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We Invite You to Listen To Your Body's Quiet Voice

Did you ever want to ask your body "What's going on, in here?"


At the Balancing Center you really can ask! Your body is a conscious organism, it knows exactly what it's doing, and it enjoys telling you what is happening. It knows your thoughts and feelings, and orchestrates your biochemical processes very precisely, in order to take care of your needs. It listens to you, and responds to you from its inner awareness.

If you ask your body to reveal its thoughts, it will open the door to a fascinating world. We can translate the answers to your questions, so that your conscious mind can hear what your body-consciousness wants to tell you.

Whenever you invite your brain's sub-liminal perception to connect with your conscious awareness, you are asking the intuitive frequency of your body to express its opinions. These opinions may be different from what you thought, and they might amuse you and surprise you.

The intuitive consciousness within your body can tell you how it feels, what it needs, and even what it would recommend. Often it will confirm something you had already guessed, but weren't quite sure about. Sometimes it will offer a new way to look at a puzzling question, and suggest an unexpected solution.

Your intuitive body-consciousness can identify your nutritional needs, the source of your physical discomfort, or the source of your allergies, if you have them. If you do, your body will know how to resolve them. It might take you to an earlier time in your life, or even to a past life that is holding information that you can resonate with, but hadn't been able to interpret.



The Language Your Body Uses

The body-consciousness speaks to you by sending vibrational signals to your nervous system. These signals show up as variations in the strength of your muscles. Under gentle test pressure, your muscles will feel strong when your body likes something. This means that it says "yes." It will be harder to hold, and the muscle will appear to be weak, when your body says "no."

This shift in the strength of your auric field becomes the language that we use, in order to access messages from your body-consciousness. Muscle testing, in this context, can identify nutritional needs, the presence of toxins, and the impact of stressful events.

This source of information, coming from your own reservoir of information, helps you to select the foods and beverages that are right for you, and can identify disrupted or incomplete processes that are occurring within a stressed-out organ or system. It can also help you to recognize hidden emotional charges---even though they are out-dated---that may still surround some uncomfortable memories.



Why Some Physical Problems Come Up

Along with the influence of toxins and trauma, out-dated beliefs and fear-based decisions can change the construction of enzymes and hormones. These biochemical errors disrupt your cellular communication, and are likely to make you vulnerable to muscle tension, joint pain, digestive distress, depression, and illness. We can help you to release physical toxins, supply nutrients if any are deficient, and help you to minimize the impact of difficult experiences that have modified your biochemical processes.

When an emotionally wounding event is the source of cellular disruption, old memories spring to the surface as soon as a similar event occurs. Then the present event draws you back to that unresolved early experience. It's hard not to respond to a trigger that awakens a highly charged emotional memory from the past. It may cause you to overreact to minor situations, and create unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings.

However, once you can confront and release the past, that will no longer happen. We can help you to process the traumas and decisions that you find troubling, so that the past will stay in the past, and your up-dated perception can respond appropriately to the events and experiences occurring in the present.


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