Traditionally, nutritional advice tends to make certain foods "wrong" and can set up an adversarial relationship between you and your food, by narrowing your choices. At the Balancing Center, we think of food as a delight and a pleasure, and we hope to kindle your appreciation for a broader cuisine, rather than recommending limitations.


We have a very simple suggestion about what to eat: Eat what you enjoy. And, be sure you get enough cholesterol, enough salt, and enough fats and essential oils. While it is true that toxins can accumulate in fats, if the fats you eat are free from pesticides, hormones and antibiotics, they are nurturing and safe.

When we talk about food with you, we start with what you like. Then we figure out if there is an allergic/addictive issue, or an emotional situation that may be causing you to choose foods that aren't useful. If so, together we may be able to change the basis for your responses, so that you will feel naturally drawn toward more appropriate choices.

We might suggest a needed mineral or a vitamin, or release a toxin that is interfering with your metabolic process. If your vitamins and minerals are not being utilized correctly for some reason, that could interfere with your absorption of fats, proteins, or carbohydrate foods.Your body-consciousness will tell you whether certain nutrients are being absorbed, and if some of them are not, it can guide you to a solution.

You may have strong beliefs that cause you to restrict your diet severely, and if that works for you, that's fine too. Vegetarian and vegan diets are excellent for some people. If you want to be vegan, but your blood type suggests that an omnivore diet would really work better for you, without challenging your choice we would recommend additonal supplementation to maintain your optimal nutritional status.

For the best guidance about maintaining a healthy vegan program, check with Health Force Nutritionals. They have worked out a program that is outstanding, and they supply the best possible support and enthusiasm for the vegan lifestyle. The Balancing Center has a different aproach to food choices, but we admire these people and we fully endorse their approach.

If you are ill, or have special dietary needs, we may be able to recommend a temporary dietary regime, perhaps juicing fresh vegetables, and putting specific emphasis on foods that would facilitate your healing.

Sometimes there is an emotional reason for rejecting specific nutrients, even when they are being adequately supplied. If so, we can work with that, and help you to resolve the basis for your rejection. On the other hand, you may just be lacking a few enzymes, or need to produce more acid, or more bile. We can coax your body to produce these substances more abundantly, in order to bring your digestive process into harmony.

Often people who experience heartburn, or acid reflux, as though they had too much acid, really just need to neutralize their acid with bicarbonate from the pancreas. As soon as the pancreas can be persuaded to release adequate bicarbonate, for many people the discomfort lightens up, and the digestive sequence can proceed smoothly from the acidic phase to the alkaline phase.

Diverse personal dietary preferences work perfectly as long as the body receives a full spectrum of minerals, B-vitamins, and adequate oils to carry the oil-soluble vitamins. Whatever you select as your favorite cuisine, ideally you will want to include fresh greens, root vegetables, grains, legumes, and a good source of protein. Our major concern, at the Balancing Center, is that your food is organically grown, free from genetically modified ingredients, MSG and aspartame, and that your water does not contain fluoride, chloramine, lead, or other contaminants.


Technical Considerations:
Your Specific Individual Nutritional Process

We can help you to regulate many internal systems by suggesting nutritional supplements such as trace minerals, B-vitamins, or detoxifiers. In this way we can facilitate the synthesis of some of the internally generated substances that you need, and clear away toxic interference.

As an example, below is a description of how we are able to facilitate a few of the neurotransmitters in your brain that regulate your mood and your clarity of thought.

Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that retrieves memory, and modifies and refines the accuracy of muscle movement. If your supply is less than optimal, it might mean that your folic acid is not converting to the usable form, because that is required for the amino acid phenylalanine to turn into tyrosine. From there, tyrosine can turn into dopamine.

If dopamine reads as excessive due to high copper, we would suggest increasing the zinc intake, or if necesary chnging the reason for its lack of absorption, since higher zinc drives down the copper. Then the dopamine should be stabilized.

Serotonin will be in short supply when there is a catch in the tryptophan cascade. If so, we might need to suggest the trace mineral rubidium, suggest a little sunshine, and perhaps release a toxin. This will give you 5-hydroxytryptophan, 5-HTP.

After making 5-hydroxytryptophan the next thing to do is check for milk allergy.This is where the milk allergy intervenes, and keeps 5-HTP from turning into serotonin. Releasing the milk allergy allows serotonin to be made. Once that happens, anti-depressents would no longer be needed.

On the other hand, the serotonin may really be present, but unable to enter the receptor sites. This would not be due to a milk allergy, but an invasive attachment by fluoride. Your body-consciousness would request DMAE to detoxify the fluoride, and you'd be home free and feeling fine.

These two rather simple changes could free the serotonin so that your depression could lift, and you could feel more optimistic and enthusiastic.

When your glutamine pathway is interrupted, the availability of GABA is diminished. The effect of low GABA is to make you feel hyperactive and restless. We would ask your body if it needed the trace mineral germanium. You might need to resolve an oat allergy, and/or release fluoride residue, to allow an easy transition from glutamine to glutamate, and then it could go on to create GABA.

If the glutamate reads too high, it could be due to the presence of monosodium glutamate. If so, we would offer N-acetyl cysteine to detoxify it. Detoxifying MSG can have other benefits. It often relieves migraines, as well as asthma, and allows acetylcholine (the major transmitter for memory and thinking and speaking,) to function optimally in your brain.

High glutamate could also be due to the diminished ability to convert it into GABA, and this might really prove to be just a shortage of germanium. Whatever the solution may be, lowering glutamate to the normal level will let you feel more relaxed and clear-headed.

Threonine is the amino acid that can't proceed down its cascade if you have a soy allergy. Soy allergy creates metabolic errors that are not visible, so you wouldn't be aware of it, but a metabolite produced by a soy allergy is what prevents threonine from creating glycine and serine.This happens even if you don't eat soy. It is a metabolic error that reflects an emotional decision. Often it is symbollic of not begin able to speak up, or fear present yourself effectively. "Yo SOY!" means I'm here, I'm visible, and I'm speaking up!

Resolving a soy allergy opens up the availability of Glycine, the neurotransmitter that calms excessive transmission through the spinal cord. This reduces cramping of the muscles.

Glycine synthesizes Serine, and the task of Serine is to protect you from arterial damage by reducing high levels of homocysteine.

Serine, with phosphorylated B-6 as a cofactor, is able to move homocysteine forward to the next compound, known as cystathionine. Without available Serine, then homocysteine accumulates. It is safe at low levels but becomes toxic at higher concentrations, injuring the linings of the arteries. These tiny injuries draw platelets in, in order to repair them. Unfortunately, platelets attract cholesterol. Then calcium slides by, clings to the cholesterol, and arterial plaque builds up.

The remedy to suggest for that would be either Arginine or Citrulline, so test for which would be better for your client. Either one can create NO, nitrous oxide, which clears out the arteries and eliminates the plaque.

Methionine is an amino acid that goes down quite a complex cascade. Unless you have a wheat or a meat allergy, methionine leads to the synthesis of homocysteine. From there, Serine takes the cascade to the very useful amino acid, Cysteine. From cysteine, with a trace of vanadium, you can make Taurine.

Taurine is an essential neurotransmitter for regulating your heart beat. This often helps resolve arhythmia and bradycardia, and you should also check for potassium availablility along with it. Taurine needs to be present in the limbic brain, to sharpen your ability to focus selectively, and minimize awareness of extraneous impressions. When children experience a moderate shortage of Taurine, they are diagnosed with ADD, ad it is icredibly easy to fix. A very serious shortage of Taurine causes epileptic seizures.

After we open up these metabolic pathways vibrationally, your biofield will translate that information into physical form.. Your physical body downloads vibrational changes so that you can create all these molecules yourself, in just the amount you need.

Below you can see diagrams of the above-mentioned molecules, as they follow down their path from the amino acids that they are derived from. Left to right, tryptophan goes to serotonin, tyrosine goes to dopamine, and acetylcholine (not derived from an amino acid) is on the next line. Glutamate goes into GABA, threonine gives us glycine, and cysteine creates taurine.

I regard these beautiful little structures as miniature sculptures, and find them a delightful way to become acquainted with the tiny structures that make all the biochemical verbage come to life. As you work with them you can consider these diagrams as portraits of your biochemically visible friends.

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