How it works

The body-consciousness speaks very simply saying yes, no, or maybe, through the fluctuations of your biofield. When your body-consciousness says "yes," the auric field expands. As the auric field expands, the nerve signals increase, so the muscles lock and feel strong and firm when someone pushes down on your arm, with mild pressure.

When your body-consciousness says no, your biofield contracts. The contraction of the biofield causes the nerve signals to be diminished, so that your muscle feels less able to hold, under the same pressure. Of course it isn't really "weaker" but it feels weaker.

Gentle testing for variations in muscle strength gives answers to our questions. It by-passes your conscious brain, since vibrational information comes from an uncensored source. Even though the body's voice may be coming from an apparently uncensored source, it will consciously censor information that it knows you do not want to reveal. You can trust it. It will never violate your privacy, it knows when to be protective, and will hold your secrets very securely. Your body understands you, and takes care of you. It is your friend for life. It acts upon your emotional decisions and directives, functioning as fully as it can within the structure of the self-limiting beliefs that you have inadvertantly placed upon it.

At the Cedar Street Balancing Center, I work with a staff of intuitive co-practitioners. During your appointment, your co-practitioner invites your biofield to flow through his or her arm. If I press the arm of my co-practitioner, your body-consciousness responds, indicating your body's "yes" or "no." Some of the Bioenergy Balancing practitioners prefer to work without an assistant. They use a pendulum, or muscle testing in another form. It is equally accurate.

Your meridians are the vibrational messengers of your feelings. They can light up to express joyous emotional experiences, or become pale and contracted, reflecting a trauma. Meridians may display an enthusiastic decision to communicate fully, or they may signify the decision to withdraw, or act out aggressively, or be too "sweet" and self-abdicating.

Your emotional information, whatever it may be, is delivered throughout your physical body by the flow of your meridian circuitry. The meridians transmit these emotional messages, and they come to rest in various organs, systems, and molecular structures. Acting upon your sub-conscious directives, your body-consciousness will modify the construction of enzymes and hormones that reflect your beliefs and emotional choices. It does this by revealing or concealing the availablity of relevant segments of your DNA.

Unfavorable vibrations, i.e. vibrations that are in violation of your real authentic self, are transmitted through the meridian circuits. They are perceived by the biofield as self-conficting. Over time, these messages will be reflected as cellular confusion that could eventually create a clinically recognizable health issue.

Favorable vibrations act through the same meridian channels of comunication, however, and they carry harmonious healing energy to the tissues. By lifting out the negative patterns and allowing healthy signals to flow through the meridian system, fresh vitality is transmitted to depleted organs and interactive systems.

When we gently stroke the meridians with the intention of creating a favorable change, the biofield responds by shifting into harmonious attunement. Over time you will probably observe a physical change that reflects the new pattern you have chosen to receive.


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