Balancing Your
Own Biofield
A few things you can do

This information is vibrational only, and not a substitute for medical or chiropractic care, but on the other hand it might clue you in to something unexpected that a medical doctor or chiropractor could help you with.

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Balancing your own Biofield is a book that covers quite a lot about what we do at the Balancing Center and shows how you can access some of these techniques. It is available to the public, and although it contains some of the information that is used in our training class, it is not the class book, which is called Nutritional Testing and Body Dialogue.That is a two-volume textbook, 1150 pages, written and illustrated by Priscilla Kapel, but available only to students who have enrolled in the class.

The Balancing Center has a 195-page soft-cover book written and illustrated by Priscilla Kapel. It is an overview of the Bioenergy Balancing work, a guidebook to show you how to test for yourself, and how to dialogue with the body-consciousness.

To Order: Call us at 650-327-8333, or write to the Bioenergy Balancing Center, 1239 Cedar Street, Palo Alto, California, 94301, or send an e-mail at We will send your copy as soon as we receive your check or money order for $30.00, plus postage of $6.00. This is a phenomenal resource. Not to miss.

The scope of the book is shown below, in the abbreviated table of contents. Pictures are included in the book that illustrate ways you can test yourself, your family, your friends, and your animals.

There are dialogue examples to show you what kind of phrasing works and what doesn't work, and hints about what to do if it doesn't seem to be working.

Pictures of meridians and chakras are shown, as well as physical structures relating to brain, organs of digestion, and how to enhance absorption of a few critical B-vitamins. You will develop a deeper understanding of the meaning of allergies, and learn how to let them go.

If you have questions, you can always call the Balancing Center, 650-327-8333, or the practitioner of your choice from the listing for expert "not-tech" support, by scheduling an appointment. Many of the practitioners are happy to work with you over the phone if you live far away. Phone work is as effective as hands-on.


Balancing Your Own Biofield:

A few things you can do

Your Biofield,
a Conceptual Overview
----Various Frequencies of the Bioenergy Field
----Defense Strategies Create Disruption of the Perfect Pattern
----Why a Conversation with the Subtle Body is Possible
----What the Dialogue Can and Cannot Tell You
----Muscle Testing as a Way to Access Information
----Muscle Testing with a Friend
----Sharpening Your Accuracy

Balancing the Chakras and Meridians---------Identifying the source of the emotional charge Identifying the age when it was initiated.

----Tracing the meridian pathways --------------------------Releasing chakra cords

Allergy: Linking Experience with a Context

----Negative emotional associations imprinted in the limbic brain become allergies

----Helping them to lift out through the meridians.

Some Effects of Allergy upon the Brain
The Limbic System, Carrier of Emotional Memory
----Allergy that Affects Neurotransmitters in the Brain

----Milk Allergy and Tryptophan
----Wheat Allergy and Methionine
----Corn Allergy, Lysine and Proline
----Rice Allergy, Isoleucine and Valine
----Fuel, Fume, Plastic Allergy, and Leucine
----Pollen/Animal Allergies, and Histamines
----Oat Allergy and Glutamate to GABA

Digestive System
----Stomach, Pancreas, Liver, Intestine
----Testing for a few Nutrients

----B12, Biotin, PABA, Pantothenic, B2 Cascade
----Folic Acid Conversion to Tetrahydrofolic
----Pyridoxine Conversion to Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate

Conclusion, and Plant Dialogue


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