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David and his team are activating the consciousness of water with an amazing little tool, the Stirwand.When the wand is stirred in water, the water becomes charged with a conscious vibration. Then, when you drink the water that has been charged, that information is transmitted to your body.This activates the life force within your cells and tissues, so that they can initiate physical healing. Different wands can affect specific emotional responses, as they have been charged with the intention of enhancing different aspects of the body's capabilities.

David Schneider

Water is conscious, and it responds to our intention. It has the capacity to become a resource for healing the wounds of fear, anger and grief, restoring blocked meridians and correcting altered enzymes and hormones. Unfavorable physical changes come about when the bioenergy field has had to accommodate to negative thought patterns. Thought patterns such as disempowering beliefs, unfavorable decisions made under duress, or any other traumatic experience, can modify the biofield, deflecting it in a way that it perceives must be a required protection.

Such a requirement would never have come about unless there had been an accumulaton of extraordinarily stressful experiences, or an intensely toxic exposure that forced the natural flow of the body's energy into a such negative space that the systems and tissues were physically affected. The body-consciousness never forgets the ideal frequency that it would prefer. Since the physical process is the reflection of accumulated emotional events, then it follows that the vibrational pattern could be coaxed back to the original pattern of harmony, and this would inevitably create a favorable physical change. Given this premise, a shift in the body's negative physical or emotional adaptations can be accomplished by surrounding the auric field with a harmonious vibrational ambience.

For people who are drawn to work with these tools and experiment with these newly discovered frequencies, they are an extraordinary resource, powered by metaphysically potentiated minerals that interact vibrationally with water.

If water has been depleted or made toxic, introducing a vibrational tool that carries this high-frequency matrix creates a change among the water molecules. When a Stirwand is held in the water, the disrupted consciousness returns to a more favorable focus.

When you drink the water that has been stirred, it enhances the awareness of the cell structures within your body so that toxic or stressed cells can begin to make clearer choices about hydration, oxygenation, and make precise distinctions between nutrients and toxins. Illness and emotional stress are likely to confuse this selection process, but the stirwand brings vibrational clarification to the fluids that act upon the cellular membranes.

Since our physical bodies have a very high percentage of water, the stirwands can act directly upon the body's tissues, upon physical contact. Holding a wand on a mosquito bite can make the swelling and itching disappear very quickly. The wands can activate the healing process for other difficulties, in many instances. If you put a couple of wands into your washing machine, you won't need as much soap. The clothes become cleaner than you ever expected, and they don't cling, so that you don't need to use fabric softeners.

Although we don't have clinical studies to back this up, people have told us of remarkable effects as a result of placing the Stirwand directly upon an area that was showing some physical distress. When any part of the body is holding a low biofield, the Stirwand is able to hydrate and oxygenate that area, and raise the vibration in order to allow the body to produce a favorable change. Drinking the water charged with the Stirwand would continue to support the process of change.

To meet the federal standards required to make a hydration claim, David, the CEO of Quantum Age Water, asked Fenestra Research, in Las Vegas, to perform clinical trials. The first results showed a remarkable increase in blood oxygen for fifty subjects, over a period of thirty days. More than ninety percent of these results came in during the first 14 days of the test.

More advanced tests have now been completed that engaged a much larger sample over a longer period of time. Fenestra Research has found that the average hydration increased an amazing 28.5%, and the blood oxygen increased 10.25%, which is extraordinary. These figures indicate cellular changes that have a noticable impact upon a person who might be stressed out, or tired and not feeling well. The Stirwand not only enhances the transport of water, but minerals and other nutrients can also access the cells more fully.

Additional tests have shown that under these conditions the cells are better able to release unfavorable substances that might have been accumulating. The figures show an 18.2% reduction in cellular toxins, within the 90-day trials. Further testing on municipal water, whether purified or not, has shown that this technology balances the water chemistry favorably in virtually any potable water.

All of the Stirwands shown below have slightly different frequencies and have different effects, but even though there are noticable variations, all of them are capable of creating enhanced cellular hydration and lifting the levels of blood oxygen.

New prices are being posted here, as of September 1, 2016. The Stirwands now come with a beautiful protective case.

These are the cases for carrying your Stirwand

They are now $90.00 each.

If you are a Balancing Center client, your price is $75.00




The Zen Master, high frequency for healing and relaxation. Deep purple


24-7 to use every day to enhance food and beverages. Blue


The Olympian, to maximize athletic performance and muscle strength. Turquoise


The Gourmet, to bring out the finest flavors in foods and wines. Clear


Heart Chakra, for the enhancement of sharing, caring, and connecting. Rose


The Illuminator, to develop accurate intuitive and intellectual perception. Yellow


The Guardian, for stabilizing and grounding, and strengthening confidence. Orange


The Gardener, to use for charging water used for plants. Amber


To Purchase your Stirwands:

Call Quantaum Age Water, 650-327-8336, and ask for David

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