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What to Expect from your Practitioner

Our Bioenergy Balancing Practitioners are able to create a safe space for you to explore emotionally charged issues and uncomfortable memories. They listen respectfully and can sense intuitively how best to engage you in making new choices and the changes that you want to make. To understand more fully what they may be able to do for you, the following is a description of our practice.

Bioenergy Balancing is a healing modality that is based on harmonizing the interaction between the biochemical processes of the body and the subtle energy fields of the meridians and the chakras. The impact of emotional experiences are inextricably enmeshed within the biochemical process. Chemical imbalances cause emotional disruption just as often as emotional states can change the biochemistry, they are not as separate as is commonly believed. By engaging both the vibrational and the physical aspects of the body, this work has evolved into a practice that is unique in the field of alternative medicine, and this is what gives our form of healing the precision and authenticity that we are famous for.   

Bioenergy Balancing enters into a vibrational dialogue with your body-consciousness through muscle testing, in order to inquire about the physical/emotional aspects of the client. This leads us to information about chakras and meridian flows, and the need to remove any unwanted biofield intrusions from outside sources. A broad spectrum of possibilities might be contributing to the difficulty that you are presenting, and your body knows exactly what they are. These factors could be emotional, structural, biochemical, molecular, metabolic, past life, pre-natal, or vibrations drawn in from an external influence.

As your body reveals a few unresolved issues, our practitioners will suggest appropriate nutritional information, dietary suggestions, detoxification, and assess your requirements for supplementary substances that will reinforce the effectiveness of your internal capabilities. This inquiry will involve the precise tracing and correction of disrupted amino acid cascades, the regulating of your cholesterol and the balancing of your hormones, and assisting you, if possible, with your glucose level and blood pressure. They can check the accuracy of the molecular construction of the neurotransmitters in your brain, making sure that the synthesis of your enzymes has not been compromised by toxins, allergies, self-limiting beliefs, emotional decisions, or nutritional deficiencies.

No matter what suggestive symptoms you are experiencing, do not expect your practitioner to tell you whether you have a specific disease. No diagnosis can be given to you except by a doctor with an M.D. credential.

Your Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner will be able to weave your pharmaceutical drugs into your nutritional program, and if possible minimize their potential side effects, while maintaining their intended beneficial effect. The practitioner respectfully presents information from your body-consciousness about your pharmaceuticals, without offering opinions or interfering with medical decisions, and will insist that any changes you want to make in your pharmaceutical program must be done with your doctor’s consent.

When there is a disagreement with a medical theory, our practitioners always  explain their position clearly, by drawing upon their knowledge of the physiology and the biochemistry involved in alternative medicine. They will present the information that they understand to be true, within their experience. They will state what they know, then ask the biofield of your body-consciousness for verification, and translate what your body’s energy field reports.

Even though it sounds as though the practitioners are telling you what they think, you must keep in mind that the comments they make are really coming from you. They are not your practitioner’s opinion, unless he or she specifically says “This is my opinion.” Otherwise, answers being reported are all coming through your own body-consciousness. The practitioner is simply translating, not advising.It is entirely up to you to decide how you will respond to the information that your own body’s intuitive knowledge has given you.

If you go to a new Bioenergy Balancing Center, you will find that there might not be a full load of stock at first, because that requires the support of a very active practice. However, even in the beginning, a new Center will be able to supply items that are not available to the general public. When referrals are made to a health store, your practitioner is familiar with the items being recommended, and you can bring bottles of unopened supplements from the store to test, and return the ones that your body doesn’t want.

Many of our practitioners do other kinds of work along with their Balancing Center practice, such as herbal healing, naturopathy, medical, chiropractic, or veterinarian work. Other ways to combine this work may come up with acupressure, cranio-sacral alignment, acupuncture, shamanism, psychotherapy, sound therapy, light therapy, eye-movement therapy, or psychic readings and channeling. When you go to practitioners who have some of these other skills, they may ask your permission to work with a different form of expertise in addition to the BBC skills they are offering you, in order to enrich your experience.

If a certified practitioner that you go to has decided to modify or significantly limit the practice by selecting to do only a part of what is understood to represent this work, then it no longer resembles the agreed-upon parameters that define Bioenergy Balancing. You will know this, because they will tell you that ahead of time. You will notice that they are not using our name, or displaying our logo.

They are very clear about this, in order to protect the identity and the integrity of the BBC practice. However it is still true that they do have significant skills, and you can have confidence that they have developed a practice that will honor your needs, even though it is not quite the same as Bioenergy Balancing.

Effective referrals are being made to practitioners who have chosen to work differently. People who refer you to our group should tell you whom they went to, so that you will know what they experienced, and what to expect. Below you will see pictures of us, read about what each of us is doing, and choose the one who captures your attention.

Bioenergy Balancing Practitioners


Judy Ann is a certified Bioenergy Balancing practitioner as well as a Craniosacral Therapist, and body worker. Her practice is in Mountain View, California. She combines balancing and aligning the body with bioenergetic techniques to release strain patterns in the tissues, bones, and organs.

She has an extensive background in Hawaiian and Peruvian Shamanism to assist with releasing deeply engrained emotional patterns.

Judy Ann also does space and home clearings to help release negative disruptive energies, to bring back balance and flow within the environment.



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As a certified Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner, Elizabeth Williams dedicates herself to offering clients, with symptoms ranging from the inconvenient to the acute, a forum for relief and for hope that the body can find its way back to a balanced state of wellness. Whatever the confounding unknown may be, Elizabeth employs her curiosity, integrity and empathy while guiding the client’s body through an exploration of and a conversation about the body’s specific needs, rather than what some test range, generic “norm” or percentile says the body should need. Her goal is to help the client in the quest to gain information, to find an alternative, and to overturn every stone to get past “the what” that burdens the client and to help the body identify “the why.” Elizabeth’s Bioenergy Balancing work was instigated by her son’s recovery from Small Bowel Crohn’s Disease and is motivated by a desire to provide each individual a body-customized, wellness alternative and a communication bridge between the medical world and health care alternatives.

The Bioenergy Balancing Center
1080 Minnesota Avenue, Suite 4B
San Jose, CA 95125


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Renée Tennant is a certified Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner. She emphasizes the power of being in the Now, and skilllfully asists clients in choosing their current life without the veils of past conditioning. She comfortably addresses biochemical principles of the body with the assurance that the changes the body made, in moments of stress, are reversable. This allows allergies and long-standing conditions to be eliminated.

Renée helps to reveal the unspoken wisdom of the body, and gently, even playfully, leads her clients to reside in their most powerful Presence. She works with animals as well as humans and uses Perelandra Nature Healing processes to clear spaces.

Renée lives in Santa Cruz with her family and revels in the beauty of her surroundings. She is on staff at the Cedar Street Balancing Center, and has her own practice in the SantaCruz /Aptos area.

She combines her joy of living by the ocean and intuitive facilitation by offering Beach Walks. What if a walk by the ocean could change your life?

She also takes many clients via phone, or if nearby will travel to her client's home



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Sarah McCroskey is the Director of Bioenergy Balancing Center East Bay in the Richmond Hills of the San Francisco Bay Area. Emphasizing equally the bio-chemical and emotional underpinnings of health, Sarah works with clients committed to identifying and releasing chronic problems at their source.

Using supplements as touchstones for identifying the biochemical basis of physical difficulties, Sarah is dedicated to guiding the body to healthy function. Her approach allows the body to release errors in hormone and enzyme production that may contribute to depression, insomnia, elevated cholesterol/ homocysteine level, pre-menstrual mood swings, menstrual cramping, arthritic discomfort, and other such difficulties.

Sarah engages her clients in a process of emotional discovery in a way that gives them a safe space. She radiates such acceptance and supportive concern that people respond by trusting her to lift off their out-dated emotional protections. Under her guidence they can move toward more vulnerabilty, and a new depth of self-acceptance. This allows her clients to manifest the healthy physical changes that they have chosen to receive. Sarah is available for phone appointments. Her phone work is as comprehensive and effective as her hands-on work.

Sarah is on staff at the Balancing Center on Cedar Street, and lives in El Cerrito with her husband Steve, and their beautiful cat, Fatoush.

510- 231-2425


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Charlotte Gilchrist

Charlotte is a certified Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner. She works in her Oregon office to help support clients in exploring how to relieve the stresses of modern living. With a focus on the underlying or original issues, she seeks to help clients find balance utilizing nutrition, supplements, emotional balancing, SCIO quantum computer balancing, sound healing with tuning forks, crystal bowls and sound table. Weaving together experience, muscle testing, and intuition, she creates a special communication with each client.

Charlotte works with chronic conditions as well as the day to day stress and changes, creating a personalized program to address each individual's life path. She is very supportive to clients who are dealing with diagnosed issues and following medical protocols, by offering complementary protocols in collaboration with the physician.

She offers creative recipes for those who have special dietary restrictions---for healthy delicious recipes, see her blog.

Charlotte meets with clients in her Oregon office and connects with all of us, and her clients here, on the phone. She was on staff at the Balancing Center in Palo Alto, and we miss her terribly, but we also are totally happy for her in her beautiful new situation.

She is us showing a picture of her lovely cats, Nancy and the new little cat, (now a pretty big cat) Daisy, shown above Nancy.



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Wendy Harrison is a certified Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner who integrates her Ayurvedic credential (CAS) and Massage Certification (CMTHE) with her study of Rosen emotional Bodywork and the Alexander Technique. Through the power of this combination, Wendy is able to help clients with postural and structural challenges resulting from physical, emotional, or nutritional factors.

By adding muscle testing skills to her Ayurvedic knowledge, Wendy is able to enhance this ancient healing art with a modern approach. On her website, Wendy has listed a few physical and emotional considerations that she has worked with successfully.

Wendy's office is located in Palo Alto, where she began her practice in 1992. She is an active member of the Bioenergy Balancing Center community, and is currently completing an invention she began in 2005 that may help those in the alternative health field. This will be disclosed later.

Born and raised in the UK, Wendy retains her connection to Europe not only in England but through her rental property on the island of Ciovo in Croatia. Besides traveling, her other hobbies include the guitar, dancing, hiking, windsurfing, sailing, and writing.



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Wayne Hoff is a practitioner in the Monterey Bay area. He also has offices in San Francisco, San Ramon, and Stockton. He has been involved in alternative health care for almost 30 years. He uses kinesiology, dowsing, body communication, German New Medicine, and bodywork techniques, such as craniosacral therapy and Zero Balancing. He integrates these skills with Bioenergy Balancing creating a unique and harmonious system that gently and rapidly moves his clients to health.

Along with suggestions for nutritional supplements, Wayne creates personal flower essences and aromatherapy remedies, to assist the healing process for his clients between their sessions.

Wayne also does space clearings for houses and businesses. He clears toxic energies and has tools to help eliminate the detrimental effects of electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) and geopathic stress.

His cat companion is watching over his clients as they work together.

831-818-6980 for an appointment


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Priscilla Kapel is the Director of the Bioenergy Balancing Center® at Cedar Street. She has developed this work over a period of thirty years, and it has evolved by now into a comprehensive interactive form of non-medical healing. She works at the subtle interface between the client's presenting questions and the unresolved emotional experiences that may be creating incorrect enzyme synthesis, or blocking the utilization of required nutrients.

She helps to detoxify external as well as internally generated toxins, and invites the body to make metabolic changes that engage self-regulating resources. Like all other practitioners who have been certified by the Balancing Center, Priscilla creates a safe space for confronting and resolving troubling situations, and can open up metaphysical doorways to new spiritual options. She has a fairly substantial phone practice, working with people all over the country.

Priscilla's first career was sculpture. Click Sculpture Gallery here (or on the nav bar) to observe a few of her pieces. She is also a writer, and was a massage therapist before going into the field of vibrational and nutritional healing.

All of us feel the loss of our beautiful healer-cat, Lavender, who worked with so many of our clients. The Lav would scan the biofield and select the area that he perceived to be depleted, and we would ask him to tell us what he saw, so in effect he was really a professional practitioner. Both staff and clients hold him in memory with great sadness and very great love.

Just before Lavender left his physical form, a terrified infant feral Tuxedo cat suddenly appeared, from "nowhere." Her arrival was magical, and a mystery. After seven months, our Tux-girl let herself be touched, and by now has become very tame, totally joyous, playful, funny, and adorable. The next arrival, Topaz, is an Abysinian beauty, a challenging companion for the Tux, and a charming addition to the Balancing Center group. Their pictures are here!

Phone: 650-327-8333


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Practitioner Disclosure

The Bioenergy Balancing Practitioners are nutritional/vibrational counselors.We are not licensed physicians, nor licensed chiropractors. We are not licensed by the State of California as nutritionists since California does not offer a license for clinical nutrition, nor for the vibrationally-oriented healing arts. However, our expertise is complementary with other healing modalities that are licensed, so we can serve as a reinforcement, and offer a new way to look at the questions and possible solutions.

We can interpret the vibrational patterns that your body expresses through its own unique communicative radiance. This is the vibrational resource you bring with you as your personal body-consciousness. It knows exactly what's happening, and it knows exactly what you need. As you fine-tune your biofield harmoniously, your physical body begins to match the new patterns that it perceives, and it gradually reflects the change.

The Balancing Center Practitioners cannot hold out any promises as to the outcome, or the length of time it may take for you to achieve your goals. We are here to enhance your self-healing capability, however long it may take, within our safe and encouraging atmosphere.

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