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What might happen if you decide to work with us

As you come up to the Bionergy Balancing Center you will see two doors. On your right is the door to the office, where you check in with the office staff and fill out your opening forms.

In front of you is the door to the main part of the house After you have completed your opening form, you come into the house. The picture shown is inside the house where you and I will sit down together to talk about your concerns. I will jot down a few notes, as you tell me the topics you want to talk about. When we have completed this, and have talked about what we do here and how it works, then you take off your shoes, and lie down on the massage table. My co-practitioner and I will communicate with your body-consciousness to find out what it would like to work on.

To start out, your body-consciousness will select one of the topics you have chosen, or maybe it will choose an unexpected one, and then it will proceed to the next topic in the order that it decides is the best sequence.

As these conversations unfold, you will observe that your body-consciousness is actually in charge of the appointment. It will discuss only what it wants to discuss, and only when it decides it's the right time. It will protect your privacy by refusing to reveal whatever it thinks you have chosen to conceal, and it intends to keep you safe in that way. At the same time it wants you to know what it thinks and feels, so that you are more able to tune in. It might advise you to make a few new choices, or perhaps it will thank you for your appreciative care.

As we work with your issues by inviting your body-consciousness to engage with us, you may find it very easy to let go of some of the outdated emotional agreements, beliefs, and survival strategies that your body-consciousness identifies. You will be able to tune in to your own self-healing capability, and make whatever changes you have decided to make.

Let yourself enter into it with the expectation that over time you will be able to enjoy greater physical comfort, deeper emotional awareness, and effective self-empowerment.

If you are under medical care, we will weave our supplement suggestions skillfully and respectfully into your medical program, so that you can trust the synergistic interaction of the pharmaceutical and alternative approaches.


Prices for Appointments

$230 for two hours if you are a new person. This is a special break.

$250 for two hours if you have been here before

$230 for an hour and three quarters

$205 for an hour and a half

$180 for an hour and a quarter

$155 for one hour

$125 for three quarters of an hour

$ 90 for half an hour.

Supplements that your body requests are extra, beyond the price of the appointment. Excellent supplements are available here from our stockroom, for your convenience. We give as few as possible, just as a jump-start, since our intention is to activate your own internal process. We encourage your body to take care of itself by eating a wide variety of excellent nutritious food, and we expect you to require the most minimal supplementation once your metabolic balance has been achieved, and you are able to select organic foods and clean water.


Directions to the Balancing Center:

From Highway 101: Turn off the Freeway at the exit marked Embarcadero West. Continue for one mile toward the West. At Newell, turn right. Then go one block, and turn left into Hopkins. (It only goes left) Two blocks down, come to Cedar St, at the stop sign. Turn right. (It only goes right.) We are the fourth house down, on the right.

From El Camino: Turn into Embarcadero toward the East, (headed for the Bayshore Freeway) and turn left into Newell, then left at Hopkins, and right at Cedar.

From Highway 280: Go to Page Mill exit, turn left toward Palo Alto. Follow Page Mill as it crosses El Camino, and stay with it even though it now says Oregon Expressway. Proceed to the Middlefield turn-off, the sign is hiding behind some trees until you are almost at the turn. Turn left. When you come to Embarcadero, turn right. Go to the next light, which is Newell. Turn left into Newell, left again into Hopkins. At the stop-sign, turn right into Cedar. Watch for the fourth house on your right, with blue trim over the archway of the gate, and blue letters saying 1239 Cedar Street on the dark brown garage door.

Bioenergy Balancing Center
1239 Cedar Street
Palo Alto, California,

Office phone 650-327-8333

For remote sessions 650-321-7989

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