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Metaphysical tools are devices that represent the oldest healers in the history of shamanistic medicine, otherwise known as "traditional medicine." In the stone age they used feathers, bones, shells, and stones that would gather etheric vibrations from the unseen world. They could focus them upon an area of the body that needed biofield enhancement, and developed ceremonies and rituals using drums to call in the spirit beings. Then they would sing powerful songs and play gentle flute music that they felt would activate the receptivity of the afflicted one who needed help.

Stone Age flute made of mammoth ivory ...........................................................................40,000 year old flute from Slovenia

The healer or shaman would go out and travel, sometimes quite far, to gather plants that had the auric fields that matched the auric fields he observed in specific health problems, and he used these herbal remedies, oils, teas and leafy concoctions to soothe and comfort the sick ones, and invite them to come back to health.

If the sick person died, he would do different rituals, bringing different oils and herbal remedies forth as offerings for easy passage into the world of the unseen, placing gifts and ornaments into their graves to accompany them on their journey.

Below is the drawing of a bull that I particularly like. One person drew a few horses, and another drew the bull on top of his horses, and then he drew another horse on top of the bull. It was a very successful combination. It is amazing how clear they look, after 30,000 years, and people still honor their work, it still is as beautiful as it was, at that time.

We can assume that a group of arttsts would go into their most sacred cave spaces, with big torches to light up the walls, and draw animals in order to coax them into their reality for abundant hunting. The word "draw" means exactly that. They "drew" what they wanted to draw in, with the expectation that these animals would connect with them by sensing their invitation.

There is some recent information that indicates that these drawings were not intended to do that, but very likely some them were. Other drawings might certainly have been done for other reasons, with different intentions.

Black Bull with horses, from Lascaux cave

When these people visualized images of specific symbolic shapes, they would carve them and paint them, and they discovered that certain forms were able to transmit special powers. Some had effects upon the growth of plants, some facilitated childbirth, others maintained the health of animals.They discovered shapes that would preserve stored food, and others could communicate with the forces within the clouds. They had one incredible device that invoked the power of the stars to protect them from fearful spirits at night. The women invented intricate designs to put on their clothing and wear as body decorations, and they carved these patterns into their hunting weapons to enhance their accuracy.

The discoveries they made about the vibrational properties of various shapes were later taken to Sumaria, and then to Egypt, and to Greece, so that over time they have become the basis of our present knowledge of sacred geometry.

Metatron's cube, containing all the forms of sacred geometry

Sacred Geometry creates everything physical and visual in the universe. Every flower design, every crystal within every stone, every snowflake and every helix formation within the bodies of living beings is being generated by complex mathematical equations. Sacred geometry is the basis for fractals, and all the patterns we see in our world are derived from this incredible resource.

There are some very gifted people who have been creating metaphysical tools using this very "new" vibrational information. If you go back to the top of this page, you can click on different sections that speak of these various ways to engage the unseen world. They are invoking and focusing frequencies from the quantum field, in order to make them available for us to use in our every day lives.

The idea of an invisible array of energy fields, functioning interactively within our familiar physical world, is not a well-accepted concept in our society. Our current cultural consensus has elevated reductive science almost to the level of a deity, holding it as the only acceptable validation of "truth." On the other hand, every non-industrial culture, now and throughout history, has acknowledged the presence of invisible spirit-beings and the etheric forces as an ordinary part of life.

If you stretch time down into our early history, you can ask any cave man, and he will tell you that he has always known that there is a magical harmony between the physical world and the world of ephemeral spirits and intuitively perceived vibrational fields.

Now we are rediscovering the beauty and mystery of this comprehensive perception, and rediscovering that animals, and plants, and water, even the earth itself, are all speaking with us in the language of conscious vibration. It is the first language that we shared in the beginning, and we can share it again at any time we choose to listen.






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