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Metaphysical Tools that we use at the Balancing Center

Most of the vibrational work we do with clients is done with our hands, in combination with the intuitive imagery we project to the client's biofield. To invite clients to shift the symptoms they are experiencing, we engage their intention, so that they can participate emotionally as we entrain the biofield and coax it to move toward resolution.

There are times when our intentional hand-tools need extra reinforcement. In that case, we have the option to call upon the additional power of our metaphysical tools.

Metaphysical tools carry vibrations that can focus our thoughts, and draw in energy fields that would otherwise be beyond our reach, and they often achieve results that exceed our personal skills. Below are pictures of some of our healing tools, and a description of what they can do. Because they have been invested with high-frequency cosmic energy, they can raise the vibrational capability not only of us, as practitioners, but can invite enhanced conscious awareness within the client.

The Main Alter: Crystals, candles, and high-energy artifacts are on our alter in the Eastern exposure, where many unseen friends are gathered. The centerpiece is the Dreamcatcher, a sculpture by John Kapel. We have a picture of Sai Baba, and Che Guevara, and many other powerful spirit-beings are in this space whose pictures are not visible.

We can call upon them, and other unseen friends of the Balancing Center, to enter into our work. Sacred drums and a very large rainstick have been placed in this area. The Mexican ceremonial dog mask,with goat horns, is present to receive and transform unfavorable vibrations. As we are working, sometimes spirit beings enter the room. They either release a trickle of stones that click down the rain stick, or they strike one of the drums to announce themselves. Often an unseen friend will strike a drum to affirm an insight that the client recognizes as an Ah-ha moment.


Our Medicine Wheel, in the Ute Tradition, is in the North exposure. The four directions engage Buffalo, Eagle, Deer and Cougar, and this was given to us by Joseph Real, a.k.a. Beautiful Painted Arrow.The Ute power animals can create a tremendous channel of healing when they are invited to focus on a specific area of dysfunction in the physical body. They can also be called upon to participate in creating favorable outcomes for an event, as long as the outcome has been visualized with integrity, and with harm to none.


The Tibetan Phurba is used for exorcising demonic presences that occasionally show up. This is an intensely powerful tool from the Tibetan tradition, which we use very rarely. When there is a need for it, it is astonishing.The invasive destructive spirit-being is disempowered, and its connection to the client's process can be eliminated.


Photon-gathering plates, made by Aaron Rosewater, can center a diffused or shattered biofield and allow it to return to the physical body structures, if it has been blown out by intense emotionally disintegrating experiences or heavy-duty drugs. We have six of these plates, and they can be placed in strategic positions in the room, sometimes used synergistically with the Stirwands, to create an incredible healing self-organizing field. They not only invoke very high matrix energy for biofield stabilization, but close auric portals to prevent the reentry of unwanted spirit-beings. They were designed to work with water, and tap into forces beyond us, by communicating freely and easily with off-planet consciousness. Unfortunately these discs are no longer available.

This is a beautiful little Eco-laser, a very interesting tool that emits an intense green light. There are five tips to choose from, and two inserts that can go inside the tips. When it is holding the + sign it can scan the room and clear all the negative vibrations out of the room. The --- straight line tip is the one that is usually used for clearing spaces, doorways, windows, or portals of entry to seal them from intrusive vibrations.

When we use this tool with clients, we find that some people prefer the point, some the circular light pattern, and some work best with the arrow. We have observed that the Eco-laser beam often has a disruptive effect on the biofields of mycoplasma and other parasite vibrations, so that the immune system can get a better grip.

These frequences reach long-distance clients when we send them on the phone. The phone itself does not really transmit them, they go directly to the client's biofield as soon as the beam shines into the aura. This can cause a rapid healing, but an intense rapid healing is not always advisable. There are times when a more gradual shift is better. We always ask the body-consciousness if this is the right thing to do. We ask which tip the body prefers, and shine the light pattern on a neutral place, and then ask if it would be helpful to shine it on the targeted place, before we proceed.


The Egyptian architect and inventor, Ibrahim Karim, has invented a graphic pattern that can be placed on cell phones, to minimize the effect of the EMF frequency. The design has been patented, and cannot be shown here unless we receive permission from Dr. Karim. After we have his consent, we will be able to display this pattern.

There is a CD that we highly recommend by Dr. Karim called Energy Balancing IKEB that reveals a beautiful vibrational field when it is played. It feels as though it "fills" you somehow, opening up chakras that need to be lighted up, and deepening the focus of meditation. It is totally silent. When it is played to Spurling's Harmonizers, they become more capable of projecting thoughts and images, reaching out to a much broader area than they could have otherwise. We have other environmental CDs that also do this for the harmonizers, but this one by Dr. Karim is the one that we sometimes play for clients as we work with them.


Storm Chaser ......................................................................Ags, Environmentals

The Environmental and Agricultural Harmonizers are tools that we sometimes use for clients here, to stabilize chakras or anchor the biofield when it tends to drift off the physical body too easily.They are shown in another section of the Metaphysical Tools, called "Slim Spurling's Tools."

Now we have the big Storm Chaser to add to the collection. Although we have not used it for clients, I am using it for visualizing win/win outcomes for world issues that require conscious conflict resolution, and environmental isssues that involve the release of high toxic exposures in specific areas. This instrument can be programmed to affect weather, deflect hurricanes, and clear smog and so on.

However, keep in mind that specific weather requests for local areas must be done with extreme care. If you choose to visualize a change in one place, this shift might inadvertantly set in motion adverse effects in other places, and perhaps cause hardship that you had not intended. This may be the reason why sometimes things don't turn out quite the way you had expected. After you initiate the shift you choose to make, you need to take the role of observer, let go of the outcome, and let yourself accept whatever result occurred. The result may be modified from your specific image, because the forces that you engaged could have chosen to integrate your input with the bigger picture.

When the Storm Chaser is activated by the appropriate music, and programmed with precision, it can extend its range of influence to 2500 miles. There is some possibility that adding a flash of the green Bio-laser can either increase the vibrational range beyond that, or magnify the intensity. This is a new tool for us. We know it carries a conscious field, it picks up images and intentions, and forms a close partnership with its "person." (If you have a Harmonizer, it relates to you in a way that is simliar to a cat. You are never its owner, you are its partner.) It invokes unseen forces that significantly magnify the impact of the visionary programming of its bonded friend, or its group. We are approaching our Storm Chaser with very respectful caution.

Sota Magnetic Pulser ........................................................................................................... Sota Light Works


The Sota Magnetic Pulser is a vibrational tool that we sometimes use. It works by sending a pulsed magnetic field through the body's tissues to awaken the biofield wherever it may be diminished. Clients use this tool when they find that there is an area of the body that is depleted, such as chronic muscle pain and tension. The Magnetic Pulser may restore the correct meridian flow and fills the surrounding area with healing energy fields that encourage relaxation. We have found it effective for many applications, although we can't give specifics about what to use it for until we show it to the body-consciousness, and ask if it would be the right approach.

The Sota Light Works uses light as a way to activate the biofield. Various colors tune into different frequencies, so we test to find out what resonates most favorably for the needs of each person. The options are red, infra red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. They shine with very intense colors and have profound effects.




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