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Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy

Wilhelm Reich was a creative innovative psychiatrist who was born in Austria, left Germany under duress, and later Norway, and finally came to the United States so that he could be free to pursue his inventions and conduct his unconventional psychiatric approach. He was combining it with vigorous bodywork, which went against the accepted non-touch rules that govern psychiatric treatment. This became the forerunner of Rolfing and Heller work, as he observed that body movement accesses deeply buried unconscious knowledge that talk-therapy couldn't reach.

Dr. Reich also did some very original work in microbiology, and did astonishing metaphysical healing through his invention of the orgone accumulator, especially focusing on cancer. He wrote books on sociological issues, denouncing totalitarian thinking, advocating sexual freedom for teenagers, and insisting that birth control and abortion must be made available to every woman. He communicated with extra terrestial beings in flying saucers, could suspend gravity, diffuse nuclear power, control weather, deflect hurricanes, and make it rain or stop raining with his orgone devices. He questioned the basic belief-structures many of us hold, and in fact he challenged the very fabric of society at many levels.

Due to his idealism, innocence and arrogance, and for many other complex reasons, he was eventually confronted by government authorities, who chose to retaliate. In1958 his books were burned, his accumulators were hacked to pieces, and he was put on trial, put in jail, and finally was killed in jail.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich

From the perspective of health and healing, the orgone accumulator remains a very beautiful legacy from this incredible man.

You can make your own orgone devices very easily. You can make little pillows, or large blankets, or build an orgone box big enough to sit in.

"Orgone" is the name that Dr Reich gave to what we usually refer to as Chi, the vital force. He found that orgone energy is attracted to organic materials such as cotton, wool, leather, or silk, and water---and the tissues of living bodies. Upon contact with metal, it is immediately discharged. It occurred to him that if metal and cotton were layered in an alternating sequence, the atmospheric biofield (orgone) that is always present and already interacts with the meridian system, should become increasingly concentrated. He was right. It does, and it is a very congenial natural energy field for the body to receive.

To start with, the first layer of cotton already holds the ambient level of atmospheric orgone in it. If the cotton and steel are stacked in successive layers, as the first layer of cotton comes in contact with the metal, the metal conducts the cotton's ambient charge of orgone into the second layer. The second layer receives it, and this is added to what the second layer already had to start with, so the charge that it now holds is double. With each successive layer the charge accumulates exponentially, and becomes more and more concentrated.

Your car is a depletion of energy because the organic material is inside and the metal is outside, so the flow of energy is away from you. This can cause fatigue and irritability. If you wrap your car in bathtowels this would help to change that effect. But, it would be strange and conspicuous, and would require a lot of explanations that might not sound OK to people who don't understand metaphysical principles.

By the time it builds up through six pairs of alternate layers, the orgone will have accumulated a significant charge, and this can transmit a profound healing effect on the biofield of the body. We suggest a six-fold for people, but animals need much less, they do better with a 2 or 3-fold accumulator. The smaller the animal, the fewer layers are needed. If the animal is very small, like a parasite, the accumulator is likely to overwhelm it altogether. This may be the reason why Reich's accumulators were so efficacious for rheumatoid arthritis, which is usually a parasite-based affliction.

At the Balancing Center we have found that orgone energy pillows are miraculous for burns and injuries of all kinds. They can hasten the healing of broken bones, as well as shorten the healing time of viral flu and bacterial infections, and many other things. The length of exposure varies with the needs of the person. When you have absorbed enough, suddenly you will feel "full." That is when to stop. Otherwise you could overcharge your meridians, and this would cause them to flow backwards, and create imbalances.

To make an orgone accumulator pillow, these are the materials you will need:

1. You will need several packages of steel wool, perhaps a carton of 00-size rolls. As you build up the layers, you will need to keep opening up and unrolling each ball, and spread each one out, but don't let it get too separated or thin, as this is what projects the orgone into the next layer of cotton.

2. Find a thick fabric of a texture and color that you really like, because this is the outside covering that you will see. If you love the way it looks, it will be a delight every time you use it. Put it upside down on a flat surface. This is how you start. Then stretch out some steel wool rolls on top of it.

3. Find a roll of organic cotton batting that you can spread out and put down on top of the steel wool, as the cotton needs to be put between each layer of the steel wool. You may not be able to find cotton, and very likely not organic cotton, as most quilt-batting is polyester these days. That will work too, unless you are sensitive to polyester fabric. You might be able to find some high quality wool from a sheep-shearer, or you could cut up a few cotton terry towels. If the terry towels are new, wash them a few times in order to take out the pesticides and herbicides. Cotton, unless it is organic, is very heavily sprayed. You won't want that vibration to be concentrated into your orgone pillow energy.

4. A thin fabric on top forms the last surface, on top of the last layer of steel wool. This is the surface that goes close to the skin, whereas the thick layer of fabric is on the outside of the pillow, away from the body. If you reverse that, your own energy reserves will be drained from your own biofield and it will seriously weaken you, so be sure that you hold the pillow with the thin fabric toward your body.

Additional advice on how to use this powerful tool: It's better if you don't put your hands on the outside of the pillow to hold it on your body, that sometimes changes the transmission. Just let it rest on the place where you need it. If you lie down on top of it, it won't flow, as it needs to have access to the air to work properly. Take it outside and let it sit in the sun every now and then, to keep it fresh and clean, as the sunshine cleanses negative energies that might have attached to it.

These days you need to check for chemtrails, and if you see a chemtrail in the sky, don't put your pillow out. If you see a white streak across the sky, and especially if you also see another one that crosses it, you are seeing chemtrails that are dropping toxic materials into the atmosphere. Wait until a day when the sky is absolutely clear before you take your pillow outside.

Steel wool is preserved from rusting by an infusion of oil. When your pillow is new, sometimes the oil from the steel wool has an unpleasant smell, so putting it outside for a while will help it to evaporate, to make the oil smell go away.

Major warning: do not use your pillow while watching television or in front of your computer. These energies are in conflict, and will create a negative field that could harm your biofield.Your pillow is best used in a quiet clean place without any electronic or microwave fields around. As you are experiencing the vibrations coming from your pillow, focus on your healing process, and visualize the final result of the good health that you have asked your orgone pillow to help you achieve.


To construct an orgone accumulator box, start with 6 sheets of half-inch 4x4 plywood. (Buy three 4x8 panels that they can cut for you at the lumber company, and ask the cutting person to trim one of the panels half an inch smaller than the others. This one will be for the door.)

At the scrap yard or a sheet metal supplier company, ask for 3 sheets of 4x8 steel, have the man cut them in half, and then on one of them ask him to cut it a half-inch more, so that one is a little smaller. They charge for each cut, but that's OK you need to have it smaller for the door panel.

Then get 4 48" x 3" side-pieces for each panel, and nail them around the edges of each board, so that you now have six large flat open boxes.

For the door, you'll need to cut the outside trim a little so that it will fit the panel that has been cut a little smaller than the rest. The door needs to fit into the other panels, has to have the space for a hinge, and it needs to be able to slide into the front opening between the top and side panels, in order to close properly. Right now it is lying on the ground, all framed out, along with the other panels.

Now start unwrapping and stretching out your steel wool bundles on the bottom of these boxes. Add your cotton batting, or towels, or sheep's wool, then lay down more steel wool, more batting (or towels,) until you come up with the sixth layer of organic material.This will take quite a few boxes of steel wool. Now tack the sheets of 4x4 flat steel on top of the entire stack of cotton and steel wool, for each panel.

Now you have all your panels. You have selected one for the door, so you need to cut a round opening about three inches in diameter into it with a saws-all, and line the opening with a smooth circle of metal or plastic. This will be the source of air from outside.

One panel is the floor. You'll want to attach substantial castors under it to keep it off the ground. Three of the panels form the sides, and one is the top. You can attach them together with big metal corner braces that you can place outside, and then you can screw these corner supports into the boards. The door panel needs strong hinges, and you need to attach a rope to the inside of the door panel so you can pull it shut.

Now find a small wooden chair to put inside. When you sit in this box you will be so comforted and so happy, it is dark and cozy and feels wonderful. You may be able to see the wafting fields of the blue orgone energy as they drift around you. And then, in about ten minutes or so, you'll start to think "Hey, I've got to get out of here!" That means you're done. Get out. Whatever charge your orgone box gave you during that time was the maximum you needed.

If you have a health problem, the time might be longer than ten minutes, but you will know when you are "full." It's not hard to build, but the material might run you into a little money. On the other hand, it will be an amazing resource for you and your family and friends. It will last for years if you protect it from rain, and occasionally open it up on a sunny day to keep it refreshed.




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