting them. "Xeno-leydig cells" should be suggested as another possible hazard. Our testing at the Balancing Center indicates that plastic outgassing does contribute to fertility loss for men. More progesterone would be helpful here, and natural progesterone cream may be as helpful for men as it is for women.

It is also true that low adrenal hormones, as well as low estrogen or testosterone, is caused by very low cholesterol. These hormones are derived from progestrone, coming form "bad" cholesterol. (LDL is a pretty good resource!) Low cholesterol is a contributing factor in poor memory and word-retrieval problems. If you are experiencing shortages, it would be useful to check with your health professional, to find out what may be contributing to cholesterol insufficiency. Sometimes just verbally asking your liver to make the appropriate amounts of cholesterol is enough to raise it to the required level. We have found that 185 to 210 is optimal. Even though this differs from the medical model, we have found that 220 is still OK. We believe that anything around 200 of accurate cholesterol is optimal.



This is a toxic additive that has been put into the water, in many communities.

It kills fish in the fishtank, and there are warnings that it must never be used in a dialysis machine, apparently it is known to be quite toxic, and must not enter the blood. It is a purification agent that has superceded chlorine. Unlike chlorine, it cannot be boiled off, nor can it be distilled out. The olecule is so small that it follows the distillate, and shows up in the distilled water, if the water used in the distiller had chloramine in it. The Reverse Osmosis filtration is the only filtration system that will delete it, that we know of, but surely there must be others. There are energy-field enhancing devices that will either nullify it, or prevent the body from being affected by it.

The health hazards of chloramine that we are observing have not been substantiated by any scientific inquiry, as far as I know, but I can report what we have consistantly been seeing here for several years, at the Balancing Center. We have been told by our City that chloramine is absolutely safe. They send out flyers with lovely pictures of water, saying that when we drink water with chloramine, it is always detoxified in the body. That could certainly be true for people who are taking mineral supplements that contain manganese, but is it really safe for everybody who doesn't take a supplement? Is it safe for babies in their formula? Safe for ill poeple, or elderly people, unless they know how to compensate for this?

No tests, that I am aware of, have been run that have verified that this contamination is safe for humans. If it kills fish, one might guess that we need to be on the alert. The Balancing Center has come up with years of consistent clinical data on its effects.

The hazard that we have observed consistently in our clients at the Balancing Center is that chloramine appears to either capture or disable the action of the trace mineral manganese. The result is that vitamin D availability is so diminished that calcium can't enter the blood easily. Unless the client is taking a supplement that contains manganese, they are at risk not only for osteoporosis, but will have a significant shortage of oxytocin.

When the kidney is deprived of adequate Vitamin D, it can't release enough bicarbonate to regulate the blood pH. One of the many tasks of the kidney is to neutralize blood acidity. When the blood turns slightly acidic, oxygen uptake and transport are diminished. This causes fatigue, and allows susceptibility to illnesses that flourish in an acidic low-oxygen medium, such as various blood disorders, skin tags, muscle dysfunction, and ultimately it may surface as cancer.

Another hazard of a manganese shortage is that it creates a shortage of oxytocin, a significant factor in prostate enlargement, and we may also notice a general loss of connection to nurturing or protective impulses, which the hormone oxytocin produces. With diminished oxytocin, women experience less powerful contractions during the birthing process, and consequently long labor that eventually would require painful Ptocin injections to bring about the delivery, or perhaps even a Ceaserian operation would be required.

Without adequate oxytocin, breast milk is less available, and this is very disheartening to young mothers who looked forward to breastfeeding, and being able to protect their babies in that way. These are all quite significant effects that may be observed as the result of chloramine contamination, but most likely would be ascribed to various other causes.

Not very many medical people, or even many alternative health practitioners, will trace these difficulties to the presence of chloramine, unless more studies are made, and the information about managanese supplementation is more widely publicized.

Many toxins create inaccurate enzyme and hormone synthesis, disrupt the connective tissue, and derail the immune system. Fortunately, if you ask your body-consciousness to identify the toxins that it is trying to cope with, it will. Then, if it is presented with a choice of various samples, it can select the detoxifier that it prefers.

Agricultural Toxins

Two of the major toxins we’re seeing that are causing difficult symptoms for our clients  are the herbicide glyphosate, delivered to us as Round-up, which is pretty much everywhere, and the pesticide Bt Toxin, which is concentrated in genetically modified corn and soy.  This form of corruption is called "GMO," Genetically Modified Organisms.

Along with these two, we are receiving chlorpyrifos, atrazine, and numerous other very dangerous substances that are being doused all over our food from the crop-dusting planes that fly over the fields.

“Round-up Ready” is the name given to seeds that have been genetically modified to withstand the assault of the herbicide Round-up. The weeds will die, but the GM crop will survive. Then as these modified crops grow, they can be heavily sprayed, and be unharmed. In spite of the biotech disclaimers, the herbicide spray is not harmless to animals or people. Unless we eat organic food, it permeates the food we are eating. Even if we are 100% organic, Round-up is sprayed into our parks, golf courses, on the grass and shrubs around schools, condominiums, around public buildings, and along the streets. It is freely available at any hardware store, or any garden supply that sells plants. Many people use it liberally on their lawns and surrounding shrubs, believing that it is safe, the best way to “control” little weeds and poison oak.

It has been added to animal feed, so that animals and chickens that are given this feed deliver these toxins to us, when we eat their meat. Non-organic CAFO animals are forced to eat feed that has been genetically modified, but the animals all know that this feed has been seriously contaminated. Given a choice, animals will always choose to eat from the bin that contains regular feed, and will never touch the bin with GM feed, unless that’s all there is, and they are starved into it.

For the animals, it causes painful intestinal distress, muscle weakness, cancer tumors, abortions, or if they can deliver, their babies are likely to have skeletal deformities and many will die painfully in infancy.

Ultimately these animals will become sterile. Farmers are repeatedly observing this, but have no arena to speak up publicly. No one in charge is listening. This looks to me as though glyphosate will wipe out the entire meat and the dairy industry within a few years. How could it not? I haven’t heard anyone say this, so far, but it seems obvious.

Could the same health effects happen to us? Or to our kids? Should we just wait and see? Or, should we decide to go 100% organic? Maybe we need to grow our own organic food or share a garden with a neighbor, and protect each other. And possibly there is a metaphysical tool that would transform GMO food by vibrationally deleting the toxins, upon the occasion when we can’t be 100%, or we want to eat out. This is an option. There are tools, and there are detoxifying homeopathics that really do work, and should be made available to everyone.

We have seen that the symptoms of glyphosate exposure include nausea, headaches, lethargy, burning itchy rashes, acne, eczema, chronic fatigue, dizziness, diabetes, autism, learning disabilities, fetal bone deformities, spontaneous abortion, and allergic-like symptoms that aren't due to any allergy that we can identify.

Next we need to talk about Bt Toxin, and describe the problems we are seeing. This is a pesticide that has been genetically embedded into the tissues of corn and soy. If a bug lands on the surface of these plants, it explodes. The toxin permeates the structure of the food, so that if people eat it, they absorb it. It goes to the large intestine, corrupts the DNA of the intestinal flora, and converts it into pesticide factories.

This continues permanently unless the afflicted person can take a remedy that would return the corrupted DNA back to normal. Without access to that remedy, from then on the DNA is programmed to continuously spew toxic pesticides into the body. The pesticides exude substances that have negative effects on many other systems that would be misinterpreted as various illnesses, but not be likely to yield to the available remedies.. .

I wish to caution you, as a practitioner, not to blame your clients for having these problems, nor can you assume they are all caused by unresolved emotional issues. Please promise that you will never say to your troubled and frightened client “What did you do to create that? You must have attracted it.” Some things do come to us from outside us. We didn’t create everything out there, contrary to the popular New Age theory that everything that isn’t OK in our lives, and in the world, is specifically our fault. Often people do contribute to creating a problem that looks as though it came from outside, and we can work with that, but in this case I don’t think so.

Locate the remedies, and be present with how it feels to have been subjected to the health hazards that your clients are experiencing. Be comforting. Your remedies will help them. Just as you don’t blame them, don’t let them blame themselves. That is a downer for the biofield. Be supportive and encouraging, without making promises, and run their spleen meridians to release any self-blame.

These disastrous agricultural toxins are combined with aspartame, fluoride, MSG, vaccine damage, biochemical errors due to food allergies, plus the Chemtrail showering of toxic metals, mycoplasma and other disabling pathogens, on top of toxic pharmaceuticals intended to disrupt natural functions in order to suppress a symptom. This will give you an idea about what is happening in America. I find it astounding that any of us are still functioning. It is almost overwhelming for us, as alternative health practitioners, to cope with what people are presenting, figure out what is causing what, find the remedies that will release these things, and bring the body back into a healthy balance.

We can, though. We do have the remedies, and they do work. It is frustrating beyond belief to think of the millions of intelligent, productive, creative, and loving people who are experiencing these problems, and have no way to find a solution, when there really is one, and they are being told by the Docs that it is all in their head, (code for “your fault.”) They are dismissed, told that there is no solution.

For the most part, the medical community is not informed. Clearly the information is available, otherwise we would not know about it. However, we need to keep in mind that the Docs are not in a good position. They are under heavy constraints, for one thing the Chemtrails are distributing man-made bioweapons, and this isn't supposed to be addressed openly through the medical community. They have been invented with the deliberate intention of falling outside the realm of pharmaceutical solutions.

The Docs can’t really let themselves search for the tools that could address these strange unidentifiable complaints. If the patient’s presenting symptoms don’t yield to pharmaceutical intervention, they are off limits, accordng to their Medical Board, and likely there are insurance constraints as well. There are some who acknowledge the presence and the effects of mycoplasma, but their remedy is invariably antibiotics, and antibiotics don't address mycoplasma---or Babesia, Erlichia, or Lyme's---very effectively. It helps some, over time, but nothing like the efficacy of a homeopathic medicinal mushroom combination, or an elixir made from some wild exotic plant from the Amazon rain forest.

To protect the medical mythology, a threatening agenda has been constructed to assure that alternative information will not be made available on any broad scale. The minute we become too conspicuous, we become trageted, and we are at risk. We need to be very cautious about publicizing the solutions that we have found, both to protect ourselves and to protect our suppliers who have formulated these wonderfully effective efficient solutions.

No matter how frustrating this is, we need to learn to work around it, deal with it, and not let it blow out our chakras. We can still connect effectively with integrative physicians, naturopaths, osteopaths, and chiropractors. We can access our like-minded community, and we can find support, cautiously making trustworthy connections among them.


The FDA has not evaluated these suggestions, nor has any other scientific forum in the field of health or nutrition. This information is not intended to heal, cure, or prevent any illness or condition. If you experience any illness or symptom described in the above discussions about toxic health effects, we suggest that you seek medical care.


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