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jersey cow Comments on the value of Milk.

Our Jersey cow is our symbol of nurturing. She is the giver of creamy organic milk. She presides over the client conference table with a watchful eye. For those of us who have been advised that we are allergic to dairy, or have been warned that dairy is "bad," our Jersey mother is here to remind us that whole raw milk, cheese and butter are healthy foods as long as they are free from pesticides, rBST, and antibiotics. She says raw is the best, it has all the enzymes and nutrients intact, and wishes that every child---as well as every adult who wants it---could have access to this wholesome delightful resource.

In California, where it is still legal to sell it, Mollie Stone has it. If you have never tried raw milk, you will find it surprisingly different, sweet, and delicious. Raw cream in your coffee is a special experience. Often people---and babies---who can't tolerate pasteurized dairy do very well with raw. Do not be afraid of it. It is cleaner and much more carefully tested than pasteurized milk. Raw milk is experiencing a vendetta staged by the commercial milk industry, but don't believe a word. If you can get raw, go for it.

Once the negative emotional associations (usually about Mom) that produce a milk allergy are resolved, organic dairy becomes an available option. The metabolic errors associated with milk allergy can be corrected, so that whole milk dairy can become the good nutritional resource it was intended to be.

If, after that, you still find that cow dairy still doesn't work, goat dairy might work for you. It is an excellent source. Avoid soy milk substitute, and don't give a soy formula to your baby, it contains way too much estrogen. Soy formula given in infancy can cause early puberty for girls and sexual confusion for boys. Almond milk and rice milk are fine, but before resorting to that, try goat dairy. It is naturally homogenized and contains good clean butterfat.

Time to let go of the Obsession with Fat Fear

Low fat milk won't let you have the vitamins or minerals that are in milk, as the butterfat content of whole milk is required for the entry of these nutrients into the body. Skimmed milk does not give you more than minimal marginal nutritional benefits. It's time for us to recover from the current "fat fear" fad. It doesn't work. The fat free diet causes rapid aging and major nutritional deficiencies. Pure organic butter is really good for you. Whole milk is good for you. Organic bacon and eggs are a great breakfast! And, whole grain organic cereal, with honey and half and half, run a close second.

What if it turned out that fat didn't make you fat?

New info: It doesn't.

Weight gain is more likely due to MSG, toxic food additives, toxic pharmaceuticals, "diet" foods with toxic sweeteners, and microwaved food. Along with those hazards, sugar is actually the major culprit, particularly high fructose corn syrup. Sugar does makes you fat. It's more complicated than that, but if you avoid those obvious hazards, it's a good start.

5-HTP and Serotonin

Whenever milk is being experienced as an allergy, that means that the enzymes that allow the tryptophan cascade to proceed to serotonin have become diminished. Tryptophan can make 5-hydroxytryptophan, 5-HTP, unless a toxin is preventing it. Often this is a petroleum-related toxin or a pesticide, and if so, the body-consciousness can select what it needs from an array of detoxifiers, shown by your biofield to your nutritional/vibrational practitioner, who will tell you what your body-consciousness is saying. Taking 5-HTP as a supplement very useful, until the toxin that prevents you from making it yourself can be identified and released. Then you would no longer need to take it, you can make your own.

The next step to transform 5-HTP is the magical shift that creates serotonin. A shortage of serotonin is a major factor in depression. 5-HTP has a little radical stuck to it, COOH, called a carboxyl radical. The carboxyl needs to be removed, it needs to be "decarboxylated," and then 5-HTP can become serotonin.

The toxic metabolites that occur as a result of a milk allergy block the synthesis of both serotonin and dopamine, by preventing the decarboxylation of 5-HTP and L-Dopa, the precursors to both of them. This shortage creates chemically induced clinical depression.

Our Experience with some anti-depressents

We have also observed that many of the drugs that are intended to alleviate depression, block the synthesis of the decarboxylase enzymes required to create the monoamine transmitters that lift depression: serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. These are all monoamines. When the decarboxylase enzymes are being shut down, then none of the monoamines can be synthesized.

I have observed many times that clients who come in complaining of depression are already taking the drugs that are supposed to make it better, sometimes two to three different ones at once. The clients usually say it might be worse without them, but there are times when they don't seem to do as much as they were expected to do.

People often find these drugs to be very helpful, so clearly there must some favorable chemical interaction, but I often see that most of them have the effect of blocking the synthesis of serotonin, while the expectation had been that they would enhance it. That may explain why it is sometimes very difficult to get off some of these the drugs---when you stop, if you don't have your normal depression-relieving compounds to fall back on, you will feel miserable. Then of course you'd want to get back on the drugs.

We have found that for most people suffering from depression, after the detoxification of other toxins that are in the way, releasing the milk allergy usually addresses the tryptophan utilization disorder, and restores the correct serotonin levels. Resolving emotional glitches involved with the tryptophan cascade allows depression to be released within the body's own internal process, so that it can function on its own, without chemical crutches!

Vitamin D, Sunscreen, and Chloramine

Serotonin requires sunlight, and is intended to be active during the day. Don't hesitate to step out into the sunshine from time to time, without sunglasses. New information suggests that sunlight, by generating Vitamin D, actually prevents cancer, contrary to current consensus. Many popular sunscreens contain toxic materials, and there is a theory that the surprising increase in skin cancer may be correlated with sunscreen use.

Big hazard, other than possible toxicity, is that sunscreen prevents the uptake of Vitamin D. Vitamin D regulates the blood pH, prevents cancer, and allows your blood to receive the calcium you need to maintain your bone density, unless your water contains chloramine. If you are drinking water that has been contaminated with chloramine, this will prevent access of vitamin D. Don't drink it or cook with it, and don't give it to your animals. OK to wash your car and do the laundry with it, but that's about it. Go out and get a reverse osmosis water sysem, and use RO water for everything else.Then you can make full use of vitamin D.

Your chloramine-contaminated shower needs metaphsycial protection: put a few Spurling Rings around the pipe. Check Metaphysical Tools on the Nav bar, and bring up the Spurling information.

Let yourself bask in the sun and enjoy. If your skin is light, your time would be shorter, but if you are dark, it will take longer to receive the same benefits, and convert the vitamin D that you need for your bones, and your health, and well-being. Sunshine also is required to activate the tryptophan process that makes serotonin.

Along with fluoride that diminishes the serotonin uptake and the thyroid, sun avoidance may be an important factor in the increase in depression that seems to have become rampant in recent years. In the winter, people suffering from seasonal depression can generate more serotonin by placing Ott lights, giving gentle UV light, in their house. They also need rubidium. Tryptophan requires rubidium and phosphorylated B6 for its conversion to 5-HTP.

Synthesizing Melatonin from Serotonin

In the dark, at night, serotonin converts to melatonin, the hormone that allows you to have a deep long comfortable sleep. This conversion requires two enzymes. We have found that silica and magnesium are required for these enzymes to function. Taking horsetail and nettles, or Jarrow's Bio-Sil (and magnesium if needed) would encourage that.

Stress hormones that come up at night for some people also can block the melatonin. If you are having a difficult time sleeping or staying asleep through the night, you might want to ask if adrenal stress hormones are interfering with the normal flow of melatonin. Maybe fear is still being triggered as hypervigilance, and it might be coming from scary but outdated events from the past that are unresolved. If so, this can be identified and lifted off.

A shortage of serotonin inevitably creates a shortage of melatonin. This is why depression goes hand in hand with sleeplessness. Resolving the milk allergy, as our friendly Jersey cow suggests, and releaing any toxins that are contributing to the shortage, will restore the correct level of serotonin so that both of these hormones can work in balance and harmony.

Another hazard that we have mentioned before: fluoride. It causes depression because it attaches to the serotonin receptor sites, and keeps serotonin from entering the brain, so that it can't be used. However, since fluoride can be detoxified with DMAE, serotonin can easily become available.

Supplements for Clients at the Balancing Center

As our symbol of nurturing,
our Jersey cow has expanded her domain, and now has chosen to preside over the entire array of supplements available at the Bioenergy Balancing Center. In our stockroom we carry supplements from the following companies, as a jump-start to assist in your self-healing.

Supplements available to the public that we have here available to you.

Eclectic Institute
Jarrow Formulas
Source Naturals
Ecological Formulas,
(Cardiovascular Research)
Nutricology, (Allergy Research)

Supplements for professional use that you can have if you are a client NutriWest
Montiff, Inc.
MBi Nutraceuticals
Biotics Research
Energetix, Inc.
Amazon Therapeutic Labs


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