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On November 12th, 2007, Slim Spurling left his physical form and moved to another frequency. He was an engaging teacher, a generous friend, and a brilliant metaphysical inventor. We miss him very much, even as we recognize that he is where he needs to be, and we know that he is continuing to generate creative projects from there.

During his long and interesting life, Slim Spurling has been working toward enhancing world awareness of the harmony between the physical and the vibrational realms, in order to turn our environment around.Through our use of his tools, Slim can renew our trust in the possibilities that are available.

Slim Spurling

Life-Light Rings

The rings intensify the vibration of the biofield when used as healing tools, and can assist in the purification of water and food. No formal scientific studies have established this observation, but at the Balancing Center we have noticed that after using a ring to surround food that contains pesticides or MSG, or water that contains fluoride and chloramine, these contaminants appear to be greatly reduced. Placing a two-cubit ring on top of the refrigerator seems to maintain freshness of the produce and other items inside.

Placing six half-cubit rings around the pipe leading to the shower head apparently lowers the fluoride/chloramine contaminant level of the water, it has not been tested by an official water test but vibrationallly we have observed this effect.

One person reported that when he put a one-cubit ring around his head he could read with better focus and retention, and when he placed his Ag Harmonizer close to his head with the ring on it, he felt his brain reach incredible clarity.

Prices from our supplier have gone up quite a bit since 2010, which was the last time we posted this. Please be aware of these changes, when you make requests for these beautiful powerful tools. We need to stay ahead of the wholesale increases. Our policy is to charge as little as we can and still maintain enough of a margin to stay afloat.

Half cubit sacred, with beads.................................45.00 plus tax for all items

Half-cubit lost, heavier, with beads.........................55.00

Half cubit saced, copper, no beads, (Plain Jane) ......25.00

One-cubit sacred, heavy, gold plated, no beads................100.00

One cubit lost, heavy, gold plated, no beads.....................115.00


One and a half cubit sacred, thin copper, with beads..........42.00


Two cubit sacred, light copper, no beads...........................50.00

Two cubit sacred, heavy copper, no beads.........................65.00

Two cubit lost, heavy copper, no beads.............................80.00


Three and a half cubit sacred, thin copper, beads..............120.00

Three and a half cubit sacred, heavy copper, beads...........150.00

Three and a half cubit lost, heavy copper with beads.........180.00


The circumference of the light-life rings is measured in cubits, an ancient Egyptian unit of measurement. The dimensions chosen for the copper wire that make up these rings are precisely the same number of cubits as those that were shown carved in stone, inside the Pyramid of Giza.

Like all forms of sacred geometry, specific shapes and proportions have special vibrational properties, and resonate with ambient etheric energy fields in the atmosphere. Various frequencies of etheric fields are attracted to specific geometric forms, and within that context they become intensified, so that they accumulate perceptibly within the forms that have drawn them in.  

There are two categories of ring dimensions: the Sacred Cubit, and the Lost Cubit. The Sacred Cubit measurements were carved inside the Pyramid, but the Lost Cubit dimensions were held secret, available only to the elite Initiates who were highly trained. We have been blessed to be able to access these vibrations. At this time in history, these dimensions need no longer be held in such secrecy. People who are working with the rings and the harmonizers are considered to be safe with this knowledge. The Sacred Cubit rings connect with physical health, whereas the Lost Cubit rings have more impact upon emotional and spiritual issues.

Just as we find in our lives that these two aspects are inexorably intertwined, these two frequencies can be thought of as mutually collaborative. When both the sacred and the lost cubit rings are used together, they create a beautiful vibrational balance.



Agricultural Harmonizer........................ Enviromental Harmonizer with ring

These tools have the capability to delete smog from the atmosphere, and can modify the weather to a certain extent. They can regulate the populations of pests in agricultural situations so that the there is an ecologically favorable balance among the various small creatures that crawl among the leaves and around the roots. This provides natural safety for the plants, as plants have adapted to this balance, and with the encouragement of the harmonizer they can respond in ways that are familiar to them, ways that have sustained them for centuries.

The Ag harmonizer does not "kill" unfavorable insects, but seems to release them in a way that enhances the balance between what we perceive as pests, and natural insect controls. When I had a heavy infestation of aphids on my wisteria I asked my harmonizer to lovingly restore the balance, and in the morning the aphids were just about gone. There were enough left to sustain the ants that had placed them as their nutritional resource, but no more than they needed, and my wisteria was no longer threatened. I have no idea where the millions of extra aphids went!

It is also true that your harmonizer can help you with ants that invade your space. Make a promise to them that you will honor them, and not kill them. Your ants will stay out of your house if you feed them scraps (left over cat food, etc) in a place that you decide is for them, and water their hives when there is a dry spell. Thank them for the work they do as soil aerators and scavengers, and bless them with your harmonizer. They may be small, but they are surprisingly intelligent, and they appreciate your respect.

One person reported that during a plane flight she instructed her little personal harmonizer to keep the plane absolutely level as they approached a storm, after the pilot warned the passengers to buckle up for the turbulance he expected. The plane sailed through the storm without a bump or a lurch, to the amazement of the pilot.

When you talk to your harmonizer, give it one instruction at a time, and state it in positive terms---never tell it not to do what you don't want---describe best case, what you visualize as a result that would be favorable, with harm to none. It might orchestrate this possibility in a way that was unexpected! But, if you focus on the end result, it is likely that in some way, at some time, you will observe a change.When you speak to your harmonizer, you must first release any negative tag-ends that may accompany your program, lest these also show up. It must be done carefully, in the most consciously responsible way possible.

The harmonizers are conscious tools. They receive the vibration of your thoughts, and can broadcast your intention for many miles. Tuning your harmonizers with appropriate music greatly increases the clarity and the distance of their outreach. With the Ag harmonizer, the outreach is about 75 miles, the environmental harmonizer goes about 15 miles. The personal sacred goes half a mile, while the personal lost can reach about 2 miles. The personal harmonizers are usually used as tools to make changes within your immediate surroundings, or make health changes within your body, whereas the Ag and the Environmental are used to project your intention that concerns issues beyond those parameters.

All the harmonizers come with a ring, and a CD.The ring is included so that you have the option to shut down the spherical outreach of your harmonizer and confine it to the diameter of the ring that encloses it. The field will go upward and downward, in columns of light within the diameter of the ring.

The CD is recommended as a resource of healing sound. It isn't really music, but it activates the biofield capability of the harmonizer. You can set your harmonizer up with ear phones, and play the CD on continuous repeat, so that it soaks up the vibrational enhancement. There are other CDs that are also very powerful enhancements, so if you have a machine that rotates the discs and repeats them sequentially, this is ideal.

Harmonizers,   plus tax

Personal Harmonizer, sacred, gold plated…….…..300.00

Personal Harmonizer, lost, gold plated……….……....350.00


Environmental Harmonizer, sacred, gold plated…400.00

Environmental Harmonizer, sacred, silver……….500.00

Environmental Harmonizer, lost, gold plated….…475.00

Environmental Harmonizer, lost, silver…….….…550.00


Agricultural Harmonizer, sacred, gold plated.…....675.00 

Agricultural Harmonizer, sacred, silver.……….....725.00 

Agricultural Harmonizer, lost, gold plated…….…750.00 

Agricultural Harmonizer, lost, silver……………...825.00


Storm Chaser, gold plated………………………....2500.00


Acuvacs and Feedback Loops


The acuvacs and feedback loops are both specific to the enhancement of physical health.

When the acuvac is held with the bead away from the body it draws the disruptive vibrations of the biofield away from the tissues, and allows the healthy biofield of the body to flow more fully and create favorable cellular changes. The feedback loop works in the same way, except that as it draws an intrusive field away from the body, it circles the field around the loop, changes the frequency and returns it to the body, so that the tissues are recharged simultaneously with a healthy vibrational biofield stream.

Large acuvac    $350

Small acuvac    $100

Feedback loop $450  

To find out how to purchase any of the Spurling tools, send us an e-mail,, or go to Slim's website, Slim's website gives a most interesting and thorough account of the characteristics of his tools, so will add to your knowledge of their capabilities.

Information about these products has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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